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Arcturian Healing ~ Divine Methods of Medicine, Science & Thinking I'd like to share

It was very difficult deciding which category this discussion should go under....

For years I've been getting messages during my sleep.  Until recently I didn't know what was happening.  At first I thought ego-centrically, believing my superior brain was getting 'smarter' with age and experience--lol, boy was I wrong.  When my knowledge and especially memory began astounding my children, I knew something much deeper was happening--and I got a bit scared.  I'd told my daughter "it seems like someone is tapping into my brain at night and implanting information."  Of course she thought me a bit mad, then she'd paused and realized how much my knowledge had expanded and said "knowing you...I wouldn't doubt it."  Finally after years of searching for an explanation, I'd read about the Arcturians and how they will aid humanity's Ascension by 'transmitting' divine technology and healing information to human channelers. Thank God--something that finally made sense!  

You may be wondering what universal knowledge has been imparted.  I've asked the same questions about life, health, history and humanity everyone has.   Usually every day I get new answers; most of of which come in pictures or patterns laid out in very direct form.  It's been an incredibly enlightening journey and now I'm compelled to bring this awareness to others if I can.

If anyone else has had similar experiences I'd love to hear from you.  It would be wonderful to not feel quite so much like 'an island.'  And if anyone would like to know something, anything really...just ask.  Chances are some information has been passed on to me.  Some topics I've gotten some fantastic information on include:

The Source of All Disease

The Source of Mental Illness

What causes Autistic Spectrum Disorders(Neurology)

How the Human Brain Works (when used properly)

Source of Society/Humanity--how & why they "fall"

How humanity became so: self-centered/non-spiritual

The Keys to Divine Thought

There is more, but I think the above covers a decent amount.  I very much look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks for reading--


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Yes, I know.  My daughter gets very embarrassed by them cause when it happens I usually scream "I've got it!" lol

Although I appreciate your response, there really is no other explanation for what's happened to me over the past 3-10 years.  Far too many have discussed transmission from Arcturians for this to be ignored.  The human brain is capable of a great deal, but aspects to my dreams are of no known origin of my thinking.  

I'm doing the best I can with the information that's given.  My goal is to share with others the healing knowledge and wisdom I've had the privilege of learning.  I feel that is my part.  I'm sure you feel criticism of "Divine uploads" is warranted for some reason, but this discussion was not posted for that reason.  Education is key.  These transmissions often give me pictures; one gave me some very simple math:  

Education + Experience + Time = Wisdom

Criticism doesn't fit into that asked "then why are there so many stupid and/or abusive people running around?"--because the Toxoplasma Gondii Parasite has been harvested, cultured and mutated by governments since 1908.  This parasite is directly linked to all forms of mental illness, including Schizophrenia, BiPolar Disorder, OCD, sexual perversions...even traffic accidents.  This parasite has been tagged the "zombie parasite" compelling it's host to do destructive/self-destructive things it never would without infection.

Many secrets have been kept from humans.  Many of these have been told to me in my sleep.  So I'm here to share them with you.  Humans don't need psychology, psychiatry or therapy.  Therapy is useless if you have this infection.  Niacin tells the tale:  if you take 500mgs of Niacin--which activates Nicotinic Acid that kills this parasite--and you feel a burn, itch, develop hives/red patches, flush, diarrhea, nausea, rapid heartbeat, etc...then you have a Toxoplasma Gondii(toxoplasmosis) infection and must get rid of it immediately.

Being raised in a patriarchal society is bad--especially for Right Brain woman.  You are a highly Left-Brain dominant person....this is harming you.  Check your parasite levels, eat more organic foods, and do far more Right Brain activities.  Hopefully my posts above will guide you in the right direction.  I'd repost, but feel I'm already being very wordy.  Good Luck my friend...


"You are a highly Left-Brain dominant person....this is harming you."

Is that your official diagnosis? Am I free to give you my diagnosis for you or am I only allowed to hear yours for me?


So you believe that every criminal act is caused by this parasite? Stupidity and violence is a result of a parasite?

Please research the information for yourself if you desire.  I've posted links above along with literature pulished by the USGov to validate this information.  My purpose here is not to argue, only to bring truth to those who are truly interested in learning and healing.  Neither seems to be your goal.  

Another message or equation passed on to me:   Criticism is the seed of ignorance, and arrogance is it's fertilizer.

I've evolved a great deal as a human from learning that.  Difficult to digest, but true for all humans living in patriarchal societies.  In public schools, we are all taught to be very arrogant--by being taught to take our own opinions as truth.  These are not my opinions but messages given to me during sleep.  Of course I couldn't simply accept them as "truth" and after critical and extensive researching I discovered the information given to me contained all the patterns of truth.  In other words, my dreams were profoundly accurate even when I didn't have any faith in them at all.  Again, all wisdom was unknown to me until I actually did the research and discovered the truth.  You would do far better doing the same(research) before jumping to conclusions about a 'diagnosis' being made. 

All members of patriarchal societies are raised to be self-centered. Whether they choose enlightenment over arrogance is up to each individual.  What I've told you isn't 'personal' it's Truth; you are taking it personally which you shouldn't.  I would tell any other negative, angry or critical person the same--it's how patriarchal societies raise their young and why the continually "fall."  What you do with that Truth is entirely up to you.

