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I am,and born with the question for wisdom and divine truth. Knowing that a had a history before I came upon Earth, this time,wich isn't reveiled to me yet..I've always been drawn to the complete possebillities of Human.I'm a father of 2 sons,wich also teach me a lot about life and a great Star-trek fan.My greatest wish is to become concious of the I am,divine higher self within me.

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the teachings of the master of the far east Swami Premananda Saint Germain El Morya Ben-Arions messages Archangel Michaël the Divine Mother

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  • Ivo ;)


  • BE joyous in the creation of your THOUGHTS! BE mindful of your FEELINGS! And your MANIFEST CREATIONS will be those of DIVINE WILL ORDER as through your very own DELIBERATE INTENT!  This is the Holy Trinity within YOU! You can read more about this trinity HERE! Thank YOU for BEING! ;)

    ♥ Jacob

    The Holy Trinity IS Everywhere
    see the Holy Trinity of the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine and their Combined Creation EVERYWHERE!!! I FEEL it within me growing! I feel my WI…
  • Greetings  Ivo,


    in peace of righteousness, love and light

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Ivo replied to Stick's discussion SaLuSa ~ 18-January-2013
"No matter the source of the channeling,or who brings it...you must only use that part what you feel good about,and even then be sceptic..the truth is to be found within,not into messages created by another ego...unless you feel it. 
Jan 23, 2013
Ivo replied to tsongkhapa11's discussion The truth about the real Ascended Masters and December 21, 2012 explained
"A thousand lives of meditation equales the understanding that one does not have to "do"anything,or can "do" anything...Only  trough the value of Divine love and forgiveness can one evolve...Only "Asking in devotion" is what we can...Asking to learn…"
Jan 14, 2013
Ivo left a comment for Divine Willpower
"the power of loooove...yihaaa.."
Jan 11, 2013
Ivo replied to Divine Willpower's discussion The Truth About DNA Activations & Ascension
"Hi Mosquito...I do come from Belgium and I do Like a good conversation about these matters...I know your feeling when the world doesn't understand you...I feel that we on one hand must turn around to our brothers and sisters whom are evolved into…"
Jan 3, 2013

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"What else? Britain etc does not share any boundary with Russia, and so the original Aim of NATO was a more reasonable deterrence with the immense power projection capabilities of USSR in mind, not mere traditional wars where neighbours often are…"
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"As stated below, in my previous life on Earth I incarnated in Germany (I died there) and was named: Oberst Siegfried Kötz....Before WW2 I was a successful dairy business Manager, in Westen Preußen...West Prussia, as it was divided after WW1's…"
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"Roaring said: "The cheapest way to avoid war with Russia is just to maintain a good relationship with Russia. No need to join NATO! All these countries near Russia are not in NATO: Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan,…"
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"Whenever I hear this song I think about doing sports. Sport is kind of like self-destruction. However, with a rather positive side effect.
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"It burdens American tax payer and demeans a European! Essentially, it says unless Europe is constantly threatened with an external enemy, then it cannot stay together in peace'. Include Russia in the 'peace map', so that there is no 'external enemy'…"
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Drekx Omega replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Lewis Hamilton Must Be Banned From Motor Racing For Life
"Yes, it is never a good mix when someone such as Hamilton, mix their sporting careers, with a political cause...He gets paid enough to do his job....He should stick to it....In such a position, one should show neutrality.....The same goes for banks…"
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