I am writing to you today to encourage you to take advantage of the special spiritual opportunity today's Full Moon is providing. These Full Moon energies are potent, powerful and transformative.

If you use them consciously you can greatly increase your receptivity to your Angels assistance to empower and strengthen you and your gifts at this vital and critical time. Your willingness to actively engage with these blessings will also increase the flow of Divine Grace to you uplift your positive karma and mitigate your negative karma. Your Angels are on call to really roll up their sleeves and help you today!
On Monday night, we are holding a complimentary Angel Blessing Circle to help deepen and integrate this work. Please join us if you can. The Full Moon Energies will remain high for several days - You are invited to join us for a Special Full Moon Angel Circle, Monday, December 12, 6pm PDT.
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Lisa Lockhart has prepared the article below and she is a Senior Minister at Ask An Angel.

Sagittarius / Gemini Full Moon with an Eclipse - By Lisa Lockhart
The Full Moon during the constellation of Sagittarius will occur at 6:37 AM PST, Saturday, December 10. This is a very powerful full moon, because it will mark the last full lunar eclipse until 2014. It will be visible from the Western United States in the west / northwestern sky just before dawn and last 51 minutes.
The exact timing of the full moon (and eclipse) happens in the sign of Gemini. Lunar Eclipses are around personal emotional Shadow being brought to our attention. And it happens during a Mercury Retrograde. So I definitely recommend that you keep this in your mind and heart as you go through the next 7 days. The window of three days before the day of the full moon and three days after are the times that are the most powerful to work with these energies.
This is a robust email, full of lots of juicy and useful information, so enjoy!
Why Full Moons Are So Important
The Full Moons are times when the maximum amount of light within a constellation (the normal light from the sun and the largest reflection of the full moon) are hitting the Earth.
The Sun’s energy that radiates outward is under the influence of a particular constellation each month. And the position of the moon at the exact time it is full and (therefore reflecting the most light of the sun) determines the combined governing influence of that particular full moon.
It is valuable to know this, because where there is more Light, there is more Shadow. I’m using the Jungian and Shamanistic definition of Shadow here, which refers to unconscious belief systems that cause disharmony, disease and imbalance within ourselves and our lives.
In accordance with Natural Law, light amplifies whatever it hits, so it is up to us to work consciously with these energies and co-create that which we intend for our highest good... Or the energies will simply ricochet around in our lives and amplify “whatever” they hit.
If you understand the very basics of your astrological chart, as in what sign(s) and planets(s) are in each house, you’ll understand the areas of your life that will be affected most by each full moon.
For me, for example… I have my Midheaven (relating to the world publicly) in Sagittarius, as well as my Saturn (Kharma) in Sagittarius in the 9th House (Philosophy and Education). I also have my Mercury (Communication) in Cancer in my 5th house – my house of creativity. And I have my Venus (Love / Romance) in Gemini in my 3rd house—my house of communication. All of these are related to my career in helping people and companies communicate to the world creatively through brand marketing communications to build relationships. I also am an ordained interfaith minister who teaches (philosophy / education). So is that affecting me in a major way in my career, my calling… and my love life? YES!
The truth that I know is that you can evolve by design or by default—and the choice is up to you! I choose to evolve by design—i.e.: conscious intention—rather than letting the world at large design my intention by my “defaulting” or entraining to a prevailing consciousness that doesn’t reflect my personal intention.
Perhaps instead of the mantra AU-OOM, let’s turn it upside down to AU-OOW and howl at the moon! ; )
Overview: This Full Moon – Sagittarius
The Sun and Moon are always opposed at the time of a lunar eclipse. And this full moon is Sagittarius and Gemini is occurring during a Mercury retrograde (a reversal of relationship in movement with the Earth.) Mercury is the sign of communication and flow of energy, so expect slow-downs, delays and misinterpretations of energies, intentions, technology, agreements, contracts and communications, plans, etc. in all forms.
