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Here is a link to a friend of mines (Kurt) site. He has been gifted with the ability to be able to lift your spirit through his works. Never heard anything like it (steel guitars) where you can feel the musics affect you. Best of all it is all Free. He is trying to help as many people as possible. It's refreshing to find someone not out to make a buck. Check it out, the link is below.


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  • With headphones... B-L-I-S-S!!! Sounds like he may tune to 432hz!? _/|\_

    • Not sure which ones you listened to. Check out the music titled the "Key". It is set to 528 HZ, which is supposed to be in the "Healing Range" of the Solfeggio Frequencies. The Bass music played in the Key is set to 70-85 HZ to create the Pulse, to mimic our heart beat which is at that frequency range (70-85 HZ). The "Key" is one of my favorites. Yes Head Phones that have no noise reduction is the way to go when listening to Kurt's music. You can actually feel the notes supercharge your auric bodies, when in meditation.

      • My heart simply glows with the flow - 528hz - the way to go! Love Love LOVE it!!! I have tuned my instruments to this frequency & WOW, words fail me as I am one with the vibration....Soooooperb :-D

  • Yep, guitar all the way man!
    • You can get in a meditative state, listening to this music and I don't know what it does, but it does something to you and your aura, something good IMO. You figure that we are made up of a vibratory complex of things. Vibration is the key that is going to break wide open the medical, spiritual, and every other level. I'm sure all the notes have to be right. Kurt has a gift for sure.

      I think that vibration is a key component that is going to advance science and several other fields. I think that there will be much good to come out of the study of vibration, magnetism, and even colors. I think that vibration was the key to even building great structures in the past, that the ancients knew things that we did not.

      Let's say we are made up of a vibratory signature of elements and they all march to a certain tune. A certain portion gets out of tune (sickness), I think that through the right vibration health can be restored through sound, without medicine. Vibration that will realign the elements that are out of step within our own bodies.

      I think that vibration can help us on all levels, spiritual, physical, and emotional. Kurt is definitely on something with his music. Read his story, very interesting to say the least.

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