Are You Archangels?

(prologue: my guardians decided to test my memories and persistence to see if I was ready to receive my next project (for lack of a better word) in my mission for them/with them, and I soon figured out the answer to the question.. which they were waiting for, I thought I would have to wait longer, but I got it pretty quickly.

So I asked a question in return for theirs. They needed to know if my faith is true, that I could believe in myself and believe in them and in God by answering one question - The answer to who I think they are?

At first I was in disbelief, that they had said, we can no longer communicate with you, until you answer this correctly. And my pen went limp, I could no longer feel their connection, that connection I had for nearly all my life, whenever I had desired it, whenever I had needed them, they were right there, and always comforted me by always reminding me of their presence and their love. But now they had disconnected from me. I had to find the answer, the real truth that they were asking for, it had to be important. I couldn’t just shake this off as nothing, like I do sometimes, as I had now lost a special gift, which I was blessed with by God long ago. And I need it back.

I wrote out a letter for them, explaining how I know we are “family” that they said I have been with them since the beginning, that they are my guardians, and I can’t wait to be with them again. I had spent so much time with them that they are like my best friends, and I miss them already.

But that wasn’t good enough. I got no response, I had to keep looking.

So I went through all my writings, things I had forgotten about long ago, and tried to find the answer they were demanding of me, something I had obviously not taken seriously enough once upon a time, but was necessary right now. It must have been something so important, so vital, as to cut me off as a test or punishment until I had found it.

 I went through my books for clues, all the transcripts I could find of our conversations. I was told on multiple occasions by them that they are my guardians, of course, but that they directly speak with God and the Lord Jesus. And they are direct messengers for them, and tell me or do for me whatever they are asked to do by God or the Lord Jesus.

Then I clicked, Maybe that’s the clue I was searching for..

So, back to the answer I finally found, I had been searching for all day..

So I said…

“Meneng… Is the answer to your question umm that you are all Archangels, since you are able to communicate directly with God and the Lord Jesus.

Finally, I felt the connection light up inside me, and I was immediately relieved..

“Yes, we are!” he replied, “You are also an Archangel, you were sent down to Earth as God’s (through Jesus direction and guidance) personal translator of the end times.

The end times of your 3-d reality and you shall spread the news of what is truly expected of you from God. You are the Arch Angel of the Earth chosen by God and the Lord Jesus and before too long – you’re going to initiate all the changes to come.

Prediction Number One:

Or shall we say for your absolute knowledge but for the new readers of your materials it will put forth as a possibility in their minds until they start to realise you speak the truth. That God is going to allow a mass event that has never been seen before in the history of this planet – and this is what is to come in the coming days!! Not weeks, but days – So you will be putting this on your sites – Ashtar command – Eagle’s haven – And Wordpress – about this expected immediate mass event.

And this is what you will write.

“It has now from this day forth been announced that you are to be given sole authority to communicate certain warnings or should we say absolute knowledge of future events about to take place on Earth which will affect all of humanity on it. These events will take place quite immediately, and is therefore given to you all to read in order to verify that my existence is indeed real. As real as your birth upon this planet, as real as the sun that shines upon you.

This absolute event            

In the next coming days, faiths will be tested.

You may well cry out, and ask me ‘why?’

Well don’t lose faith, because faith is that you are all a part of Me.

That fear cannot overcome you if you do indeed believe in Me.

You will know that you are well with Me and there is nothing that can hurt you .

If you believe that I am your God, and you are under my mercy, my Grace. Do not be afraid these coming days. Do not run in fear from what you do not understand. Instead hold firm in your faith, do not be brought into Warring arms, be a calm resolute protest for peace and love under God. Do not believe in lies, but also do not be carried away with protecting the truth. I am the testament to the truth dear ones. I did not bring you here to fight for Me, I can fight my own battles. But, I do not have to bring fists to fists, and arms to arms to do this. I have the winds, I have the roaring oceans, I have the rumbling earth, I have the full force of the planet to use at my will. So, my children of faith, in order to show your faith, you simply have to believe in Me, and I will surpass my Judgement upon you. Instead I am only here to destroy the lies and liars among you. The Liars of Humanity, to All Humanity.

Behold, Beware, I Am Coming! 

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  • Lol, then they probably should exclude me from that list, since I'd probably use that plane to fly straight into the building of those who currently are working very hard to dismantle my abilities to survive through the transition period. ;)

    My faith have always kept me warm though. But, I think it be best if I be the one who create my own Merkabah. The spirit world taught me how a while ago anyway. :)

  • Nancy, I am grateful to have you understand the intent purposes of my writings, It has taken me until now to take a good hard look at what was written here. And you are like a breath of sunshine on my face, and make my heart feel rosy. And confirms precisely the hopes I had when realizing the full truth of what the message ascertained. 

