• Hello Ben,  M-A( A SUGGESTION ) say a long a soond pronounce to tell/call one S-T-E-R.  When one says monster, your flat a accent changes your prononce of MASTER sounds like that!!  No biggy, I figured it out!

    Pronunciations are a funny thing for a linguist!  :D

    Great job of your videos for this New Mexican.  LOVE

  • The Energies that's going around there I feel also in the Netherlands. It must be the connection I feel with the Ashtar Command and Ashtar himse;f.
    I've had a strange night with more experiences then I used to have and have had a strange dream.
    I feel the connection.
    Have a nice time there all
    Warm loving heartblessing feelings,
  • I wish you a great,learning reunion conference over there.

    Take care



  • Great the energy feels all over whole Mother Earth. I have had beautifull dreams about Motherships and wonderful lightbeings.
    Have a great tome and enjoy.
  • Great new videos Ben! :-) Thanks for sharing ~ So awesome!! :-)
  • Great Conferance Ben Arion and all there. Thank-you for the live link.  Have fun there.

  • Dear Ben,

    Thanks for all the videos...and wish you all the best for your lovely project...

    Love & Blessings for all success....for the Meditation Events....

    Harmony, Balance and peace....Enjoy your Time....Yes, You are and we are Never alone....

    We are always United and to gather will achieve our goal....



  • .. the futures so bright.. you gotta wear shades .. 

    • brother , i am so lucky ,spent all day at the meet up and saw bashar in person.they is way better than i could imagine,spoke with and got a few big hugs from ben, what a wonderful gift to humanity and a pleasure to be in the presence of one so humble and respectful and caring and loving and radiant as all there where ,i will be there perhaps tomorrow but for sure on monday ,the future is bright indeed my friends

      • @Obi Wan: And Im also grateful! Thank you for the special gift, I truly feel the intent and appreciate it beyond words....

        AUM* <3

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