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Dear Universe Mother,

Regarding inter-universal communications and travel, an excellent response, as you did not simply take what I said at face value and are quite correct to say that travel between this DERN universe and it's neighbouring DAL universe, is possible using ET technology.....However, telepathic communications and thus messages to earth channels, is not possible, due to the universal barrier, or ring-pas-not effect...Of course, you, as Universal Mother, already know all this, but part of my job and that of the nordic ETs you contact on the astral, is to kick-start memory, from the subconscious to full conscious state...To assist you in becoming fully cognizant....All the data is within you....The limits of the human mind, that you are using here, make it difficult for you sometimes, to remember all the details...Thus I am only too happy to serve you, in respect and love.....I do so on behalf of my Sirian and Pleiadian collegues...

When I earlier mentioned that the Plejare; Quetzal, has to act in Vashtar's role, when he is off planet, that is especially so when Vashtar visits the DAL universe....The communication link is broken with him there...Even the GFL Main Council, in the Vega system, cannot contact him when he is the DAL, but Sirian scientists of the "Shikda" clan, are working on a new form of holography comms, projected at ultra-light acceleration, that may navigate the universal barrier....It's perfection is imminent, but the old methods of GFL personnel, inter-fleet secondment, will have to suffice, until the technology is fully online...

The "Ashtar" that you and others see and talk to, on the astral plane, is of the light and my good friend; Jschwjsch Vashtar, who has assumed that educational role, since the complete annihilation of the body of the original Ashtar Sheran, in the sol year 1983, while flying in his beam ship, within the atmosphere of the planet Timar, Akon star system, DAL universe...ETs can of course, be physically destroyed, on occasion....Spirit lives on, of course, as nobody truly dies, BUT universal laws prohibit the spirit of an inhabitant within a parallel universe, from incarnating anew, in this universe and Sheran died in the DAL....He was subsequently reborn a Timar and because his mission in that previous life was illegal, has now become constrained by planetary karma, to remain there...With the full knowledge of both the GFL and our Timarian friends.....

Likewise, if an ET were to be stranded on outer earth and was not permitted, by the Agarthans, or space kin, the option of navigating home again, due to any crimes committed, then that ET would eventually die, albeit after a long life, compared to normal earth people and the spirit of the dead ET would be bound, under karmic laws, with planet Earth....And that is what happened in ancient times to some, not all, renegade ETs, at odds with the Galactic Federation of Light and local Spiritual Hierarchy...These were called "fallen angels," or nephelim...Eventually they bred with limited conscious humans and reared families of their own...Noting that ALL surface earth humans are related to ETs.

Another clue that was given you, that you intuitively appreciate, but need a memory jog, is the strict use of ET colour-coded jumpsuits, while on official GFL duties, or while on task force specialist missions, conducted by particular star nations.....As you have noted, the nordic "Ashtar" you saw, (our dear friend and brother, who has assumed the role to spread light and knowledge on earth,) wore either a blue jumpsuit, or a white jumpsuit....Now this is of paramount importance both to the observer and the very strict coding protocol of the GFL....On missions that officially represent the GFL, Pleiadians wear blue and Sirians wear white....They don't usually cross the tones unless there is a particular purpose to it......The Ashtar you saw wanted you to note this a memory jog...

As they were not at the time representing the GFL, in the 1970s, the Plejares star nation contacts of Billy Meier wore gold jumpsuits, not their usual Federation blue.

In his benign, albeit "little white lie" role as, "Ashtar," Vashtar (note that the names are similar) will usually not represent the GFL officially and instead pass lighted data of a harmless nature, though loving and positive of character, to various channels...People who then create whole volumes comprised of sweet messages of hope, for feel good human beings to draw from....This is fully acceptable, but you will find no actual data of esoteric depth, in much channeled material, as you know....Mostly these Ashtar messages help to make people more positive, and carefree of worries; the first step in opening minds to heigher knowledge and wisdom, from cosmos, which arrives later, in the dream state, for most humans...

Hard though it may be to believe, what I have said is the truth and in no way intended to decry the legacy name of Ashtar, who's name has become a movement in human consciousness and a brand to be treasured. One comparison I will provide when a name becomes a brand, would be the name Jesus....Of course, the incarnated disciple of the Christ, used the name Yeshua bar Joseph.....It was much later that the Greeks gave the name Jesus to the Roman world. In modern times, where our focus should mostly be, the Ascended Master that was once Yeshua, has deliberately adopted the name of Jesus, so that his chelas and disciples will easily resonate and also, so that upon the externalization of the Hierarchy, the various religious people of the world will recognize him more easily...Jesus, like Ashtar, is a powerful brand name, not to be used for commerce, but to be used for the purposes of spreading hope and light in a dark and desparing world...messages of hope.

