Right now, I feel kinda down with all of my problems being a HS Student, kinda like, my grades are not that high anymore lol, it's sad :(, I feel like everyone's giving up on me already, my parents always gives me the "Your on your own, we did our best"  feeling. although I know they worked hard for my schooling, and this year is my last year of HS since I will soon hopefully Graduate from 4th year HS. I just don't feel like how I felt before anymore, I dunno why, might sound craazy, but I keep on having Nostalgic memories about the Universe, or Fascinating Sci-fi worlds since childhood, which I just realized now is actually not my experienced memory from childhood, nor stuff I saw in televisions since childhood. I thought it was something else... something more extra-ordinary? And now, I feel too much fear and insecurity to go out of my home, and meet friends and people, I always have feelings they will judge me or put all the blames on me, it has always been that way since I bring people into my mess, especially in school. When I deserve to be punished someone else gets punished instead without knowing I was also included. now I get all the blames. I don''t feel so.... "normal" than before anymore. I hope I'm not crazy or imagining things. Any Replies would be very meaningfull!

Lightfriend, Kyle.

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  • You are not crazy at all my friend Kyle. Man i always hated school and was real shy also. I have grown since then. I am 49 now. It is amazing to me how you say you get these feelings of other worlds. Most likely you are from another world and now you are slowly but surely waking up. Do you ever get the felling you dont fit in. Well that is a good sign. You are part of the ascension of earth and all sentiment life upon her. It is time to drop the fear and live the godself you really are. You have much light to bring to our world and believe me , we need all the help we can get so shine your light unto the world no matter what people say about you or no matter that people have no faith in you. Have faith in yourself and that is all that matters. Seek the approval of no one. That will give freedom to be the love and light you really are. So many changes going down in our world. Are you aware of the ascension of the earth and of the Extraterrestrial contact about to take place? Get ready for the ride of your life. One more thing. As the earth ascends to the 5th dimension and humans also, we go through what I labled as ASS (Ascension Symptoms Syndrome) Now the old energies of the 3rd dimension are being brought to the surface for cleansing and healing to make room for the 5th dimensional vibrations. It could sometimes be rough as we go through tiredness, spaceyness, lack of desire to do things, back pains, ringing in the ears, flu like symptoms,m joint pains. This is not to creat fear in you as the old energies are leaving. As they leave giuve your body permission to take in the new ener4gies of the highest christed consciousness. Things are only going to get better and better.
    Kyle your life has just started and we really need your love and light here on earth. Find like minde people to discuss your problems as most people will not understand or want to discuss your problems. But remember there are many here that do really care and send you love and light. Get ready Kyle for we are just begginning to echo in the golden age of Love peace and joy on earth. Welcome to the party.
    • Thanks a bunch for the wisdom!

      Yeah you are right, I always felt like I don't belong in any group of friends, I have lots of friends, but I still seem to be shy or still not used to be with them even though we have llong been friends, althoough there's just one best frend whom I feel free to talk everything with and she mutually understands what we are talking about.

      And wow, if I am from another world sent here to bring light and peace like you guys! that's amazing! I hope soon I can land myself to those fascinating planets in my memories which aren't vivid yet, but always felt nostalgic.

      I have heard of the UFO/ET Contact and the Disclosure which is imminent, also of yep, the Ascension of the Earth which what they seem to call Global shift? or when the nine planets alligns. maybe that. and I am really interested to see these phenomenon happen soon.

      Anyways, months ago when I started to be researcher of stuff like these, I always felt empty or like "why am I still alive?" or became uninterested to play computer games anymore, nor to go outside and be with friends. I just suddenly became a researcher for truth and stuff that has a nostalgic feel to me or makes me feel at home. like Enchanted/Magical Fantasies, Science Fictional Fantasies and even the Truth of the Cosmos. could that be the symptom? hmm that's really nice! :D

      And Until now I still feel that my 2 hands are vibrating alot, then some kind of strong force pulls my hands to any thing. then when I close both my hands at each other, the vibration gets stronger. like some magnet or I dunno...which is weird, I hope it's also part of the symptom and not paralysis. lol.

      I'm just glad knowing there will be that adventure I have always been expecting and will come soon. Man, I love RPGs so much that I feel the need to have my own Adventure too.

      Also thanks to everyone here who replied! means alot! cause now I am back to my normal routine of trying my best to go to school without problems and atleast get scores no matter how little atleast being tried. lols. and I have to be honest, I agree with you school is boring, the stuff they teach doesnt interest me especially math, science etc. but I am aware we still need those knowledge in order to survive in the Earth. I just hope soon there comes a school like Xavier Academy from X-men lolz, where they just teach you how to develop your powers and not force you to get good grades or stuff like that and make you learn in your own way.

      Again thanks for the Response!! :D
  • Thanks so much for the tips! lols I know I'm underaged, but my mom's the reason why I became a seeker of truth. anywayz... I know I love reading and knowing new things, but someday I just hope the schools here on earth would actually teach something much more and spiritual than the usual Math, Science, and stuff that are usually for the Left brain thinkers, which is for me as a Right brain thinker make it hard, or I just find it hard to understand why they have to force us instead of letting us learn on our own ways. but your right, I still need to study and prepare myself since I still need those within the passing years while I'm still alive here on earth.

    If only I reached that Age or still actually be alive or in my right mind on those years, I will never forget you, nor everyone here who posted something meaningfull for me to understand!

    Thanks for the response!! ^^
  • Wow, this makes alot of sense, at school I have always wondered why some people are my worst nightmare while my friends usually become the ones whom I won't forget and hopefully feels the same way to me.

    That Strong response idea is really true, people who I feel doesn't like me, makes me really feel like he/she is my worst nightmare, while those whom I feel are ok to be with me actually becomes one of my close friends that I hang out with usually.

    thankyou for the response and the things you made me realize too!! ^^
  • Welcome Kyle :-)

    My best advice I can give right now, it to let the things that inspire you guide you. Trust you feelings, they will serve you well ~

    There are some easy answers in life, but other things just have to be experienced to be known, keep your eyes open, and don't allow youself to be manipulated by false fears.

    Try and accept the responsibilites that you should own (like taking responsibility for things you are involved with) but also learn from your mistakes, so you don't have to deal with lessons over and over :-)

    The truth speaks to us in different ways, so listen to your inner voice and keep your eyes and mind open! :-D

    ~In Eternal Light~ :)
    • Thanks for your encouraging words! and you are right, there really is a reason to everything, so now I know there's a reason for my problems. Should I learn from it?

      And yeah I guess I'm only or one of the few youngest members here, lol xD

      But it was thanks to my mom since the day she suddenly received the gifts of seeing through different realms without time and space. made me start doing researches of Paranormal stuff, then ended up searching for more truth than any science encyclopedia could ever tell.

      Against, thanks so much for your response! means alot ^^
    • Thanks for the Advice! and lol right now, Computer Games inspires me cause they make me feel less lonely XD, I hope I can soon learn from my own mistakes though, but now I am finally able to wake up from my nightmare thanks to all of you here who Gave tips, advices and inspirations! and always with Love, Light and Peace! ^^

      Thanks for the response and advice! ^^
  • Thanks soo much for your wisdom! I realize you are right! I cannot tell if a person is thinking negatively in me or not, but if they are, then... well I can't let them stop me from doing what I must do!

    I have always thought what was missing was my own right thinking or perceptions, but you made me realize I was also not wrong to think that way!

    I am interested also to find out our true origin, but you know what they say, Enjoy, Live and Love Life while you can!

    Thanks for your response! ^^
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