When scientists begine to explore this laboratory, perharps they will discover in a year, more than they discovered in thaosands of years! This laboratory has lasers, telescopes, accellerators, computers etc. In it, you can see through rocks, you can travel faster than light, you can bend spaces, times, spoons and perform loads of other magics.Many scientists are yet to view our own bodies as valid scientific tools as much as they should. Perharps this is the reason why over 90 % of the universe remain undiscovered. While a scientist may try to build an expensive, as sophisticated a computer as possible say to help them 'see' the quantum world etc , they forget that they are carry a free one right in their skull that cannot even be remortly paralleled by even the most complex computer we can imagine! They opt to distrust this latter comp and lable it as 'subjective' or such despite the fact that it is the latter comp that makes the former!Physicists are particularly the ones who have never thought that human bodies can help discover something about the phisical world. They tend to think that what we feel belongs at best in psychology or psychiatry! Little can they see that 'feeling' and 'seeing' are trivially different. Our bodies contain some of the most powerfull amplifiers known. Neglecting them mean neglecting the most powerfull instruments known in science!To use our bodies as valid scientific tools, we must learn to use testimonies of what we 'see' or 'feel' in the same way we may say use telescope. After all seeing through a telescope is nothing but getting the 'testimony' of the telescope. This is why in astronomy, we often make use of two telescope situated at two different places. When their 'testimonies' agree, we take them one step more seriously. We should do the same with testimonies of our bodies.

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  • Wings, can you then imagine a version of space travel done in your mind? Visiting the miniature universe within?
  • yes, there are so many things that show this..the universe is like a giant mirror..

  • I wish I could post pics here. I would post the pic of the cosmic filaments, then that one of the brain cells to back up what your saying, Feather Winger. There is also the quasars vs 'cosmic DNA' and even the 'cosmic kundalini' like the on on my profile pic.
  • The body is a miniature of the universe...if we understand the body, then we will understand the universe..

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