Beast Prophets From Hell

This Sananda channel- er is still at it  Ascending to 5 d means that you need to vibrate to that dimension or you'd burn up trying to get in.  Many times I've heard how spirits who are there have to go through a 'chamber' to lower their vibes to get back here for service and then same for the return.

  I found this site "prophets From Hell' and I think it's exaggerated-st. Germain is listed as is Lord Ashtar, (I beleve the Ashtar Command is of the Light) and some preachers that I think are sincere but how do we trust so easily 5 d channeler sales people? Faith is just that but selling ascension to 5d and beyond by telling you that your 'sizzle sensation' from energy is getting you ready for 5 d sounds phony-did you ever consider that maybe your being used as an energy channel for some other reason, not necessarily wicked but that if you knew the truth, for instance we are just being used to continually raise vibes in areas we live and your reward is  that you are paying old debt from past incarnations and not instant ascension would you still want to sizzle?  Note; this site is by Sherry Shriner who propounds the use of non existent 'orgone' to fight chemtrail effects; a theory by a guy name Wihelm Riech who also wrote 'The sexual revolution' in the 1930's 'the socialist restructuring of human existence' so you know where Sherry Shriner comes from-

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By Sherry Shriner

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Satan's Salute - Typical in our "mega churches" Today


Sananda Immanuel

see more pics at


Beast Prophet

 Plays the role of "Jesus" in the astral realm and near death experiences. He's the one Michaelangelo painted a portrait of that the churches then accepted as the picture of "Jesus." Most churches today have pictures of this Sananda hanging in them somewhere. Most believers correlate the picture of Jesus that they see as the real Yahushua/Jesus when it is really this Sananda Immanuel who will come to earth playing Jesus, the Son of God. A very good deception. The church was groomed for hundreds of years for this one. Allegedly lives aboard the UFO-ship called the Capricorn and works in Utah  which he considers the "New Zion." Works with the Mormon cult deception and also in Jerusalem behind the scenes to prepare for his arrival as Christianity's "messiah.".

Sananda Immanuel claims/admits Sanat Kumera is his father - Sanat Kumera is another name for Satan

 Read more about Sananda at




maitreya4.gif maitreya3.gif


Beast Prophet

    Plays the role of an Arab magician masquerading as a "Great World Teacher." He has appeared in Nairobi and in Kenya and various places around the world. His spokesman, Benjamin Creme has been channelling Maitreya's messages for years and trying to promote and condition the world for Maitreya's appearance. Maitreya is associated with Mars, probably lives there awaiting to make another appearance on earth. The New Agers keep talking about his coming arrival...he's already been here...several times...

Read more about Maitreya at



St. Germaine

germaine.gif  stgermain.jpg


Beast Prophet

    St. Germaine is the one who is supposed to establish NESARA here on earth. He claims to have written the New Testament as Shakespeare (a past life or reincarnation). He also portrays nail holes in his hands trying to act like he was the one crucified on the cross.

  Read more about Germaine at

The Political Agenda of the Beast

NESARA: The Unveiling 

NESARA's Economic Policy

Germaine Confirms that it's the Omegans behind NESARA, and his army is called the Omegans:


Sanat Kumera AKA Lucifer or Satan


Beast Prophet

     Led a rebellion against the Most High deceiving 1/3 of the angels to revolt with him. He was kicked out of heaven as they all were who rebel against the Most High.Wants to be God and to be worshipped as God. Will rule the one world government established on earth where it will be enforced that all worship him as God. Some believe he will come as himself, others believe he will possess a human body, a world leader, and rule the world through that person.


Sanat Kumera AKA Lucifer or Satan also known as Lord Ashtar


Beast Prophet

    Lucifer-Satan also plays the role of Lord Ashtar, Chief of the Ashtar Council AKA the Illuminati Council.

Read more about the Ashtar-Illuminati Council at

Read more about Satan and the Illuminati at



Hatonn - AKA God, Christ Michael, or Michael the Archangel



"I am a large Grey, using a body
designed by Universal scientists and THIS IS SO
" -Hatonn


Beast Prophet


Declares he's God. Also admits to being a tall grey alien. Refers to himself with several names such Christ Michael, Michael the Archangel, and Hatonn.

Sits on the Ashtar Council as Hatonn.

 Check out  "Christ Michael" who goes by the Name Hatonn ( a close resemblance to Satan, SA TONN) who admits he's a tall Grey Alien

Plays various roles, mostly with the New Agers deceiving them every which way he can. Mostly that he's God. Wonder what the others think??

