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Salutations, Beautiful Dreamers!  I needed a little pick-me-up from the research and debates, everything is so serious these days…  

I would like to connect with those people who are on board for ascension and see how they are doing, and compare notes.  I’m so grateful for this experience, I want to enjoy every second if I can.  I’ve evolved past the questioning and doubts, I have a good grasp on what is going to occur, and I am trying to just ride it out the best I can, with grace and Love. 

I’m interested to see how the rest of you are feeling, how your bodies are changing… how you compare to last year.  And what you think about your changes and how we can help them along without hurting our growth. 

Here is a list of changes and experiences I have been having, only the recent ones—some symptoms have passed now, and I’m sure some I’ve forgotten to add, but you get the general idea.  Please share your ideas and how you’ve dealt with some of the more extreme symptoms of Light growth. 

I should add that I’ve left out some of the more personal revelations I’ve had, some out of discretion and some because I am still wrapping my mind around them.  Some things need to percolate in your brain for a while before they see the light of day :)  

Physical changes:  

-          Less sleep needed.  I wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed most days, at least an hour before I need to get up. 

-          Cell regeneration accelerated.  My hair grows super fast and has gotten so soft it is like baby hair now.   I heal fast, have great digestion and stamina… no problems with my cells. 

-          No more headaches! 

-          Sensitivity to sound, vibrations are felt more keenly… a deep voice makes my teeth go on edge.

-          Food choices have changed- eat very little meat, was craving sugar a few weeks ago but have moved to fresh fruit and veggies.  Have kicked my fast food burger habit. 

-          Unable to drink more than a glass or two of wine.  I have lost tolerance, I get drunk very easily now so have had to cool it, though I really love to sit with a glass of wine and good company. 

-          I’m not sure about this one, because your voice is heard in your head and it’s different than what others hear… but I think my voice tone has changed- my singing has improved, my voice is smoother and higher (though still kind of low for someone my size, lol)

-          Chakra pains have mellowed out and are not as intense as they were a few months ago.  The current chakra awareness seems to be based in my high heart area which gives what I call angel wing pain through my upper back and into my neck and shoulders.  My crown chakra is very accessible nowadays too, almost like I have an invisible wire stuck in the top of my head that connects me to the unseen kingdom.

Mental Changes:

-          LOL, my outlook has really changed.  I used to think I HAD to have all the answers… but I had quite a breakthrough and understand so much more.  I still enjoy learning but I am doing it without a clock, at my own speed and feel no urgency anymore. 

-          Yes, I am relentlessly positive here at this site.  I have to be, there is much confusion here and negative thoughtforms… but I do not carry this into “real” life as much as I used to.  I have learned the art of Compassionate Detachment… I don’t hold the weight of so many expectations.  I was NEVER allowed to be unhappy or express myself before.  Now, frankly, I don’t care- I’ve shaken off the worst of the energy parasites I knew. 

-          A big mental change I’ve experienced lately is the joy and connection I feel to relative strangers, I can be in a line at the grocery store and be moved to tears by someone who is brave and Lighted, I can see someone and get a “reading” of their life and energy and it moves me so much. 

-          Okay, this one is sooo important to me and I need help with it somehow.  I cannot get ANY time to myself.  I know I should be grateful for having a busy life and being needed; but I just want to run away and not return.  If I didn’t have so many lives counting on me I would disappear gladly.  I really need space to myself, I have such a hard time even finding time to meditate.  I’ve always had a time of it with people draining my energy but these days it is really intense… I feel like I am the center of the universe and no one can function without me.  It sucks.

Spiritual Changes: 

-          Okay this heading is subjective, what is for me will not be for other people etc.  My largest spiritual change so far has been my complete acceptance of the GFL.  LOL, what is funny, is that I always believed in them, have seen craft and had many experiences that allow me to believe in them.  However, I finally understood what it means when they have stated that there are gradients of Light amongst the galactic culture,…gasp!  There are actually politics, which surprised me but allows me to place myself that much more firmly in the role of Light Warrior.  I’m reassured that I will serve the Light, in whichever capacity I can, and since I’ve put away my rose colored glasses, I have a stronger grip of what is happening “up there”.

-          I cannot express how much my research on sacred geometry has changed my perspective and spirit.  I am still getting a hold on it and not quite ready to share, but trust me, I had my mind blown.  I am not good with numbers, math, or geometry- I think my left sided brain has finally connected to my right side- this was likely the cause of the intense migraines I was experiencing earlier this year.

