• Some of the work needed to "fix things" and push out the darkness may unfortunately have a dark side to it. There are entities that feed off of negative energy of their own making, and "the light" has no effect on them. But vampires do have vulnerabilities, and one is the power of numbers of other entities dissatisfaction with them. We are witnessing this with people waking up and getting angry with the current situation, and this anger is a healthy psychological phenomena for this reality and for dealing with the vampires who are currently "in charge of the blood bank."

    • Hi Malcom,

      Kryon uses a metaphor when he talks about light workers.

      It is that of the match bearer.

      That if you light a match in a dark room, there is light enough created for all to see.

      And this is because darkness is an absence of light.

      Darkness cannot exist where there is light.

      So what it is that we who call ourselves light workers are to do is simply hold the light in dark places.

      And let the universe put that light to work in the way it can do the most good.

      Not wield the light.

      Because we don't have the perspective required to get the best out of it.

      Take care.

      excellent channeling.

      well worth a listen..

      the match bearer

  • LOL. Black cats bring me bad luck and "spiritual hitman" is sort of an oxymoron. I'm probably a better shot than you anyway. By the way, you misspelled consent.

  • Because on the whole, we are still immature as a civilization.

    Because we are still killing each other.

    How will the masses who still exist in fear respond when asked to stand in the truth of love that they will radiate?

    When we in this community, who are supposedly amongst the enlightened ones are still arguing over who is the least worst politician.

    Because as a civilization, we haven't asked them yet.

    Because we created our problems. we must solve them.

    Otherwise we will never grow up.

    Because vibration is everything.

    Why should they take a backward step in vibration?

    The've already been though what we're going through.

    They've earned their stripes.

    It is now up to us to earn ours.

    I fyou can't accept that the'll get here when they get here then you aren't ready for them.

    Because you;re allowing your expectations of them to make you do something other than be.

    Because you can only be ready for them when you are being.

    just like they are.

    in the vibration of love.

  • I wouldn't offer my friendship so readily to any of the ETs on Earth at this hour. I believe in the universal law of Non-Intervention. Even simply showing themselves can have a great impact on us that from that perspective, this should not be taken as a positive thing. The truth of the matter is, in my humble opinion, ETs who wish us the best know and acknowledge that we are a strong species and that we HAVE the power to change things here on Earth, and that only WE are the ones who can truly change the fate of Earth, without any help, thus, they stay away from us and do not meddle into our fate. Any other species that says we need help, they're basicly diminishing (spell?) us and painting us as powerless and weak, which we aren't. No ETs should intervene in our affairs, be that for our good or not. If they do, they most likely have their own interests here that we may not agree with. And ETs don't contact us because they're already here. And do you think the governments would ever tell us that we have been contacted by ETs? lol So, don't run to them and offer your body and souls so readily. They may thank you for it and act nicely, but they're not telling you WHY they are doing all this.

    • Basicly, the only ET that would contact us would be the ones who want something from us: Resources and power. The rest would watch but not intervene.

  • Bullfeathers. There are people out there who have made their own private and personal contact. I am getting close to making my own contact here in central Texas, if the eggheads in the Crown Victorias will buzz off. With my luck, I'll wake up with surgical scars on my body or pain in my testicles.

  • Got to raise dem vibes mon!

  • Oh, boy.  Have to wait until at least 2025?

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