They all claim to be God, or having reached Godhood, or Christed, lighted beings. The aura of light is an illusion and deception.

  Read more about Hatonn at


Kenneth Copeland


Do you really want this thing laying hands on you?


Satanic Salute


Beast Prophet

   32nd Degree Mason playing a Christian deceiving millions of those who are believers in the Most High. Uses speaking in tongues to call on and invite Satan to his church shows. Uses 'laying on of hands" to put demons into people in the guise of healing them or praying a blessing over them.

     Satan has many of his own warriors in place to deceive and mislead the church and Copeland is one of them.


 See Copeland Unmasked



Benny Hinn

benny4.gif    benny2.gif

Satan's General On Earth as he builds an apostate church for Lucifer


Satanic Salute


Beast Prophet

Listen to Benny Hiss and Growl


Listen to Benny's Reverse Speech and see my page on benny Hinn at


Benny...Satan's Mouthpiece on Earth


Pat Robertson


Masonic Salute


Satanic Salute



Beast Prophet


     Pat Robertson gives the Masonic Salute. Robertson, who runs CBN and the 700 Club supports and promotes every apostate beast doctrine, worker, and apostate theology via his network.  He supports chip implantations and has had the CEO of Digital Angel on his 700 show.

      Robertson is a charlatan, a mason, and a fraud who works with the Vatican to promote lies and deceptions to his millions of viewers around the world. He will lead millions of people into accepting the mark/image/number of the beast and into the pit of hell all the while claiming it is not the same mark/image/number the Bible forewarned of. He's a master of lies and deception.


Billy Graham and Pat Robertson Have Masonic Ties


Jack & Rexella Van Impe




Beast Prophets

Collaborators with the Vatican to promote Ecumenism and Unity among the churches and world. Yahushua brought a sword not peace and He certainly never told us to compromise our faith to share a bed with the devils for the sake of peace and unity.

Promotes One World Religion and is a master at commercializing the Lord and giving false prophecies and false revelations to make millions $$ off his listeners worldwide.

As cheerleaders for the Pope, the Vatican and One World Religion both of them are masters in manipulating Scripture to promote love and unity among the churches leading them into compromise and apostasy.


T. D. Jakes




Beast Prophet

He was and probably still is being groomed by the Illuminati to replace Billy Graham.




Joel Osteen



Beast Prophet

Spent one semester at Oral Roberts University (a mind control CIA stomping ground) and disappeared into the background for several years until his dad, John Osteen died. He then took over Lakewood Church. Preaches self-help psychology in the guise of religion and claims salvation is not the only way to heaven. 

On the Gospel...can't make up his mind...

Confirmed Reptilian shapeshifter

Slit eyes and shapeshifting



Rod Parsley



Beast Prophet

Taking people to they all are

Parsley's conservative views put Christians at ease..but as he rubs elbows with TBN and other Pentecostal and charismatic beasts it's obvious he's just filling one more beast role to keep the followers in his church dumbed down in bad theology and wrong doctrines. He pastors World Harvest Church in Columbus, Ohio and hosts a TBN Satanic-thon there almost yearly.



Rodney Howard-Browne


Satanic Salute

Beast Prophet

Live audio and video clips of this beast prophet in action...

Holy Ghost Laughter? This is more blasphemous than can be imagined. Read an article a former pastor wrote repenting of his association with the Toronto Blessing church and this Satanic Charade...The Toronto Deception


Jesse Duplantis


Satanic Salute



Beast Prophet

Another TBN - Charismatic- Pentecostal pawn. Duplantis is more known for his comedy than his preaching. I wouldn't want to be anywhere near his podium as one could half expect the lightening to strike when Duplantis is babbling. His arrogance and lack of respect for the Most High is astounding. He was given a honorary doctorate degree by the CIA at Oral Roberts University in 1999 (Oral Roberts University is the stomping ground for the CIA and their mind control projects).


Billy Graham

33rd Degree Mason


Graham denies Jesus

Billy Graham and Pat Robertson Have Masonic Ties



Beast Prophet

Illuminati-Vatican pawn and 33rd degree Mason who has sworn his loyalty to Lucifer.

Read Billy Graham the Mason

Billy Graham and The Vatican


"But he leads people to Christ?" Really? How many think they have eternal life from repeating a 30 second prayer as opposed to what Yahushuah said? He said "if ye love Me keep My Commandments." We are to obey and follow Him. Sunday worshippers are not honoring the Commandment to honor the Sabbath on the 7th day, they are also not honoring His feast days that He prescribed to us and that His apostles taught. Today's Christianity is Satanism in a disguised form..."do what thou wilt" as over 200,000 denominations do as they want...and not what the Lord commanded them to do!