-          I’m not sure if this should be under spiritual changes, but my relations with animals and nature have exploded with joy.  I’ve always been an animal lover but sometimes I feel like Snow White, and if I didn’t have such a coterie around me all the time, the animals would gather around me where ever I went.  And nature sustains me soooo much!  I feel almost as if I am getting high on nature and sunshine.  Does anyone else feel that way? 

-          One thing I’ve noticed, is that it feels like I am emotionally vulnerable, like I don’t have any skin to protect me.  I cry easily, laugh a lot, and get angry really fast.  A few weeks ago I had a rage attack, where I was angry for no reason- I know this is part of clearing detritus from your karma, but it was like I was two people at times. 

-          Not sure if this fits either, but I had a dream last night about star ships again.  This time there were a few sparkly little ones and one GIANT massive mother ship near earth that was so large that the reflection of earth’s clouds and oceans were reflected off of the silver hull and it almost looked like another earth.  These dreams are increasing in frequency, though I haven’t remembered my dreams very well for years… I used to be an accomplished lucid dreamer. 


So, these are just a few of the changes I’ve experienced, I hope you can relate or it’s going to be lonely being the only one ascending, lol, just kidding.  Seriously, thank you for your time and I am interested to hear what the rest of you have been experiencing.  And also, it’s nice to see the “normals” are going through their own personal enlightenment journey. 

What times we live in! 

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Yep feeling that,not all but most of them,specialy Crown and 3rd eye chackras,energy vibrations and energy flow n the body,hate low noise and music,everything what is in low vibrations!!!


Heh happy, I share a lot of what you speak of, far too much to put down here right now.  One of my problems that have caused me to slow down is the push to know all the answers is gone.  Now this seems to be not as pressing as before, yet more information is happening without effort.  A month ago, I had bad physical problems after a wild night of OBE's, an encounter and a warning. The next morning my wife saw three burn like marks on my inner arm in a perfect triangle. I spent the next two days dizzy and disoriented. Other times on my own when I expand myself, I cannot hardly stand for a day. It is harder to re-connect to this body, thus I am not pushing beyond what I can control so much.


There are time like you, I see the whole person like a time when I saw an old man whom could hardly walk, yet I saw him whole and it brought tears to my eyes and  I am a strong man.


On two occasions, I found lost items just by knowing they would be where I wanted them to be, knowing the universe is my construct and my mind creates my own future. An example. I lost a rather expensive hearing aid, a little thing in tall grass and we gave up finding it after an hour of searching. So, I closed my eyes and manifested is between my feet. While doing this I wandered a bit and then opened my eyes and it was where I envisioned it, tow inches from each foot. Things like this are becoming common. There is much more including wild outings, and dreams.

I just read this to my wife whom is with me now. From the wine intolerance, to many other factors, she kept saying, "me too".  Now this from a woman whom a year ago was in denial of all that that was happening to the two of us.


I will have to keep this brief, but hope to share a lot more later, I am in great pain with no ability to modify the pain due to  intolerance of pain meds.  The closer I get to where I need to be, the more the earth throws at me to bring me down; sounds familiar huh?  Including dishonest zoning people whom use public money to destroy a person in court for their own mistakes. Yup, this world is screwed up and some of us, just will not be brought down from the light.


I will relate a vision of two days ago when I tried some pain med. I was floating in a beautiful sky, aware that to have gotten this far took a lot of effort and pain and just above me was this woman whom could have been an angel, she was just floating there near a portal, a glowing alabaster window in the clouds and it was only partially manifested, so it was symbolic, but still a portal to somewhere.


She looked back at me and told me, "I have shown you the way, now I can go on".  When you show others the way, you will be free to go as well.  


Do what you can, the battle continues. 

Thank you for sharing, Sailormon.  It sounds as if you and your wife are on the same page now.  I'm sorry about the pain you are experiencing... I am not sure how to help but I can say that grounding energy is super helpful for the overload feeling we get sometimes.  It's super easy, just pull energy in through the top of your head, slowly pull it down your spine and push it into the earth- this cleans your body with divine light and helps the earth. 

And very interesting symptoms you are having of opening up your higher mind... perhaps if you meditate some more you can find the karmic reason for the pain and solve it away by asking your higher self for assistance. 

Good luck, my best to you :)

Kelly, back again after much pain and intolerance of pain meds, due to knee replacement. This thread has gone far enough that I cannot dominate so I will share my two latest visions, one, I woke from dozing to see and the other while meditating to avoid severe pain, I cannot use any pain meds for some odd reason.


Know, I was at an end, I was stressed and just felt tired from life, I wanted out when all this happened. I will paste from my journal here rather than write it again.  This is the second viewing of my soul and it is a level higher than the astral.  However if I already did this, write it off as stress as pain continues as I write.



