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Ban Rap Music ( JUNK MUSIC ) And Any Other Songs/Music Which Are Degrading...PM PUTIN is cracking down on rap music in Russia



“Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become Yourcharacter; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”

Play rap music in the jungle and even the animals will get upset as it effects their inner peace.

RUSSIAN PM PUTIN also voted to have it banned in Russia as it's drug, drink and s** fueled music ...that song and music that have swear words in it is fit for the places in the jungle away even from the animals.

Some bastard's play this rap music loud in their cars they are better locked up in zoos.

Put all the rappers in an island away from peace loving. Humans and away from animals.

Your birth on this planet is to evolve spiritually and rap music and swear words carry the lowest vibes unfit even for animals.

Music/Songs should be healing, enlightening, soul uplifting and in tune with nature.

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Rap music and any music with swear words is fit not even in the jungle as it will effect the animals ..and all life form 

Rap music ..any music with abusive language is no fit even for animals effects your mind, body, spirrit, your DNA, your chackras and your evolution ...ascension 

it's not only cursing-hoes, drugs, cop killing, and even lyrics about killing white people/white babies-there used to be censorship for the shite and for adult themes and nudity in general consumption entertainment-now it's censoring conservatism in all aspects of western society-it's evil and designed to help destroy the world as we know it-this is old news but anyway it's good to see Putin fighting it

This music is extremely bad expecially for young kids ...young souls ..mostly black people are responsible for this third class music . . Put all the rappers in an island and surround it with high wall and let them carry on rapping and eat their own swear words that has no spiritual value, no healing and no good vibes is music fit for zombies 

This is what PM Putin says about rap @

Just like you ingest food your body ingests music ...RAP MUSIC IS SIMILAR TO INGESTING JUNK FOOD ...AS YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT ...YOU ARE WHAT MUSIC YOU HEAR 

Any rappers using swear words should be arrested and put in rehabilitation centre and fined heavy 


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