    • Although I add one thing of my own, I was never afraid of some "coming catastrophic event".. but I did actually encounter an event, The one person I had been "bragging" about to my closest ones around me that I had "met" recently, and understood my nature, totally misunderstood my message and turned against me. But, I guess it was against all hope. I had said to her once, that not one person in my life had ever not done that. That even the most closest ones to me, eventually shockingly and hurtfully mistook the translation of what I did or said. I have never meant ill intent and that should stand for something. So, that was the big shocker for me in the end. I lost the special connection I felt with someone I regarded so close to my heart, as if I was looking into a well of love.

      But as they said: 

      In the next coming days, faiths will be tested.

      You may well cry out, and ask me ‘why?’

      Well don’t lose faith, because faith is that you are all a part of Me.

      That fear cannot overcome you if you do indeed believe in Me.

      You will know that you are well with Me and there is nothing that can hurt you .


      Slowly, but surely, I am pointing out the pieces in this HIGHLY cryptic message, and it reads true. 

      And of course, what you think it means on the surface is not at all what it may truly mean. 

      But as I watched this all play out, the deeper meaning came to light, all the characters came out to play, I jumbled up meanings got inter-placed.

      I wish you all well on your journey, and I wish you all the best on that site. 

      I am glad some members have connected over this page. 

      That is meant to be. 

      Take Care, 

      Love SOulz

  • Thanks Valana....and happy to receive your friend request....  :-)

    Blessings, Drekx

  • Nancy;

    Thank you so much for your kind words of Love.When I read these comments I have to filter with which resonates with my Heart.We beings of Earth were given a name called hu-man {hu} is the scared sound of Gods creation.

    We need to think ahead. Our star races must one day merge,we must become one people within our galaxy. All star nations of this Galactic Federation are one people. We are all part of the infinite creation.

    It is part of the divine plan of the Elohim{meaning father of all or Creator or God}that this planet does not remain in ignorance and bondage and beings of Earth will be ready for ascension and then finally,our star nations will truly become one galactic people of light.

    Gaia,and Hu-man's called out to God and the Star nations for their help and they are here as our Brothers and Sisters, now it is up to us and our Hearts of Hearts to do the rest.

    I thank you again dear Nancy for you kind words of Love and Light.

  • I respect anyone's beliefs without judgment and enjoy a good debate when warranted. You have already prejudged me so this debate is over.

  • Valana,where do you get your information from ,more than likely the same place as everyone else .Now the Bible has missing books hidden from the public by order of the King of England during the time is was translated which is still in control by the church of England,by the cabal.

    I believe in Spirituality not religions that keep you in fear.

  • Selamat balik, Valana Thor... with extended greetings to Cmdr Val Thor...


    Indeed I know how you feel about this matter and how a group's reputation may be tarnished in this manner by unwarranted and inappropriate material association...

    I therefore completely resonate with your reactions to Nancy, here...with regards to Altair.


    There are official group outlets for ET data and less official ones, less reliable....Sometimes readers may muddle all sources together (truths, half truths, and blatant falsehoods) and present an impression that a particular false idea, being rapidly circulated, is officially endorsed by such a body as the GFL, for example, via a prime outlet for dissemination on Earth.....I have noticed this problem, myself, several times.....

    You have every right to likewise set the record straight for the Altair Command...good luck to you...


    You have our support and empathy...


    Selamat majon dramu kas….Taj jai dan..!!


    Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (East England Sector)



  • I think that everyone has there own feeling on what the Event is going to be. Lord Sananda, has even said the Ison, was a huge ship,he is the reincarnate of Jesus, so would you think that he has more info of what is going on then anyone else including channelers. We are not in 3D any longer we have been in low levels of 4d for sometime now and moving higher  and higher everyday. We are not going to be taken off the planet Gaia,for this was our purpose in the first place to go through ascension, sure their are some that will go off planet that is part of there ascension, people us your Hearts to think that is your brain,the mind is only a storage unit. Each-Dem=Levels of frequencies=sound=vibrations=colors=Love= which raises your consciousness  which raises your awareness and ascension levels that resonates with that individual as they connect with the Divine Source of all. To me this is what the Event of Ascension will be, everyone's Event will be different to them on there level of awareness in time frame you will not be leaving your family unless you choose too. Just open your Hearts more and let the Divine in.

    Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh Adonai Zavaot

    Go in Light/Love Blessings to all Karen Arnold

    • Your Lord Sananda is less than 15 years old and were born into this reality roughly around the same time internet became publicly accessible to more than americans. NONE of the old text mention his name anywhere, so he simply CAN NOT be the reincarnation of Jesus. He's more likely to be one of the many false prophets that are supposed to come in this time, and that are mentioned in roughly EVERY old text we can dig up. ;)

This reply was deleted.

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