I just had a powerful and emotional vision and wow, did it open the flood gate.


August 23, 11




I was standing with a higher source looking over this featureless landscape of white and gray.  A few hundred yards away was this soul in the shape of a man, slumped forward with his arms clutching his body as though to gain strength.  This soul was white in color and glowed, yet was in distress. It’s white color showed that he was of a higher level, yet completely exhausted and spent.


The other and myself went forward and then I could also feel hostility of sorts, he was lost within.  Then beside me, this ribbon of cloth, one with light hues and seemed to glow and have a life of its own.  The man’s head was down in sadness or being tired, I am not sure, but he was messed up and gone as far as one can go.  The cloth, about 2’ wide floated by him and around, several leisurely times.  Then it pulled and shrunk until he was swathed in this shimmering cloth.  Then as the man seemed to shrink as into a cocoon while the now free end came up from the front, over his head as would a mother do with a blanket.


Then this higher being that was there, and I could not see, but knew, reached out and held the now little child and filled it with love which I feel to my depths while writing.  It was as though the child which is each of us gets drained and can be fulfilled.


This last I will add, as the vision is still delivering energy.  This whole thing was without words, yet the emotions that came with it were nothing but hope and good; emotions like these I cannot successfully write down.  I hope others don’t know, but I came out of it crying and it normally would not be me.


Just re-reading this opens floodgates to love and hope, and yes tears a day later, we are not alone, we are gathered up and renewed, we are also damn brave being for experiencing all this.


  Aug 21, 11


I was reminded of this as I wrote the above.  I was in one of those in and out stages stressed with pain and some meds which feel worse than the wound.


I was floating in the atmosphere, as it was beautiful blue with soft clouds. Just above me was a female in an all-white gown which would be described as angelic.  Partially around her was this shimmering shape of an alabaster window and she going through this to a high realm, she had paused and was looking down at me.  I know the window was a portal by the way.


She was of few words and those she said triggered many questions.  She told me, “I have shown you the way and now I am free to go”.  If you show another, (meaning how to get to this portal) you too will be free to go”.


One feeling I had was this, It was not easy getting to this place and I was damn tired, yet, I could not move beyond without first showing another.  Now what am I supposed to show, or how I to know the subtle meanings here am.  Also this, I am tired, but there is still work to be done even though energy is being drained.

Wow Sailormon, your story really moved me. The part about the strip of cloth reminded me of the the coat of many colors, not that I am much into the bible, but Sunday school did teach me a few things, lol.  I wish I could help more with your pain.  What kind of pain is it?  Have you looked into sulphur?  I would google it, you may be pleasantly surprised.  If it is Karmic pain then I am not sure how to proceed but I am sure the answers are out there.... you have been given a sign and I am touched that you shared it- truly beautiful.  Cannabis can be helpful, you can always bake it into cookies if you do not smoke. 

Hmmm the portal is very interesting... it reminds me of the story of how some of us are supposed to "hold the door open" for those who follow.  And I would look up the "Angel of the Presence", you may be interested to know more about your lady visitor if she is who I think she is.... fascinating.  I never remember my dreams anymore...sigh.  I miss them sometimes. 

Actually, come to think of it- the man you saw crouched down may be the Dweller on the Threshold... the embodiment of your fears... and the Angel of the Presence is your highest good.... we stand between them at the threshold of the portal...the final test before entering.  Does this resonate to your heart? 

Lol, I tried everything this body does not tolerate any substance well.  No the pain is from injuries sustained in life including a hip knee injury fighting a fire and being crushed under a building,  a miracle to have survived.  But then all will be well when I re fix myself, only for a while. I just did the other knee and the old injury above it the hip does not allow relief.


I wish I knew some of what you know, but then the freshness of what I see might be clouded. The soul, I am sure was mine as it mirrored myself and the love that came that moment was into myself, very powerful.  I have never experienced this before.  We are more complicated and dwell in more dimensions than we can know and this knowledge is expanding. Perhaps just knowing and accepting this will allow advancement.  I too am not into churches.  The first time I was shown my light body and told it was sacred, I tried to discuss it with some Christians on line and they told me it was all demons, what a crock.

Yes, its shameful what the dogma of church has done.  I will meditate on your pain and see if I can think of something logical.  Lol, I always think that with time and logic that all problems will be solved.  Thank you for sharing what is painful and difficult.  It is the fact that your body is rejecting the pain medication that bothers me... no one should suffer unduly in this day and age.  (Don't get me started on childbirth- we can put a man on the moon but we cannot take the pain out of childbirth?)  sheesh.



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