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Hello, my beloved family of Lightworkers..

There’s so much going on on our planet right now, earthquakes, revolutions and sufferings all around the world and we pray for all victims and help any way we can.. I just don’t wanna look selfish asking for help and some prayings for myself when there are really people in need of an urgent help.. but let me tell you my story and see may be you can help somehow because  I’ve done already a lot to change that situation and prayed a lot every single day but no changes.. any help from healers or mediums, just advice, anything what you feel I can/should do, anything you feel to say.. please help..


About 3 years ago my mum began to work at the center of health. You know, untraditional/alternative medicine, psychology, reiki, massages, Hellinger FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS etc. & later she became friends with a director of that center (let’s call her Tatyana). Tatyana wanted to make a business bigger so decided to take a credit in a bank but she couldn’t ask for a loan cuz she already had one, was paying off her first one, my mum also couldn’t do it for her cuz she just got married and didn’t change her new surname at all her docs which been needed when asking a loan. So my mum asked me to help her lightworker friend with a loan. I was happy to help for such a beautiful business, especially I knew it’s through my mum, I can fully trust her and Tatyana. I was 100% sure I won’t have troubles. Bank gave me money and I gave them all to Tatyana. She was paying the money to a bank well first time, then troubles began to appear. She stopped to pay,  argued with my mum, center closed. Tatyana said me not to worry that even if center is closed and she completely broke with my mum – she will be paying back absolutely. And I didn’t hear from her for ages, neither from a bank cuz all deals she had herself with a bank by phone. About 6 months ago bank called me to my home and said they can’t reach anymore that woman so I have to pay cuz for the law – there is my name on a doc  and I am responsible. I tried to find Tatyana, called her phones, visited her home but couldn’t find her. Person behind the door said - there's no any Tatyana in there. She contacted my mum in full secrecy through Russian social network under a different name and said – “don’t look for me, eat it yourself now, I’m out”.. Now culmination, what my mum as a lightworker, knowing very well how manifestation works said to me: “well, you know we all attract things in our life ourselves, u know very well how it works, think why& how u attracted it, it’s completely your shit, u have to sort it..” I was shocked, no “sorry”, no help, nothing, no protecting her child, nothing.. My mum is a whole different story, somewhere same period boyfriend of my sister when she was in holidays almost raped me, tried to force me for sex. He got drunk and entered my room naked and wanking. I thought it is a joke for about 5 seconds but not later.  I was defending myself all the way I could, screamed loudest I ever screamed while he was breaking my clothes putting his hand in my panties. I pushed him, grabbed the phone and ran to the kitchen to close myself there and call, I was going to dial my mum of course.. It’s like in situations like that you don’t know where all your force comes from when you have to defend yourself.  Then it’s like a click in his head and he says: “Oh my god, what am I doing, I’m so sorry, I don’t know what was driving me, I’m sorry, please don’t call anyone, I’ll never touch u with a finger. And he never did, it was last time I saw him. (My sis and him broke up for other reasons very fast after she came back from holidays and I didn’t even need to tell her all this & decided never tell her, 4 not giving her any more pain). When I came to my mum later in some time & told her all this, she said only one thing again: “did u already analyzed why u attracted this?” without a hug, without, “I’m sorry” or “are you ok, need any help? Why u think this happened to you”. well, no defending her child in any way.. I mean, it’s ok, it’s my mum, my only parent, I Love her, I don’t have another mum, she can be the way she can, it’s ok.. Just I’m shocked with a bank situation, she fully got me into troubles with a bank and not willing to help, saying it’s my only shit.. Sometimes I think she simply competes with me in magic.. when we could cooperate indeed but I feel like she’s so happy when shit is happening to me and she’s all in sweet conditions, so means I’m worse –she’s better. It is still all ok, I can’t force her to be different. I’m always ready to help everyone and will be always, all I want is that everybody happy nothing asking for myself. I don’t ask at all anything from life - all I want is this thing with a bank to disappear. I don’t want anything would happen with my mum or Tatyana, I want everybody happy – all I want is that all this bank thing would disappear in miraculous, magic way, like a cancer tumour disappears by magic and doctors are all confused.. I did a lot prayers and rituals but thing didn’t’ change yet..

I live without money, I don’t have any money to pay to a bank, but even if I would have moneys – I still wouldn’t pay.. from the deep of my heart, with whole my being I feel like I don’t really have to. This is not my debt, I’m not a swindler, I’m pure in front of the god, I didn’t take those moneys. When I ever ever borrowed – always gave back. I never left someone into similar troubles  for my fault. From the deep of my heart, with a whole my being – I can say strongly – I don’t deserve it..

I receive letters from bank.. they gonna take my property if I don’t pay (from my property I have only 3rd part of our flat where my sis and mum registered as well) or they court me and put in jail. More – I won’t be allowed to leave the country, I am musician, dj, I create electronic music and in future I intent to perform all around the world.. I don’t wanna even think – it can end up for me that I wont be able to play gigs other countries and travel, music is my everything..

Please, my lightworkers family, any help with an advice.. Healers, mediums, what you see, what I should do in your opinion to make this magic happen?

Thank you so much for listening.. Love you all <3

I ask so rare for a help cuz I know there are more others who need it.. but still, may be you just feel something to tell me after reading this.. I would be so grateful.. ♥♥♥

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    • :))))) that is Lovely, thank you so much, sis :))))) ".. all you need is already there.." sweetest words!! 
    • thanks a lot, Diana for response :) all advices and recommendations.. thanks a lot for taking time to read my story and reply that a lot.. thank you so much indeed..

      thats all I do - shining.. :) doing what I Love and my life is not bad at all, I am not complaining, did it really seems so? no no no... it's just that thing with a bank... I really expected my mom to help even through her treatments to me.. but if she doesn't - I want some magic :) I keep praying for it.. This thing is something really unfair happened to me, I feel it with a core of my being..

      I'm not blocking myself from an abundant life, I will welcome all the abundance! I know it doesn't depend on a job or it's existence in fact but if it is absent - there's no my fault:) I still wanna be happy with or without it, no matter what and I am..! ❤¸¸.•*¨*•♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤

      thanks a lot again, dear Diana..! Much Love ஜℒℴνℯ ஜ

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