• It may be worth checking this out : 

    All channels who think they are communicating with "Ashtar" are actually communicating with Vashtar, who's name and appearance has often been confused with that of Ashtar....

    That photo maybe VASHTAR 

    READ @

    We on ASHTAR COMMAND CREW are brave enough and need to know the TRUTH about ASHTAR
    There are so many things being said, written, channelled, videos about ASHTAR COMMAND and ASHTAR SHERAN that we should collectively find out the trut…
    • Not so , they are two quite separate beings ; one Pleiadian the other Sirian .

      • For starters different coloured jumpsuits , Ashtar's blue with gold piping Vastar's is white . Secondly they only look vaguely similar not the same ; if I can tell them apart then anyone can .

        • i was drawn this image by a spiritualist Artist a few years ago back in the 1990s,she said he was standing behind me,and was one of my guides,notice the type of uniform he is wearing,it is very similar to the image added to this post,over the years it has been quite a mystical path for me,with many a vision being shown to me,in the past 6months a friend of mine showed me a deck of cards called the keepers of the light,there is a card in the oracle deck of Ashtar,which i will add another comment later,of what is stated about him on this keeper of the light deck card,meanwhile i shall add the image of the drawing of the medium who drew my guide standing behind me.8114908661?profile=original

          • as mentioned,i will explain the comment of the Commander Ashtar in the oracle card deck of THE KEEPERS OF THE LIGHT BY KYLE GRAY.the card calls him Commander Ashtar,and it reads as follows,Ashtar,also known as Commander Ashtar,is a multi-Dimensional being who promotes truth,peace and harmony between the planets.He is said to be an extraterrestrial,but appears in human form so that he can communicate with all those on Earth who call on him.He is part of the Great White Brotherhood,a Congregation of light beings who work to bring healing to the world,and is a wonderful guide to those who are feeling the call to bring positivity,healing and inspiration to those around them.He Lifts up the Hearts of leaders and inspires them to walk their path with complete integrity.

    • Thanks anyway - Not communicating in channel - just observing symbolism.

  • Spiritual shurikens, one the best weapons against the cabal, they are made of crystallized love, making them hard to repair unless you have energon cubes. That right there on the left side of his jacket, it's an energon cube. Yeah, I know, but they measure geometry different in 5th dimension.

    I think the message is "Come no closer, Orion group, for I have more energon cubes"

    P.S. The orion group is mainly composed by dark beings and other self-centered entities oriented towards elitism, such as mickey mouse or barney the dinosaur.

  • Kylie, thank you, glad the site resonates for you.

    Indeed, aspects that we've already explored have a way of cycling in again at exactly the 'right moments', as we grow and shift ...and then perceive/understand/feel them in a deeper level... :)

    Wishing you joy on the journey. You too, Immanuel. :)

    • Thank you dear lady , and to you my old friend .

This reply was deleted.

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