On the bright side, this gives us more time to think and re-think what we REALLY want. And because Sagittarius is about setting goals, this is a great time to re-adjust in these areas, in response to the latest influences and your true / highest-vibrational desires and objectives. On the Shadow side, we can think and re-think ourselves into “analysis paralysis” and get stuck in fear of change.
The Sagittarius Full Moon is a time of thanksgiving, introspection and retrospection. It usually occurs in fairly near the Thanksgiving Day Holiday. Maybe we’re thankful to have survived the intense energies of the Scorpio initiations. ; )
Sagittarius brings in energy from the 4th, 5th, 6th and 2nd rays—Harmony Through Conflict, Concrete Science, Idealism / Devotion and Love / Wisdom—from its exoteric ruler, Jupiter. It also channels the 3rd ray of Active Intelligence from its esoteric ruler, the Earth. So it is about reconciling the conflict and turmoil of Personality versus Higher Self, self versus world, setting new goals and creating ways to bring them into manifestation.
In the Christian tradition, the time of Sagittarius is considered to be Advent, which comes from the Latin word Adventus, which means “the coming.” It is associated with the return of the Sun / Sons of Light on the Winter Solstice (December 21), which is the origin for our Christmas traditions. Since the Sons of Gods in almost every religious tradition are born on December 21 or 25th, including Jesus, Horus, Mithras, Dionysus, Hermes and Krishna, this period of 7 rays is auspicious for manifestation of the power of the initiations.
According to Theosophical Tradition, the key thought for Sagittarius is the essence of initiation made manifest, or the start of something significant: “I see the goal. I reach the goal and see another.”
It externalizes and manifests the internal initiations we went through during the last month of Scorpio. This concept symbolizes the goals that we seek at both levels: the level of the Personality and the level of the Spirit / Higher Self. It is the coming together of the Personality and the Inner Divinity of Spirit that makes the light of our true nature, purpose and possibilities possible.
The symbol of Sagittarius is the Centaur Archer. The horse half represents the animal / lower self and the human half represents the higher spiritual nature. Together, they are reconciled at a higher level in the Centaur—the Wounded Healer. The arrow represents the energy and light of our highest aspirations and ideals. The bow represents the direction of our intention as we send the arrows out into the universe. The animal body represents the “grounded-ness” in this third dimensional reality.
Sagittarius is the electric (personal, rather than cosmic or solar) form of FIRE that triggers the last round of 4 signs in the astrological year. It stimulates--sets us on fire--with the desire to reach our goals. And by the Laws of Attraction, any goal that vibrationally is for your highest good has a magnetic center established in the domain of the future, which is part of the eternal NOW. And that magnetic center is like a cosmic bulls-eye that will attract the arrow of your energy and intention toward manifesting the ideal of your goal.
Overview: This Full Moon – Gemini
This Full Moon occurs in the very fast-moving, airy and energetic sign of Gemini, so don’t be surprised if the energies of this Full Moon feel very speedy and accelerated. Gemini is associated with thoughts, speech and sociality, and is ruled by Venus (the Goddess of love and beauty). So be mindful of what you are thinking, saying and how you are coming across to others. This is a good time to cultivate those things that you love, appreciate and find beautiful in your life. A fine holiday goal!
Now that we have this foundation understanding about Sagittarius and Gemini, let’s bring it together to make sense for us.
There is a native duality that we see in Sagittarius that we also see in Gemini. Let’s follow that breadcrumb train to see where it leads… We have seen Gemini energies in the dichotomy of apparently getting closer technologically but getting more distant personally. And that is at the conundrum of the bottom-up / grass-roots and top-down / autocratic way that we relate to our government, our economy, our technology… and therefore each other. Venus (the governing planet of Gemini) governs relationships, remember?

