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Are You a Star Seed? Or an Ambassador of Peace and Goodwill?

Are you a Magnet for those troubled or distressed? If not, perhaps you should be?..

Positive vibrations are somewhat contagious.. And the world is in need of a good epidemic..:-)

Just wanted to post the following excerpt from Children of the Sun, and to post a reminder call to service.

I feel as though we are being called even more into our roles as planetary ambassadors and teachers of mankind as we lay the foundation for the Golden Age.

We all have gifts and specialties that we were chosen by creator to manifest into this new reality or the New Earth (Urtha).

Perhaps its time to do that which we came to do?.. The practical exam for all that we've learned thus far?.

Aligning ourselves with the Christ Consciousness of the Now is Part One.. Part Deux is expanding that spark of creator within as an expression of the love it represents..

BE Love, Its what you Are..

Love and Blessings,




boots Dear Beloved Ambassadors of Peace and Goodwill,
Over six months have passed since we crossed the threshold of the December 2012 alignments and many Planetary Light Servers are sitting with a bit of a question mark over our heads asking, "NOW WHAT?"


One thing we know with certainty is that we are no longer the person we were prior to the great shift. As we learn to express our mastery, we hold our continued focus on the need to ground Divine Presence into our daily life.   


As we pierced through all the hype and ascension-based hysteria, we humorously realized it was all simply a matter of shifting our perception. All is within and has been within us the entire time. As a result of this perceptual shift, we now seem to find greater fulfillment in the simplicity of being, in witnessing the beauty of the One Life unfold. Is this what it means to anchor Heaven on Earth.. to co-create with nature and joyfully contemplate its continuing mystery? 
After surviving years of the rigorous esoteric training camp, the time has come to literally put our boots on the ground and get physical! It is in this 'work' that our sincerest truths can now be found. 
This new consciousness is centered upon JOY, CELEBRATION and FUN! We realize that life is still a game and one that we have been taking far too seriously.  Now is our time to bathe in the collective experience of evolving toward the highest expression of who we really are; the manifestation of pure love.
With the launch of our new public interface, the Children of the Sun Foundation is expanding as a holistic resource center; offering many practical tools to help navigate this fast-paced techno-crazed world. There are courses, therapists and healing transmissions to assist all people into a life full of meaning and purposeful direction.
The Foundation now steps forward with strengthened focus; calling our transmission teams into action as we direct our attention to the many areas of conflict upon our planet. 
We are calling all "boots on the ground" to participate in Children of the Sun's Global Peace and Goodwill Movement. We will soon be announcing our Global Peace Operations, the Peace Experiment and many new transmissions to assist in the alleviation of war and conflict from our planet. After all, this is our responsibility.
Are your boots polished?
Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation


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Feather Winger you have it in One look under Dorothy's feet and here she is at the beginning of the Yellow Brick Road which had to be laid before she could dance along it in safety. This is Eynhallows Island in the Orkney Islands north of Scotland. As yo can see the Gold portion is massive dwarfing the houses and occupants.

Might I say wear some Gold Toe Tapping Sandals to match the Road Your Heart and the Rainbow. It is what I am working on. As a matter of fact I will change these shoes to show you what I mean.

Blessings Love Joy Balance Grace Harmony Kingjeff

Good post.

I have been attracting more & more people lately, that are wanting some answers, or relief from their pain that the Light is bringing up in them to be healed. I Am so incredibly Grateful to have my boots on the ground for them Now,  to be "there for them" & to assuage their pain & suffering in any way I can..... It brings me Great Joy!

I feel I Am finally really starting to do the work I came here to do in earnest, after having been on my path for about 42 years, 

I AM so Grateful. 

Peace & Blessings All,


Mount Shasta, California 

That is wonderful starman! To do what your heart dreams/yearns for is the ultimate fullfilment on this planet.

I AM  God son .

"After surviving years of the rigorous esoteric training camp, the time has come to literally put our boots on the ground and get physical!!"

I like that and to true surviving the years of esoteric training camp!!
That is so true. I wondered at times if I would make it!!! And I have....:)

Thank you for sharing this timely post helping to remind us all who we are and why we are here!  Many of us have been here a very long time and are just realizing it and starting our Journeys of Purpose for why we came, Thank you once again!

May Love, Light & Joy be our constant companions!


i guess its about that time :D




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