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    a greeting to all from this Italy ... .... Maybe you don't see in that we have been reduced but we have daily scandals today and the expo ' in Milan with bribes kickbacks bribes to politicians hungry, when stops???? Omega Drekx now all think about how to save themselves from problems that increase every day I am sure ATLANTIS 2 it's very close, We are all slaves for more than 2000 years and what awaits us? If God does not interssa why MUST concern myself??? If this is the will of God there and little to delude themselves, AMEN ...


  • ...+ Heres One For ....Jose.....<3.........

  • ...Yea Its All A Bunch Of Shite.....Happy Dayz All.....:).......x.........................

  • Thank you all for having responded: THANKS! now the Earth's problems are huge because we are direct from the people very smart and lies- If we want to start well in the economy at work and in prosperity we must to deal with the Chinese and with religions, all religions, all people have the right to dignity and prosperity and nobody has to be used- the Chinese produce low quality and are not scientists, adventurers use the discoveries of others this must end, otherwise the Earth stops by itself, if people do not work the peoples do not produce the peoples do not earn then those who buy Chinese products?? the Chinese no .... who buy them??? religions must become TRUE stop with the lies throughout the Gospels Bible Quran and other books full of lies to earn money .... If no method is changed urgently and any chance to go towards a better world if we get another ATLANTIS for all even for the liars ....

  • I don't know if people are aware, but there are more and more waking up. It is up for us to share what knowledge (remember it is continuing and changing) we have and know to be at this moment. We cannot just expect ETs to just come out of the shy and fix everything, yes folks, it is us.... Knowledge is powerful, like a child, when a little one is doing something hurtful then we say, no, and explain... so why do adults across the world let adults do things to hurt us?....FEAR! Most people either don't want to know, too lazy or just don't give a rats.. well then..spread it on your social media!.. I know for a fact I have friends now interested and posting info and questioning things.  I know, that any info I question (even if it is far out) they are now questioning... the ripple effect.. keep going with your questioning on actions.. and do not give up because you  will eventually get them thinking.xx Suze

    • It is like throwing a rock into a pond and then watch the ripples, this is happening consciously even though we don't see it.

  • My belief in channelings or ANYTHING is now about reduced to zero.

    • I agree.  I have certainly lost faith in the Matthew Messages along with a few others.

      These days I speed read, but often it's the same old stuff.

      However!  I am now constantly through the day getting 11:11  1:11:  2:11  7:11   8:11 and so on.

      So Spirit is at least giving me some comfort in this.

      It seems none of my crystals seem to work any more except maybe my Tackeon

      I used to be able to hear them "sing"

      My Kryon channels do give me great comfort.

      I have a favourite that I play over and over, yet when my wife listened to it she did not get the same rush I got.

      So I guess it's more personal for me.

      And so it is...............

    • It is this situation but who writes lies must continue for him it's a job otherwise How to eat? Thanks bye

      • I'd rather die than endagering the future in order to gain bread in the present. ;)

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