Hello! What's your sign? Let's talk astrology! What do you find most interesting about it? What books or websites have you found to be resourceful? Do you think schools should teach astrology? Let's hear your opinion!

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  • Thanx Eileen, would be wonderful to know more. There is some but not extensive info on the net, mayb because its a fringe topic.
  • anyone know anything about the 13th astrological sign ophiucus (divine healer) and how ascendants are affected by it?
  • taurus sun
    aquarius rising
    aries moon!
  • just a note to say thank you to the participants in this group
    the link from Michael Viola is most greatly appreciated as that site contains an ephemeris.
    to be clear, i am not an astrologer. i merely use astrology to check out the "astral weather".
    i find astrology to be a useful tool, in that it provides information about my immediate relationship to the cosmos.
    i do not employ it for predictions about the future, or use it to manage my love life, practices which may constitute abuse of the "science".
    best wishes to you all as you seek to make astrology your own

  • Another way of understanding your own sign is to examine the signs of those close to you. The more we learn to understand each other the more we see that we are one and as a family. Sure you may not think you act like a horse or a monkey.. Or a lion or a crab. These are just big expressions of understanding our differences and the roles we play. Maybe in the far future the names of our signs will be explained in more detail and perhaps be named differently.. Whatever the case.. It will live on and always provide us with a distinct way of viewing others and ourselves.
  • check out . they'll do your whole chart and you can continue investigating from there. i've got an aries sun, aquarius moon, libra rising.. lots of fire and air... those three sun, moon, rising are definitely the basics and are the starting points
    • Thanks Michael for the link to the site. I am interested in figuring it out why the description for Pisces is so true to my nature. Thanks again.
    • wel i am a Aries,for those who know astrology it will be of no surprise that i am head first in all my adventures.No worries i do take full responsability for all my deeds good or bad,smart or stupid,in love or at war.Could it be because i am the first sign on that wheel that i have no breaks to stop
      • It is a good idea to also find out what your moon sign, which is where the moon was when you are born. you need to know the time though. AstroDienst is quite a good site as well. I am a Libra and the moon was in 10degrees Aries when I was born. In my childhood I was very much a typical Libra and from my teens I seem to have been birthing/developing my Aries side....but I didn't know this until I understood that my inner, darker side (hidden side) which was in conflict with my Libra side....I didn't really understand myself I thought that I was strange...:).. Now I understand much better who I am and what I need to do to balance my nature. But that Aries side can be a bit wild.:)...
        • Hi Marion... Libra and Aries are opposites of each other.. this may cause you a fair bit of confusion at times....
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