The dreamworld is the library of our spiritual existance... sometimes those books are in foreign languages (figuratively speaking) and hard to understand, but personal TRUTH irrespective of culture or religious belief is often revealed in our dreams... why sometimes dreams frighten or disturb us (and Im not speaking at all about nightmares) but dreams which reveal things we dont want to acknowledge or accept as possibly telling us something about ourselves or others or indeed the world we inhabit is simply because they contain information which is needed to be processed and hopefully understood at least at some level... there are many types of dreams, lucids, W.I.L.D's, OBE's, remote experiences, visions... I get the works for good or not... a good night's sleep is hard for me to get haha LOL! As my partner says... "when the lights go out... Jai gets to work"... But most remote-viewers suffer like this, many dont last...for various reasons I wont comment on... but nevertheless, the universe has things to impart and dreams and the dream-experience is how she educates us... it's a beautiful thing  :)


One man who understood dreams in our modern world was Carl Jung... he gave psychological importance to dreams and archetypal understanding... great, great man... he's still sh*t on today by his fellow psyche peers who faithfully stick to the rigid and unspiritual Freudian model... ya cant teach the "experience and practise" of dreams and dreaming to a bunch of book-learners who have money to make and who desire "careers"...    

Thank you for your respone.  You've given me a great deal to research and contemplate(lucids, W.I.L.D's, OBE's, remote experiences).  I must caution you to be very careful who you idolize.  This has been warned against by many Master's advice throughout the ages.

"Psychology" and those involved in it's inception are unfortunately corrupt.  Freud is not one you should 'model' yourself after: he was a serious addict struggling with cocaine and other (parasitic) addictions(s**).  Due to patriarchal ego-centrism, he also convince his female patients into addiction as well(see above on Toxoplasma Gondii).  After he gotten them firmly addicted to drugs, he would delve into lewd practices to 'heal' them of their sexual ailments.  He of course, like all humans, had the potential to be great...but misused this power when his reputation began to precede him.  

You also mentioned having issues with "good night's sleep."  This is very simple to cure.  Most have sleep disorders because of toxins and parasitic infection.  A wonderful doctor--Jennifer Luke--out of Surrey University in England did intensive studies on Fluoride.  She discovered this neurotoxin went directly for the brain and it's Pineal Gland--hence the name "neurotoxin."  Once your brain is toxified, it can't tell your body or immune system "it's time to heal." The Pineal Gland and your digestive system are the main sources your Melatonin production.  This is your "sleep" hormone, and the hormone that accelerates healing...

Because humans are 'calcium eaters,' and because cows are 'genetically modified'--Calcium has become toxic in it's inorganic form.  Calcium's job other than building bone & teeth is to "bind" toxins.  This process is called Calcification.  Calcification builds up in brain, organ and muscle tissues causing a plethora of disease like: Arthritis, Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Seizures, Migraines, Parkinsons, etc.  Cow products now are also high in yeast aka tartaric acid that is toxic to humans in high quantities.  Tartaric acid attracts "yeast" parasites called Candida Albicans--the source of many diseases--like Cancer.  Once infected with any parasitic infection, your Calcium will bind all together creating cysts, nodes, tumors, blockages, etc.  Once blocked in your body can't flush toxins out.  This promotes infection and disease modern doctors struggle to understand and rid us of.

Get rid of toxic calcium all together and replace it with Organic Magnesium + Baking Soda(bicarbonate).  Magnesium Bicarbonate was found in the "Fountain of Youth" in Australia where(ironically) Cows drinking from it were living 50% longer.  That's like humans living to be 150 years old!  All from one organic remedy.(site below)  Magnesium is the carrot to your Calcium mule.  It will lead Calcium to where it's supposed to go, then lead it out of your body where excesses in calcium belong.

Be well....sleep well....Namaste.

Hello~~you will, if that's what you truly want.  Seek and ya shall find.  Look for the patterns of 'healthy & fit'--not the logic behind why you're not.  Once you discover your answers, you'll share them with others, and your wish will come true.  ;)   Namaste


What do you think of pink noise and binaural beats? I actually read in my younger years that it helps with third eye dilation and clairvoyance intensity. I also read that the C.I.A. actually was investigating pink noise for improving those with psychic potential.

Hi Cassandra, I've had similar experiences. Oftentimes I feel that I am being "adjusted" mentally and spiritually when I am sleeping and/or dreaming, I think by the Arcturians, although I've had communications with Pleaidians as well. Lately, my "extrasensory perceptions" have been enhanced to the point where I can read people's thoughts and emotions, even people who are strangers to me. This is a mixed blessing, though, as most people I've encountered have very negative thoughts and thinking, which makes me sad for most of them. I do run across a few people with pure and loving hearts, which gives me hope. As for knowledge, lately it feels that I am able to pick up information a lot faster and with more comprehension. Needless to say, this has been freaking me out a little so reading your post has made me feel a LOT better and that I'm not alone. My husband and friends think I'm making this stuff up.....LOL!
Thanks, Feather Winger. glad to hear that it's not all in my imagination and that others are experiencing the same things. It's so nice to get some validation from you all. Looking forward to the whole process....



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