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Hello there. Im most likely going to be banned from here after this post but , who cares, i do not

work on Ashtar command nor GFOL- these are false Lights. Many of you are falling so deeply into it.

Whats even more sad is that you are all very beautiful souls being corrupted through this.

I am ATHENA- I incarnated on the earth September 5th 1999. Yes i am still a child, and i am beyond upset with the lies and how false light is being handled. Understand that as beings we must all embrace all parts of us, even the dark ones. After all too much of anything can be unhealthy. That is why when you surround yourselves with all of this high vibrational energy, you fall easily because you are pushing away and ignoring the negative energy, so it comes to greet you and pull you in until you embrace it. 

Yes indeed Ashtar is my Twinflame, but it is not sugar and rainbows. Me and him have been at one another for earth centuries because of his jealousy. He is me, only my Darker side. my Masculine. Now many come fourth to claim they are his "twinflame" and , ha- i cannot express how it makes me laugh. For they think of ash as a humble mysterious ET, that is when you know you are in the wrong.

My OWN Twinflame waged war upon my people. After i left earth i fled to Sirius and married a man named Salusa. You all know of this ET. He is a sirian-hybrid as i took form there as a sirian. My OWN twinflame attacked and had his people kill random inhabitants of Sirius aka the mer-people. I have haunting astral travels of being in the water and dead mer bodies floating around me, nothing but fog. I felt hopeless and so sad, so angry all at once. 

You know him as GOD in your world and me as Jezebel , Lilith , Ishtar , Athena , Aphrodite ect.

also called the Queen of heaven.  The heavens are the stars . and i own every sector. Him being as jealous as he is. He threw me down. and watched me be tormented , and then had the Audacity to show up when i was 11. 

in 1998 when i arrived in spirit a year before my incarnation i freed ashtar from a sister universe identical to this one, to try and work things out with him. We designed a plan called the Divine plan, 

It is to be that if i were to complete my mission , he would not harm the earth nor its people. But , if i were to fail. The wrath of god would be shown. 

It is either i become the whore of Babylon- one pathway

or the woman clothed with the sun- second pathway

Yes i Love Him, i love him dearly, after all he is me, and i am him. But i do not Accept nor agree with his actions and treason's. 

We have come to bring BALANCE - Not LIGHT!

you cannot erase the opposing force. that is like saying you wish for all to be female, and disregard males. you must have one with the other.


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Wow! Over 700 views? But it will now decline. When you want to attract lots of flies, all you need is a fresh bull's s***.:)
Oops! The above comment came to a wrong thread!

Before you sign a Hollywood contract please watch the new video by Sherry Shriner, "Soul Scalping". 

Always wanted to meet Ishtar.


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