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I just want to share a cool dream I had about 2 weeks ago.

In my dream from what I remember, I was facing a Jesus or Saint Germain type figure with brown hair and a beard also appearing on a pinkish and yellow real like background. And he asked me if I was ready for Ascension then I said yes without hesitation. I rarely remember or have such vivid dreams, this must mean something. Please children of Gaia your thoughts on what this could mean, it has to mean something?

Also I like to hear your similar experiences!



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sounds like you have divine guidance and clearance for your spiritual process. a higher aspect has asked you if you are ready. this is clearly sending a signal to the rest of you that it is time to ascend........sounds like the gate has opened for you.....there is a great dream exercise that I read in an Andrew Harvey book called "The Direct Path" (which i recommend in general cause it has mystical exercises from EVERY tradition) but he has a dream exercise where you sit with the dream and slowly bringing the dream into your mind and I think you are to walk with the dream, but i am unsure of the exercise.....anyways sitting with your dream and meditating on it of some sort is always good...

thanks for your info!

it means that you will ascend after your life or even more quickly, but it does not mean that you can just sit down and do nothing ;)

keep living how u did and dont get lazy, do you meditate? or yoga or tai chi?

are you outside a lot?

if so just keep doing those things. 

light and peace


yes I do meditate a lot every day!



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