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Black Lives Matter TERRORISTS beat White Christian men in public – video

Where are the police? Where are the militias?

Black Lives Matter TERRORISTS beat White Christian men in public – video

Image: Black Lives Matter TERRORISTS beat White Christian men in public – video

(Natural News) A prayer rally held next to the iconic St. Louis Statue on Art Hill in St. Louis City’s Forest Park was violently disrupted by Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa terrorists who reportedly beat at least three white men with sticks.

Christians, Catholics, Jews and others had met up to join in prayer next to the statue, which is one of the latest to be targeted by the far-left mob for removal because it supposedly exists as a symbol of “racism.”

After the prayer rally was announced, radical leftist activists from the area caught wind of it and decided to confront it with a protest, which quickly turned violent once the mob saw the ever-dreaded Christian white male – and lots of them – surrounding the statue in solidarity.

Numerous priests who attempted to join up with the prayer service say they were heckled and harassed for merely being present in the park. One who was trying to explain to the angry mob the true history of St. Louis of France was met with threats that the mob would destroy the St. Louis Cathedral next after abolishing the statue.

“They smeared our gathering as a KKK rally,” wrote The Gateway Pundit‘s Jim Hoft, who was part of the prayer rally, about how local leftist activists needlessly stirred the pot and incited violence. “Of course, their lies put our lives in danger.”

Neither BLM nor Antifa are “peaceful” organizations simply wanting to “protest.” All of this and more is laid out in the following episode of The Health Ranger Report with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger:

Twitter refuses to censor tweets celebrating hateful violence against white Christian men

When the BLM and Antifa mob realized that shouting through bullhorns and flipping the bird at the Christian prayer rallygoers was not leading to their desired outcome, they proceeded to beat the prayer warriors with weapons.

“This is how racists should be treated,” tweeted one violent “protester” who bragged on Twitter about ganging up on the white men and beating them with makeshift weapons.

“I’m not even gonna worry about blurring dude’s face cuz it’s already everywhere,” this same Twitter user added, his tweet not being censored by the Twitter “gods” in the same way that President Trump’s recent tweets have been targeted with censorship. “He’s my hero,” the tweet concluded, celebrating violence against white Christian men.

After The Gateway Pundit initially got the story wrong and reported only one white Christian man who was beaten, as opposed to three, the paper was mocked by that same Twitter account for getting the story wrong.

“More fake news from @gatewaypundit,” tweeted the Cop Watch STL (@CopWatchSTL) Twitter account, again incurring no censorship for violating any of Twitter’s terms of service against “hate speech.” “It was 3 of em that got they ass beat,” the tweet goes on to state, along with two laughing-face emojis.

Is open violence against innocent white Christian men part of the “new normal” we all keep hearing about? Is violence against white Christian men the only type of violence that is allowed and sanctioned by the Left, and by far-left social media platforms like Twitter?

We already know that Facebook has made an exception for “hate speech” when it comes to targeting white men. The platform specifically altered its internal policies during the LGBTQ “pride” month of June to allow far-leftists to promote hate, just so long as this hate is directed against white Christian men.

“Just more proof that if you are Godless you become an animal,” wrote one commenter at The Gatew

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You know, this BLM really gets my gut.  Just because they have a cutsie name doesn't mean that they are nice, they are THUGS, and I am SICK and TIRED of people sticking up for them!  (Maybe they should change their name to Black THUGS Matter.  Odd thing about this BLM is that 63% of them are white).

Donald Trump can use the national guard to arrest all terrorist cells in America. All terrorist groups main goal is to weaken America economic inferstructure and they are paid fake imposters who were paid to destroy everything in its path. This goes beyond these fake protestors its about the '' the three prong '' invasion of America this not shown in any videos in public. This goes back in ancient history including the bible scriptures. Is is a way to stop this carnage before it escalates into nuclear war not a civil war. In 1800s America did have a civil war between the south and north this was taught in history classes. We've had wars and dictorships,terrorist groups throughout history. The cost of human life is unimaginable and horrific. In the middle east Christian families were executed by ISIS and they still exist today and in other countries under different names. The true hard core journalist travel to war zones and in other places to show what is really happening in America and else where. People like John Pilger and others like him are the ones who expose the true reality of worse of human bondage,proverty,war, racism,etc...

Hellen:  Yes, I've seen people interview these Antifa and BLM people, and they're as dumb as ROCKS!

pot heads

They are not humans but worse then animals:

Rally for Jessica Whitaker, the Mother Killed for Saying ‘All Lives Matter,’ BACK ON After Being Cancelled Due to Safety more @ .

it's unbelievable-this is evil

She is absolutely right in saying ALL LIVES MATTER .

To Black lives matter their lives matter but others lives don't matter .. they are worse then animals ...all these Black lives matter should be put in an island and then they will fight with each other and kill each others and that will be the end of them all 

Corporate America providing half a billion in funding for Black Lives terror groups

CIVIL WAR ANALYSIS: Black Lives Matter terror cells will carry out “armed flash mob” killing sprees on White communities while corporate America provides funding for illegal weapons



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