Being gay is a gift from god

Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith and Rev. Ed Bacon, in a Best Life class hosted by Oprah, both said that being gay is a gift from god.

And, of course, I say "it sure is!"

Everything is a gift from the Universe!

Peace and much love to all! =D

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  • Hi. I do not think at all that being gay is a gift from God.Because in that case, anything can be a gift from God.

    Being a little child from Africa dying from starvation, is that a gift from God?

    Being born very rich, is that a gift from God?

    Having an accident and as a result, be left Tetraplegic, is that a gift from God?

    Being born blind, is that a gift from God?

    The common thing is being hetero, being homo is a gift from God? ...

    • yes





  • world population went from approx 2 billion in 1960, to over 7 billion today... this is not evidence of a dwindling rapidly, its the exact opposite. population is increasing exponentially and this is a scary perspective when you actually take a look at how destructive of an impact there is as a result. look at the amazon rainforest for example. look at how much has been destroyed for the sake of revenue and for farm land. there is no revenue if there is no demand, and demand comes from numbers in people.

  • do some research... gays have been around forever. also, as far as the elites (who also have been around forever) are concerned, they have in the past condemned homosexuals as [religion] abominations- WHY?? because homosexuals don't consistently provide continuity of slaves do they???- this is my view, and i find it much more realistic than yours. you need to ask yourself the question, 'would i have a life long relation with the same sex?' if the answer is NO, which i feel i can safely assume will be your's and the majority will be, how then can we die out from self genocide? people arent just gonna stop having children en mass, just because people suddenly accept the gay people that have been there the entire bloody time!
    lastly, remove this sick stereo type that all gay men have HIV/AIDS, and that they are responsible for its existence. by that logic you HAVE to completely ignore the millions of people throughout africa that have this virus- i bet you my thumbs that the vast majority of those people will identify as heterosexual. in the western world, many heterosexual women have this virus also. you could claim that its the fault of the closeted gays that have spread this to women- then you should ask yourself another question- "if society openly and equally accepted gay people, completely, without any prejudice or dogma, would a gay man have any reason to remain closeted and hide his true desires and actions behind the facade of 'normal/heterosexual-relationship'?"

    cant help but feel the need to fight back offence with this. 

  • Good point. For those who are new it might be considered or called "Maya" as well.


  • Hi, I didn't watch the video but I do know that being gay is actually a part of someone's experience. People (not often) actually reincarnate as a different gender. I'd say mostly we would stay the same sex from each lifetime but if we do not learn the lessons (just an example) from a male perspective, then we might have to reincarnate as a female and perhaps vice versa. However, it could simply be something as learning to balance the male and feminine. It's my understanding that God does not care about which sex / same sex or whatever is happening. It's really just the lessons that are being learned.

    Hope this helps somewhat. I know it's a bit controversial but anything can be a gift from the right perspective. Living each day to our best would be a wonderful gift.

  • What an incredibly crap post. 


    heavly rated down

    • what do you mean?

  • Exactly, Assia. 

    Star Flower

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