Are you and Indigo Child?

I was am questiong indigo children and crystal children. I am questioning if I am an indigo child myself.

I understand indigo children are a bit older at this age, late 20s or early 30s; I have met and interacted with chrystal children, the youth generation of now of all under ten tears old. Not all of them though. And I am wndering if I am one of the few indigo of my age: nineteen. I have up to an extension of psychic abilities and am very sensitive to energy.

I'm guessing there are a few indigos here and wonder the state of fact if the birthday thing is a relevant characteristic of indigos or your children // if they are crystal children: if they do odd or strange things.

Does anyone's birthdays out there line up like mines do? My birthday is July 30, 1992. This makes me a leo from the western horoscope and the monkey in the chinese zodiac.

Because the monkey and the leo are each other's counter parts, my birthday lines up making me the perfect leo and monkey. I see the world through a child's eyes (in a fourth dimension) but so serious, considered slow and innocent, seen as weak yet so strong.

Is anyone else out there the perfect counter part of their horoscope and zodiac?

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  • I am not to informative about indigo starcharts. I know quiet a few indigos that are 38-37, and a bunch where born in the 1970's making them around 35-40 now. I would say look at the different characteristics for each different indigo, and answer questions honestly. Also an indigo can awaken and transform into a crystal (christ consciousness, and move higher to human angel) it is like with all things a flowing evolution. It is also like with anyone we can evolve and change. My nephew is definatly a crystal, and I would think that the twenty year olds are crystal as well. I know for myself as a young indigo I didn't want anything to do with society, and tried to drop out of society. (which didn't go well...hahah) I would think that is the difference between indigos and crystals is to have heightened abilities and sensitive to energy, but the difference is the warrior energy and dealing with things like rage. I think that crystals are very sensitive, and not as "angry" as indigos.

  • so wright...I'm sorry...going to fast again...thanks,love Ivo

  • Does it matter?if all is one-and all is love-and we all are connected...-within that love we all are pure white light,don't worry about it...just be!

  • I was born July 31st, 1992 =D

  • The Indigo refers to Aura colour, and, over life, will change to Crystal  etc. as the body's vibrations are raised.  I am an Older Indigo - born 1953, one of the volunteers who 'signed up' for this incarnation to assist the Earth due to the (again) impending crisis Man has created.

    I know of a number of Indigos your age, and a few about 40 years old, we are here as part of  the "Three Waves of Volunteers" for the new earth.  The Crystal children are wonderful, I have 4 grandchildren under 5 years of age, and the 'new' children now arriving are just wonderful.  Enjoy, you have plenty of company, and you will 'recognise' others you meet!

    Being so strange 50 years ago was a pretty solitary experience, now I have 're-connected' with a number of friends/school buddies of 40 years ago, and realise they too are becoming 'aware', we must be associates in another dimension who planned this incarnation together.  

    So if you are raising your vibration, your Aura will change.  Have fun with manifesting!

    • dear Jenni,there is an article(book written by Dolores Cannon) about the "Three Waves Of Volunteers") there is a copypaste from her book on Padawans group,if you are interested in reading,which i added there as a forum post,it is an excellent read,blessings eve.

      • I have read it, and her books on the Convoluted Universe, and I have done a past life regression recently, with a trainee of Dolores.  Am about to read the fourth in the Convoluted series.  Thanks, I have been recommending her writings to others too!

  • If you look within yourself you will be able to answer that question yourself. but a label doesn't define who you are, it just puts you into a box, what really defines you is what you know from within and the actions you take to live your life. and after all Names only feed the bad side of the ego! ... and no name is ever gonna make you anymore special than you already are! We are all, xxx   

    • I do think that for me knowing that I was an indigo helped me understand myself and why I am the way I am and what I need to take care of myself. As much as indigos are "idolized" we have our problems and are not perfect.....I think it is like putting a label on something as to know how to wash it in the washer, without it shrinking. 

      • We do need words to help us identify things, its just knowing where the line is where the words is helping us to know who and what we are and then using that word to make ones ego grow bigger in a bad way. again its all about balance i guess. 

        a person can only be idolized if others place them as superior to them. Its been Humans down fall in history. just like rulers, kings ect, if people actually started to take self responsibility and became their own leaders, but respected others for them becoming theirs, as long as they took care and respected every other living life force around them. the world probably wouldn't be in such a mess as it is now.        


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