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                 Dear fellow crew members.

           I saw purple fractals in the clouds above Sedona the night I saw Bashar. We were doing an 8th Dimensional Intensive that night. What a night let me tell you.

                Does anybody see fractals and colors together, even atomic energy? I do and I've wondered if I was crazy. PEace and Potatoes, Zachems.

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Sorry  Can't read the blue.

Select the tekst.

What is "tekst"?

There's nothing in the blue so if you'd have been able to read anything there you'd be having serious hallucinations right now. :)

Acute Observer:  This was originally written in blue ink on a blue background. (There WAS something in the blue, it was just too hard to read)

Aha :)

if i focus hard enough i can see celtic symetry in mother nature

Nope, your not crazy.

You are seeing your chakra lights through your 3rd eye.

I have seen these most of my life. Once you begin seeing the lights, if you keep looking you will see visions.



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