Ascension; Green Issues and Being Vegan

What is the difference between spiritual development; green issues and being vegan. Are all these things separate goals and ideals or are they interconnected?

Can the person that leaves a imprint of pain by eating meat or consuming milk that has been obtained through suffering actually ascend and evolve? Can the person that pollutes the Earth really believe they will be allowed to ascend to higher planes or existence.

8110288679?profile=originalDo we need to walk the walk and talk the talk through through living a life free of contradiction through our actions?

At the moment there seems to be different camps of people holding different beliefs and living their lives through a set of rules or aspirations for themselves; but are we seperating issues that should be connected and are people choosing a cause or belief when actually they are essentially the same things?

To not eat meat is a more evolved view and not only leaves a less negative imprint on the Earth but also drastically improves your ability to hold light as you are not ingesting the fear and pain of the animals that have been killed.

By making better choices and ensuring your products have not caused any suffering along the way; surly increases the positive energy associated with you; again increasing your chances of evolution and ascension. 


Is it wrong for us to assume that Mother Earth is interested in our personal ascension when we ignore her needs and continue to abuse either directly or through ignorance or laziness the wonderful animals that she is home to. Why do we think that it is possible for us to become more evolved as beings if we ignore the environment and animals that are part of this journey with us.

One of the most significant things you can do as an individual to change this Earth and your life is to look at what you do in a day; then you make the best choices not for you but for the Earth and her animals; When you change your view to one of selflessness rather than selfishness you immediately go through an incredible shift and become more evolved and energetically you are able to hold more light.

You are your choices; the decisions you make each day forms who you are. Everyone can change and the only way that people will be part of the new emerging Earth is when they act like they are part of her.

How can you be evolved and ignorantly eating the dead flesh of another; what makes us better than the animals that we enslave and use for our own selfish needs. How can you ascend when you drink the milk that has been produced through pain and suffering; not to mention what that energy does to your light body. How can you be part of the new Earth when your daily actions continue to hurt and abuse her and her inhabitants. 

Ignorance is not an excuse; if everyone made just one small change today; just one slightly better choice think of the energy that would create; think of the wave of more conscious thought; more evolved actions and more loving intentions that would create.

Be the change in the world; don't wait for others or expect others to clean up after you; or change this world for you. We are all responsible for our actions intentional or non intentional. Make what you do count today and every day.

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  • yet you are not trying to awaken people, you are trying to get people to believe what you believe, unfortunately for you believing that homosexuality is some sort of incrrect behaviour only serves to create more strife and fighting nd division, please leave your stone age beliefs where they belong, in the past.

    if you are going to claim the good things come from god, and believe tht it created everything then you MUST accept that it also allows for bad things, if god really didnt want gays there wouldnt be any, animals especially dolphins will F%^k anything , so all the animals god created must be sinners too i guess,

    you wont understand any of this because you have been indoctrinated and programmed to attack and ridicule anything which goes against your beliefs,

  • what i support is people doing what they like as long as they arent hurting anyone, sex changes, sx toys, children asking questions and homosexuality dont hurt ANYONE, infact your belief that it DOES actually HURTS those people who are doing nothing wrong except in the eyes of some dictator creator,

    i am completely shocked that people like you are still around, yes i want a better reality, one that doesnt include ignorant prejudices like the ones you just exhibited, go talk to mayir about this if you want some ego stroking from someone who actually agrees with you

  • search for Dan Mcdonald

    he's one of the master for eating raw on youtube

    i became raw eater cos of him

  • Look at this... and Consider....

    And she is 71.... Vegan....Raw Foods....


    • Mimi is amazing , what a inspiration and real proof what real healthy diet can do to a person.............she's quite famous around raw food movement and beyond...........she's my facebook friend and I love reading and looking at amazing recipies she creates..............

    • Brilliant! Thanks for sharing. I have been looking more and more at raw food and I think this is my push that I need to make it 100% I also feel as a healer that it has a significant impact on my ability to heal others and the more great energy base have my healing is improved.  

    • wow how inspirational!!

      • I know!!! Amazing!!! :)

  • but the creator makes no mistakes, so who are you to juge the creator letting it happen? oh but thats cause its the devil then or some other bull right? well creator created all good and bad so check YOURSELF in questioning the creator

  • I was thinking about the way we get milk from cows, and I was thinking there is this impersonal societal distain for these creatures that it is almost like the filthy cows deserve it or something. There seems to be little respect for a creature that we seek sustenance from.....I think we have this consciousness around the milk producers that is super distasteful, and see it how it pours into other aspects of our society and the way we treat each other.....I would not drink cows milk the way they treat those cows impregnating them and then taking away their calves......(this is a response from another discussion but it seemed appropriate for this discussion too.)

This reply was deleted.

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