This .mp3 was recorded by me, and I own all the rights to it, you may redistribute this as long as you give me, El Anora (EL-ANO-RA) credit as the channeler. With Love.

FYI, I have a variable range to the pitch of my voice, depending on the channeling, this uses no sound modifications, I allowed this one to just come through, so with Archangel Michael, I allow the full deep masculine voice to come. Hugs.

Archangel Michael 1302012

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  • Very wounderfull thank you for this post....that was very powerfull, i needed that alot....


    my unconditional love to you

    namaste <3

  • Oh I totally agree, we have to embody fully our I AM presence, which of course represents the right brain, which represents the heart, which represents our true SELF. The left brain is all about being objective and getting out of ourselves and being very mind....and it's good to be left brained at times, but not too much lol

    And I know people, like HappyKelly, will say that the self, the I AM, represents the ego....and I think that's totally false. It's actually the left brain and the mind that is the home of the ego, they don't call it the egoic mind for nothing lol In order to transcend the ego, we have to get fully in touch with SELF....our true I AM, which has its home in the heart. We are not our minds...we are heart, the mind is just a tool.

    It's good to have memorized knowledge, but you can only truly know something and truly understand something by filtering it through the self, through the I AM...through the heart. True reality is only experienced from our I AM, our right brain, our heart. Being caught in the mind and in the left brain, puts you in illusion, where you aren't actually in touch with reality.

    The I AM, the right brain, the where we can experience oneness, and love, and actually know the truth and have full realizations. The left brain, the mind, is all about division and separating things and analyzing them, labeling them, categorizing them, it's very linear and sequential, and absolutely is the home of duality. The left brain always views things as separate from the SELF, the I AM. But really, there is no separation from the self, you can never NOT be your self, ever lol I mean just try lol

  • Thank you El-Ano-Ra! Great advice on embodying the I AM presence. Life IS and FEELS so much better when you can embody this.  

  • Can u send it to me so I can blast it out to all. You 
    Will receive the credit. Kenny superman
  • This sure sounds like a male channeled it! :)

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