First, let’s look the reality of the eclipse. During a lunar eclipse, the electromagnetic energy between the earth and the sun are interrupted, which is characterized by the Shadow Wave. So this weakens the earth’s force field.
Venus (Love) reminds us of what is important in the midst of this life to get in touch with and appreciate that which makes truly makes life worth living. I don’t know about you, but it’s so easy for me to lose this on a daily basis. But it’s so important to stay in touch with this spiritual principal on a visceral / daily level.
The Occupy Movement is a brilliant example of this. It reminds us that we are out of balance in our relationships with our country and our economy. But we are able to get start getting back in balance through our coming together in relationship with technology and a physical representation of our intentions.
And while Sagittarius and Gemini are signs famous for their duality, I would propose that the answers to “conquering” our Shadow are these signs, coming out of the Shadow of Scorpio, which ask us:
“What have we become enslaved to?”
“What have we given our power up to?”
“What is needed to do, feel, or know or connect to, in order to overcome this?”
This is the essence of the Sagittarius / Gemini conundrum.
We are all doing the best that we can. Maybe not the best that we know. But the best that we can right now. So please have and hold compassion for yourselves and others.
This Full Moon’s Energies – Practical and “Down to Earth”
Big picture—which generally translates to “But what does this mean to me?”
On a practical, personal level… the Sign of Sagittarius (a Fire Sign) tells us to TRANSFORM something with these energies—to change something for the better. Gemini (an Air sign) feeds the fire of change with the communication within relationships.
So what can you do on a very basic level, in each moment / point of choice over the next 28 days, to make your life and the lives of those around you better?
I said this last month and I will say it again…
This is a time when there is a lot of Shadow collectively on the Earth. The global economy is still in crisis… the global ecology / climate is in crisis, which macrocosmically is a reflection of the microcosm of our own physical, emotional and mental health. There are wars. There is economic turmoil. People are losing their jobs, their income and their homes. There is a lot of fear. There is also a lot of churn in personal relationships… a lot of testing and re-testing of concepts, understandings, agreements and re-memberings of things past. There is also an emergence (in the form of the Occupy Movement) of true outrage at imbalances in the current system.
Based on my communication with Guidance and other practitioners, I believe that we are collectively going through a national and global initiation in preparation for 2012. The seed thought for Sagittarius is aspirational: “I see a goal. I reach it. I see another.” Use that and the Gemini energy of your relationships to move forward. The Shadow side of this energy is stagnation and getting bogged down in fear, to where you take no action and get stuck in fear and pain.
The current systems are no longer working and are no longer serving our highest good. So they must fall away and be replaced by new systems. As we all know, birth and rebirth are often not easy. The labor pains of giving birth to ones-selves at a collective level are exciting, rewarding and often scary and exhausting as we “die” to our old way of being.
And those astral plane entities that feed on the negative energies of fear, doubt, pain, turmoil and the violence, destruction and anger of war have grown strong. There is a lot of energy to feed them right now. Please be mindful and practice regular and diligent Spiritual Hygiene—especially those of you who are healers!
Working with This Full Moon

As we enter the holiday season and look forward to a new solar year at the Winter Solstice, as well as a new calendar year on New Year’s Day, this is an auspicious time to ponder and be thankful for what we have accomplished—and consider and plan where we want to go from here. Very Sagittarian! And connecting with those whom we care about most—very Gemini!
My advice to you is to ponder what it is that you want to co-create, and what questions you have... And to put that forth to your Angelic and Spiritual Guidance and see what you experience!
It’s all about you… May you approach the Winter Solstice with many blessings and breakthroughs!
-Lisa Lockhart
On Monday night, we will be focusing on New Intentions for the Full Moon and we will have the special opportunity of receiving Angelic Assistance on this special Sagittarius Full Moon.

Lisa Lockhart has prepared insightful information about the Full Moon and I think you will find it very valuable - this is a unique opprotunity to work with these special celestial energies and Angelic Blessings!

You will learn specific techniques to improve your ability to connect with your Angels and to better partner with them to bring you more divine help with your daily goals and objectives.
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Thank you all so much for your dedication and for all the good you bring to the Circle and to your work. Every time you join the Circle and align your with your highest good, your highest intentions and the Grace of your Angels, you move powerfully forward in your growth and evolution.
I look forward to seeing you and I so appreciate you and your participation in the Circle!
Love and Blessings to you,

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