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I want to share an event, involving sinchronicity, that ocurred 22 minitues ago. As I'm starting to write.

Time 10:11 - 21/11/2015

I was checking out starseed traits, while trying to avoid a giant moth that didn't wanna quit flying all over my face. Moths freak me out, by the way.

Out of nowhere the desktop freezes, losing control, and switches into another post. Media player overlaps by its own, with the song called "Into the west" by Annie Lenox. Skipping ahead from 3:08 and looping to 3:11

"And you'll be here in my arms" starting over. "And you'll be here in my arms"

I rush from my chair as fast as possible, directly into the balcony. Night sky, a bus which number I can't quite remember. Despite many people looking curious, probably about my urgency. Still, nothing.

Went back and across into my bedroom. The sky and the horizon, clouded except by three windows, around the size of the stars they were showing. Three stars, forming an isosceles triangle, pointing directly into the west.

Went back again, from here it's possible to see the mountain ridges, not at night, though, and even less with so much clouds. Still, couldn't notice anything in particular.

Back on my pc, I was able to handle fox. The post which opened was about Elven people, and how this person related them with the Shining Ones. The sons of Anu, Anu being the sky. Anunnaki. Giving quite a long explanation, regarding the bible and many other definitions about the term itself, and went on and on. I haven't read it entirely, yet.

The song goes on "What can you see, on the horizon?"

The moth dancing over the screen.

What did the moth simbolize? Eagles, giant eagles, much like ships. Also our eagle shaped masks.

Click over the player, the cover album... "The Return of the King"

They're coming back...

Started listening over and I was amazed.

"Why do the white gulls call?" Since a few months ago, I've been noticing gull's cries on my sky gazing nights. There isn't any sea port close by, not that I know, nor any population. Yet, people have been hearing them as well.

The shore is way over the mountain ridges.

"Grey ships pass" The triangular ship that visited me years back, close by, dancing on the sky.

"What are these tears upon your face?" "Don't say: We have come now to the end" Yes, I've been undergoing a deep depression. Close to suicide. An open scar on my heart, like it used to be one with her's, the same, even. It's not easy to explain.

It has been nine years since I last saw her, since my Sister found me, here on Earth, on the street of the golden lions. Yet so shocked to find me.

Before, she came in my dreams. I fell in love, remembrance with no memories.. Didn't tell anybody, yet an unknown person found me, he saw me on a dream, and someone looking after me, on a chariot pulled by beings, he couldn't quite describe me. I asked him about her description. It was her.

It's Her...

"You and I will meet again"

I haven't smiled like this in my life

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