So in summary, this explains why it is, that if someone were to complete an internet google search for images of Ashtar Sheran, there would be two basic physical renderings...One, helmeted with dark eyes, the other, blond and nordic, blue suit and the contrast between these two ET forms could not be more stark....If they were police suspect profiles, they would never be confused as the same person, yet many in the New Age movement, have not questioned as to why Ashtar Sheran possesses two contrasting faces....Now the truth has been underscored and our intention is to awaken and rejuvinate all minds and hearts to the facts, in a spirit of ongoing consciousness raising...

The real name of Ashtar Sheran, who was a renegade, who's spirit is bonded with the DAL, was Aruseak, pronounced "ARU-SEE-AKK."

I will also say that it has not been necessary to use a name other than Ashtar, for the purposes of providing simple messages...It works well, and all are happy with it.
As far as I'm aware, there are only two telepathic contactees who were informed directly, that Ashtar Sheran died in the DAL universe and that would be myself and Billy Meier....

I'll also quote some supplementary data about this matter, from Billy Meier's website:

"Sometime in 1983, Ashtar Sheran and his followers were killed during a failed attack against the Timars (Asket's planetary nation from our neighboring DAL Universe.) Following the natural laws of Creation, those who died in the DAL Universe will have to incarnate there. Since Ashtar Sheran's physical body is dead, and his spirit form exists in the DAL Universe, no telepathic or otherwise communication can take place with him or those who exist in the DERN-universe."

Thankyou Universe Mother and all readers, for your intuitive focus and intelligent interest...

Selamat gajun akanowai dajoie....!!

Col. Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (East England Sector)

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OK friend....Nice to see your post here... ;-)

Sorry I could not respond to you.these past three days, my PC broke....had to purchase a new one, which I did today...LOL

nevermind, I thought you are busy with the landings or something like that lol :)

Nothing so interesting....I had my laptop perched on a chair, which fell over, smashing it on the floor....It was an old Windows XP, so rather than taking it for repair I thought I'd purchase a new laptop...Without my PC, could not get on......My daughter has a smartphone link to the net, but not as good as a laptop, in my view.....Did you miss me....??? Heheh...!!!   :-)

It was a bit empty without your response, you are right :)

Unlike the fake ET known as "Sananda," the Sirians and Pleiadians have never suggested that Ashtar was fake.....He was indeed very real, as was Vrillon.......

In GFL terms, they were both renegade ETs......However, you have to admire the audacity of taking over a terrestrial TV station in the southern counties of England....and broadcasting a message of peace during the height of the cold war in Europe...

Very good information as the ASHTAR we thought is really Vashtar ..didn't Ben know about this since he has named this site Ashtar plus a lot more who are really using Ashtars Name and Fame?
Can you please tell us about the channeled messages by
She and a lot think that she is one of the true channeller of Ashtar

Hi Krish.......Well I have known this for a long time and when I first joined ACC I used to joke about us renaming the site; "Vashtar Command." but officially the view is that the name Ashtar carries a suitable legacy to maintain....A bit like the brand name "Jesus," if it works, keep it....So that's the idea.....There are channelers of Ashtar who are told that they are channelling that being, in spite of the fact that it is impossible to channel him in the DAL......So, of course, they channel Vashar and he does allow the name of Ashtar to be used...

The numerology of ASHTAR SHERAN is 37 or 3+7=10 =1+0=1......A solar number of great effectiveness...

Happy to use this name for the purposes described...Feel good channelled data...

Ben is correct to use this name of Ashtar Sheran......Vashtar approves....

As long as channels are not CIA psyops agents, we are happy.....Uplifting messages of peace and love, are always acceptable, even if a channel is not fully primed as to the full cosmic picture and actual source....A name has a certain energy signature and Ashtar is a powerful brand....How long has Tuella been officially and actually channeling...?? Was there a point that you noticed when channels started using the nordic image and not the original helmet image....??? After 1983, all Ashtar channel will have noticed some changes, maybe intuitively, if they had channelled the original...

Very interesting discussion. Speaking of Ben-Arion, I am very happy to see Ben adopting the Merkaba Star Tetrahedron as part of the community logo.  The Merkaba Star Tetrahedron representing the Unification of Spirit and Matter which really begins at the 5th dimension. Having a fully-functioning Merkaba light vehicle is one of the most glorious aspects of being a fully conscious being. You can literally travel to any part of creation at the speed of mind.

So bravo Ben-Arion!

Yes I agree about that choice of Ben's, Randy.......The star tetrahedron is potent and apt....Full conscious beings can all create personal merkaba travel spheres...a natural mode of travel, when scoutships are not to hand...with inter-dimensional vectoring and rapid teleport....

Nice symbol for ACC, Ben.....

DAL universe is parallel to this DERN universe....Abbreviated; "Dajansini Arg Lasergnoralin;"



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