Bring Me A Higher Love!

At the time of publication we have approximately

 32 days

2 hours

44 minutes


Until December 21st 2012, Galactic alignment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bring Me A Higher Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



You have come here to be who you are,

Unique expressions and creators of your reality,

To experiment and be in joy!


Those people who act as your so called *haters* on this site are only playing out their life *contract* towards you, and don’t they do it well? ;)



Respect them because they simply show you the way,
 To being who you truly are;
A being that holds infinite love,
Expression, potential and creativity.


  • Show respect to others so that you too will be respected,
  •  Show compassion to others so you too will be shown compassion,
  • This is cosmic LAW.



This website is run with freedom in mind, unlike other sites which are moderated and block the flow and release of human expression.


By moderating a site it means that the GOOD energy within (a site)can be constricted and constrained by so called *well meaning* mod’s (which in theory is ok) but totally against the whole free will freedom act which this path is ALL about…



This inner journey is about finding yourself back to Divinity in ALL potentiality, in all methods and in all ways….


Some people find it through releasing their frustrations of life out on sites like this one.



  • You can always tell those *hurt* people. They shouldn’t be kicked out of here because they hurt and bark at others (like a poor dog that’s been ill treated all his/her life). They need healing. That’s why they turn up here.


 Moderation & Sites

Of course the concept of *moderation* may work well on OTHER websites but the energy of those other sites are totally different compared to this wonderful place!

 The people who moderate on other sites are human like everyone else, and prone to making mistakes and banning people FOR NO GOOD REASON.

 Creating *cliques* and causing a sense of *prison* for all who dwell there subconsciously because they have to agree to *terms and conditions* of someone else! This is not anything but a form of control.


This web site is special because it allows freedom of expression to all 

(from a place of LOVE and non restriction).



Galactics & Angels do not control others they allow freedom of expression

because it is through release of expression one is able to find their creativity!

and by finding their creativity they can get in tune into their joy

and by tapping into their joy... they will tap into a  higher love…!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 That’s why this site is well guarded.*



This site is well known on a Galactic level,

This site is *observed*

And any negative crap thrown about in here, 

I assure you,

 It is ALWAYS transmuted into light.


No one is attacked here and left without some form of healing from an Angel.


The Ashtar Command is not just an ordinary *site* it also acts as a portal into the higher realms… for love, clearing and healing!


All of you have angelic guards who know this to be true, that’s why subtly you’ve all been led here in this first place… some of you leave… and then come back again…. Because it is here you find a grand portal….

& The greatest potential where you go is within YOU!!!














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  • 8110481262?profile=original

  • I always come back here because u can feel the love, people are pretty open and honest on here. I ove this site and all of its wonderful members.

    Love and peace to u all
  • Unless of course one turns against the whole divine process which is what i think the lucifer rebellion was about ;) lol

    The family is always respectful of everybody's needs!! your right about that Pickle :))) aha!!

  • 8114200301?profile=original

  • Beautiful!


  • Star you are sooo right I was informed by the angels that visit me often and the pleiadians that they do observe this site constantly LOL to my chagren they do heal when others tend to attack. it is a good thing I i now know that it is no accident that i am here and it is no accident that we are all here love and light always

    • yes dear Sally :)

  • 8114207658?profile=original

  •  Star you already know you are it so please be aware of the 12/12/12 and most likely 12 MIDDAY

     for that is when the 12 Strand DNA so they say kicks in and 21/12/12 is when Zero Point is reached

     and the clock starts ticking again only in Unity and Multi Dimensionality. The Earth in the middle of the Toroid

     Field is what happens to the Interlaced Heart when it speeds up and blends in love. I have often wondered just who Mother Gaia's Twin Flame is who blended with her for this part of Her Journey. Blessings Light Love Balance Grace Harmony Kingjeff

    • Yes KingJ apparantly so, the 12 strand interdimensional activation kicks in!

      12 strand DNA activation

This reply was deleted.

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