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Blue Avians Fake Or Demonic? (David Wilcock Corey Goode) Occult Unmasked

I agree wholeheartedly with the moderator of this video! These are all alien spirits that comprises the fallen angels, archons, ascended masters, galactic federation, Ra Confederation, etc. I do believe that the beings have energy soul matrices of certain creatures, like avians, felines, and reptiles. But, as stated in the video, some also have a physical form somewhere in another dimension, such as the 5th dimension, which could be a gray, reptilian, or Nordic body. The avians are said to be the oldest in the universe. They upgraded felines to bipedal humanoid forms. And they created the reptilians, i.e, dragons, ciakars, mothman, etc. They are, right now, hijacking certain humans and shifting them into other timelines where they are performing false ascension programs that are design to harvest your blood, auric energy, dna, and ultimately your soul. This is what soul harvesting is all about. And no one knows how to do it better than these guys. Although the felines created the human prototype, many of them have aligned with certain avians to enslave not only other felines, but humans also. This is part of the alien agenda, which is also the Illuminati agenda. I am presently one of the humans that they are trying this out on. They have been overtly possessing me and doing some of the things that I mentioned above now for around 17 years. I'm not sure if I am one of few targeted individuals that this is being done to or if we are test runs for what they plan for all of humanity. I suppose we'll soon find out.

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This is not about Judaism...It is about the Sacred Name of God and the Power of these words have...and yes we understand better than you give us credit...You have two choices...To stay where you are, or to leave it, and demand it out!!! as simple as that... because you have the power to leave it and to refuse seems that you do not believe you can or you don't wish to...All you do is find a reason for all to try to understand you...but you are not ready, or do not wish to see it any other way....We do understand...I had been "possessed before some years ago...but I refused it in me and I call Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, Jeshua and St. Germaine....They knew immediately that I needed them and they came in an instant and helped me...and I threw up something round like a ball, huge, transparent, filled with saliva....I CHOSE TO REJECT IT ... They cannot, I repeat CANNOT interfere with your life if you do not wish them to....Again, you have the power and you can choose...This is a free will universe...and you can choose what to do and what you want for yourself...IT IS UP TO YOU NOT THEM.. Peace, Love and Light...

I know it's not about Judaism. I'm just letting you know that those words come from Judaism. I know prays in multiple faiths and languages. Again, I'm sorry my friend, but these methods may have worked for you, but that does not mean it works for everyone! I don't think you are reading my words when I say I FIGHT THIS THING LIKE HELL EVERY DAY!!! Do you need details? Okay, I'm at the point now where I can psychically pull them almost completely out of my body, but because they have implants in me and portals open in my energy field or chakras, they can build back up in no time!

Listen to me! I've called on all of the beings that you mentioned for MANY YEARS!! I've tried contacting the Blue Avians also. I've called on them in prayers, I've posted messages on boards like this, and I've emailed Corey Goode asking if he could make them aware of my situation. All of these angelic and cosmic beings have web sites maintained by their contactees. I've written to several of them for MANY YEARS!! I've written to several contactees like Mike Quinsey, Suzanne Ward, Sheldan Nidle, Phil Lightbody, Jelaila Starr, Lisa Renee, Ashayana Deane, and dozens of others to NO AVAIL (if your not familiar with these names, Google them).

Angelic beings are hybrid beings that know how to polarize their energies. Some are just bionts and aoids that are controlled by more powerful beings, such as the winged dracos and felines. They are the architects of the Matrix. For them it's a DUALITY GAME! They'll play angels with you, while tormenting others as demons. This allows them to target certain people for harvesting such as in Targeted Individuals. They control the matrix and everything in it including the angels. The same beings that were possessing and tormenting you, turned into rescuing angels for you. This is how the machines of this matrix operate!! But you're not hearing me! This may be out of your league. But I appreciate your trying to help.

Isn't it obvious by now, based on my testimony, that these are all the same beings?... That they are not only the angels of light, but also fallen angels, demons, and ARCHONS!! They control multidimensionality and according to Lisa Renee of, only "approved humans" are allowed access to the multidimensional spectrum. So, those of you who have been rescued by Archangel Michael or St. Germaine, consider yourselves among the lucky ones.

They seem to have a system that starts off attacking or possessing people...sometimes for just a few months...sometimes a couple years....others like me can be enslaved by these beings for more than 20 years. Listen to Abby Normal where she talks about going through 20 years of suicidal hell by these beings. It starts at 12:10 in the video. According to her the first 3 months were the worst! And if you listen to some of her other recordings, she did everything she could to combat it for those 20 years, but they didn't stop until they were ready to stop...then a whole new world of spirituality opened up to her.

What you have to understand is that THIS IS HOW PEOPLE ARE HARVESTED!!!! Because during this time that you are being attacked or possessed, they are harvesting your energy, blood, DNA, etc. They use to tell me "the more torment the better!" Meaning, they preferred to harvest your energies when you are most vulnerable, miserable, twisted and tormented. They will even send in vampire entities to start draining blood from you as they have done me! This is the "BIG SECRET" as to how these heavenly beings survive! It is the secret to their immortality as explained in the movie, Jupiter Ascending.

It's time to wake up to the truth!



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