Ministers Of Satan


Ministers of Satan Part 2


Seducing Spirits...NOT Spirits of God!




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Have you been deceived by these?

Word-Faith Movement


Toronto Blessing

Third Wave Doctrines

New Apostolic Reformation

Ecumenism & Unity


Latter-Rain Movement

Manifest Sons of God

Pentecostalism, Speaking in Tongues, Charismatic "gifts", false visions, prophecies, healings, angelic visitations,

Speaking in Tongues is hotly debated and guarded by those who do it, yet you will see their record of false visions and prophecies comes directly from the knowledge they receive from the revelations of the 'tongues' they speak. Satan's followers spoke in 'tongues' before the churches ever picked it up to mimick and incorporate it. The apostles never spoke in tongues. There were 12 apostles, not 13. Paul appointed himself as #13 and has led most of the churches today into apostasy, lies and deceptions and away from the original teachings of the Lord and His Apostles.

Uncovering the Tongues Deception



The "New World Order"


We Can Annihilate Them



The Coming Beasts of Revelation 13


Scenario #1

"Bad Antichrist""Good Antichrist"


Maitreya is expected to arrive and give a "Day of Declaration" or "Interview" on national TV any day now. The Bible Codes describe him as a beast, a creature, even "Cain" which makes me think he's a DNA clone of Cain. He claims himself his body has been "manufactured" for earth because his real one is "alien." Now what's that tell you folks!  He's also described in the codes as a coming educator, author, and lecturer. An Arab Sheik, he will consolidate Arab countries as his base of power such as Libya, Ethiopia, Kenya, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, and a few others most likely Lebanon and Syria as well. He's hypnotic and can hypnotize his audiences. He uses telepathy and channelling as forms of alternative communication.  He will wage war against the Saints and those who reject his/Satan's global socialistic agenda on earth. He is the first beast of Revelation Chapter 13. He could die and for the charades...I see in the codes where theOrgone we make will kill many of his forces (already is) and is already causing UFOs to crash around the world. Watch for the deception where he comes, is destroyed, is considered the "evil Antichrist of the Bible" and now "Jesus" arrives with his "heavenly host" of Aliens dressed in white masquerading as angels with a tech-induced "heavenly glow.".


Sananda Esu Immanuel. Most of Churchianity will recognize him as "Jesus" and he uses that name as well. Which is WHY it's important to use the Son of God's REAL NAME which is Yahushua. Michaelangelo, a masonic artist painted a portrait of one of Satan's Generals and passed it off as Jesus the Son of God when it's really Jesus General of Satan hoodwinking the church for hundreds of years into embracing a false picture as an image of the churches "messiah." The deception is so good that when this "Jesus" arrives many will embrace him as the Son of God. He will play the role of the second beast of Revelation Chapter 13, the False Prophet, and promote the worship of the Antichrist - Maitreya or even possibly "Obama incarnated."  He will appear to be likeable and the masses will be deceived by him. Tall, emaciated, he won't fare much better than his counterpart Maitreya when it comes to being around theOrgone  we have scattered around the world. He is part of the Ashtar Command (council that sits above the earth) and travels in a cigar-shaped mile(s) long UFO. He may arrive as the "Saviour of the World" now that the "bad Antichrist" is gone. Watch for their deceptions. None of their evil plans are set in stone, they can change them...just be aware of it.

And if the Fallen Angels "Aliens" ck their scheme...
Satan hAnd if the Fallen Angels "Aliens" can't work their scheme...Satan has human counterparts ready to go...

                       Scenario #2arts ready to go...

Antichrist #2


The Bible Codes describe Obama (alias) as a lizard, a creature. He's not the real "Barry" born in Kenya but the charade will continue as he serves as Maitreya's and Satan's puppet in America. He and Osama Bin Laden have several of the same characteristics the most dominant being they have more than 'one' of themselves. In other words, clones.

 Obama could be incarnated as the Antichrist if the plans of having Maitreya as the Antichrist fail. Obama will establish Satan's agenda in America of an Alien-New Age agenda of slavery under the guise of 'humanity.' Also uses hypnotism to control his audiences that produces a false messiah complex.

False Prophet #2


The Bible Codes describe Benny Hinn as Satan's mouthpiece on earth. Watch for Benny to promote Maitreya and Sananda-Esu-Immanuel-Jesus. He is very much involved with the coming global Alien-New Age takeover.

