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Bombshell! Barack Obama High School Classmate Reveals That He Was A Well Known Homosexual,massive cocaine user and a lying bum VIDEO & AUDIO)

The truth finally comes out

It took awhile, but now childhood friends of president Barack Obama are now coming forward to reveal a past that included massive cocaine use, rampant homosexuality and uncontrollable lying. At the very least, the events related to Obamacare in the past 2 weeks show beyond question is affinity for relentless, pathological lying.

High school classmate and childhood friend, Maria Pope, has given an interview where she blows the lid of of Barry Soetoro’s wicked past. She reveals that it was open for all to see back then that he spent most of his time with the gay community, and engaging in homosexual acts with rich Hawiian businessmen for drugs and money. Miss Pope said that his use of cocaine and crack were common knowledge. Perhaps now you see why he spent so much money to seal and cover up his records from his school days. But even all that money and secrecy has not prevented the truth from coming out.

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1 darkstar, 

it is time to for us to awaken to something grander...

Peter:  Yes, that is very nice, but don't you think we should face REALITY too?

I've lived the reality that you speak of.

Where i was single handedly gong to save the world.

And it got me nowhere.

The world wasn't saved.

And I had to accept that I  was  living a miserable lie.

I now live this reality.

where I live my  truth.

And focus on the only thing I can change for the better.


As a result I AMchanging the world one person at a time through compassionate action.

This is the best I can do for now

I AM at peace with this.

And peace is what I share with the world.

Peter:  Well, I guess that is a good way to look at things, but I'm still in the First Stage.

thanks 1 darkstar,

Far be it for me to criticize.

I was in the first stage for more than 20 years.

And I'd still be there if I didn't make a conscious decision to do things differently.

The solution you seek is in personal sovereignty.

Your birth right.

It looks like I have backed into a hornet's nest free or all.

What about your "pre-existing condition"  - isn't that why you WORSHIP Obama?  I am NOT a LIAR and I RESENT the fact that you called me one.  You believe the ULTIMATE LIAR and your only "defense" is to call me a LIAR for the telling the TRUTH???!!!  Now, you PROVE you really have NOTHING to work with!  The proof of what I say is found on the Internet.  I do not know how to post things other than writing  here.  WHY DON'T YOU DO THE RESEARCH?! Because you DON'T WANT the TRUTH!  YOU WANT TO BE LIED TO BY OUR LIAR-IN-CHIEF!  I do NOT run away and hide from ANYBODY - where do you get such NONSENSE???!!!  I do NOT attack ANYONE UNLESS attacked, and YOU are the ONLY ONE attacking me.  "WE'RE not interested in you hate mongering" (i.e. TRUTH).  HOW DARE YOU SPEAK FOR OTHER PEOPLE!  YOU PROVE YOU DON'T HAVE A LEG TO STAND ON!!!  I am NOT LYING, LIAR, and believer of the ULTIMATE LIAR.  Go WORSHIP your Obama and be gone  with you!  I will NOT stop responding to you - why don't YOU stop responding to ME???!!

What "proof" do you want since I don't know how to post things?  (HOW WILL  YOU EVER GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD?!)  Why don't you do YOUR OWN research and PROVE these things to YOURSELF?  BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH!  You just want to ATTACK me!  I AM NOT DOING THESE THINGS - that A****** is!  Why don't you FOCUS on the RIGHT PERSON?  (In addition, MANY people have put MANY things on this site about Obama - WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!) You are just living in DENIAL with your SAVIOR Obama.  WHAT I'M SAYING IS NOT BS   BELIEVING A LIAR IS BS.  NOT WAKING UP IS BS.  NOT DOING RESEARCH IS BS.  LOOKING AT ME IS BS. Search this:  Personal Liberty Digest site.  Name of article:  It's Time for Obmama to Take the Perp Walk.  (Or maybe someone could post that for me).  Do YOUR OWN RESEARCH!: Why don't you do some research for YOURSELF?  What about all the research on this site?  (Denial, denial, denial).

Get off your high horse, Avatar.....Watching your vitriol against 1 darkstar is truly repulsive...


Drekx:  Thank you for being so kind, but I ENJOY the battle.  THE TRUTH WILL WIN OUT.

Avatar:  And what is your "proof" on this, and why the personal attacks?  (I think that Drekx's "agenda" is Truth - do you have a problem with that? I do not think that anyone is laughing at Drekx - unless they like to laugh at the Truth.  And why do you speak of honesty when you believe a liar?)



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