He also uses hypnotism to give his audiences a false euphoric feeling that "Jesus" is present. He serves the owl...Satan.

The Bible describes the False Prophet as a false miracle worker who can falsely create great signs and wonders and miracles to deceive the masses into thinking his power is from God.

Benny Hinn Unmasked



Hinn usually promotes the coming "Jesus" and not Maitreya, although he could switch once Maitreya arrives...but it's also yet another scenario they could play...


Scenario #3

Antichrist #3



Could continue his charade as the "Good Antichrist" and actually become the real Antichrist and first beast of Revelation Chapter 13.

Just be aware of the multiple scenarios they could use to deceive mankind.


False Prophet #3


Benny Hinn

Satan's mouthpiece could become the False Prophet and promote the worship of the false "Jesus."

He's already established as a false miracle worker and serves the "owl" as discovered in reverse speech.


Benny Hinn Unmasked



A Beast From Hell

Listen to Benny Hinn  Hiss and Growl  




Prophecy on the False Shepherd - he will receive a paralyzed or "dried up" arm (some kind of plague destroys his arm) and he will go blind in one eye:

Zec 11:16For, lo, I will raise up a shepherd in the land, [which] shall not visit those that be cut off, neither shall seek the young one, nor heal that that is broken, nor feed that that standeth still: but he shall eat the flesh of the fat, and tear their claws in pieces. (Benny certainly knows how to fleece the flock and feed on them!)
Zec 11:17Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword [shall be] upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened.

Now watch with the leprosy plague gaining momentum...this could get interesting...



They've spent years and thousands of dollars utilizing "NSA interns" to infiltrate forum boards to criticize and try to discredit me across the Internet....

And then they come out with commercials like this used during the Super Bowl that validates the same things I've been saying for years......


Lizard Lake


Catch the guy shift into a lizard at the very end...

 This whole commercial is another twist off their lizard commercial last year but this time with effeminate looking guys (which Sobe makes them...because it's designed to tweak human DNA and make men more it was amusing they used men actors doing ballet....) 

Stay away from the Sobe..and Lifewater..and all their Lizard human changing DNA drinks on the market...

White Powder Gold - The Mono Atomic Destruction of Mankind - By Sherry Shriner


"We're Evil and We're Proud of it" Alec Baldwin proclaims as he promotes Hulu TV...

Was it just comedy or a "in your face" reality check....they're bold because they don't care what you think....




The Change We Have Coming....where humans are soul scalped, eaten, and ruled by "Aliens" i.e. Satan's Fallen Angels...and it won't be hidden anymore! With Obama it will all come out in the open!

Welcome to Hell on Earth...

Welcome to the New Age and New World Order...















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  • nice-clear and concise is a rarity on this site

  • Excellent point!

  • Very interesting post.  Sherry Shriner is one of my facebook friends, has been for quite a long time and I had to actually block the stuff that was posting on my page because she is a friend, and the stuff was wayyy too dark I thought, and has a lot of paranoia.  I do agree she means well, but she is too deep for me most of the time.  I get nightmares reading some of her stuff so I try not to go to her site much anymore.  I have enough nightmares of my own from my life experiences.  I think she is on the right track about a lot of stuff though, and I will leave it at that.

    Thanks for the very interesting post, it pulls a lot of Sherry's stuff together in one place for easy perusal.

  • Thanks!

  • "Telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell.

  • I love how these individuals wear Armani and Versaci suits, with a slight and occassional emphasis on the color light blue (which is a psych op weapon, since it is known to cause subliminal relazed feelings (and note that the U.N. symbol is sky blue, along with the backgrounds used at podiums when these people in the suits speak)).

  • I feel great with Jesus' vibes

    I like the explanation of santobama

    • Of course you feel good connecting with Samael, or Moshiach, and others.

      Jesus - it's not a name!

      It is an adjective derived from the word "source", but certainly not in English.

  •     I'm familiar with Sherry Shriner.  Although I feel she has some important things to say, I think she  tries too hard to convince people of what she believes.  I've really wondered about some of the people/ministers on the internet.  It's hard to tell what is of the light and is trustworthy, and what has nefarious purposes behind it.  I think she is slightly paranoid, I don't like being critical of her, because she has a good heart.  But that doesn't mean you'll do the right thing.  I have found some things on her site to be just plain misdirected.  Especially the info on aliens and ET's; almost like everything that is from outer space must be questioned.  I think she means well, and has important things to express.  Her ideas about gov't are flawed, however.  She has a good heart.

  • I wrote a fun piece on Hell some time ago here. You can view it on my cabin profile.

This reply was deleted.

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