There was a report the other day that Flight 777 was shot down by the US Navy who thought they had intel suggesting plane had been hacked. You know about the a the malaysian airline that flew over ukraine and got shot down- Now this one;

(CNN) -- An AirAsia passenger jet carrying 162 people lost contact with Indonesian air traffic control early Sunday, gripping Southeast Asia with a second missing plane crisis in less than a year.

The search operation for the missing AirAsia Flight QZ8501 has been halted for the night, but big ships won't return to shore and will leave their searchlights on, according to the Indonesian Transportation Ministry.

Before communication was lost, one of the pilots asked to fly at a higher altitude because of bad weather, officials said.

The aircraft, flying from the Indonesian city of Surabaya to Singapore, went missing as it flew at 38,000 feet over the Java Sea between the islands of Belitung and Borneo -- a heavily traveled shipping channel with shallow waters, according to Indonesian authorities, who are leading the search and rescue operations.

AirAsia flight goes missingAirAsia flight goes missing

Plane was on common route

AirAsia pilot requested to change route

"The plane has lost contact at 06:17 a.m. local time," the Indonesian Transportation Ministry's acting director general for air transportation affairs, Djoko Murdjatmojo, said. The aircraft disappeared from radar observations at 6:18 a.m., he said, and air traffic control officers monitored the presence of the plane until 7:55 a.m.

Of the people on board the Airbus A320-200, 155 are Indonesian, three are South Korean, one is British, one is French, one is Malaysian and one is Singaporean, the airline said.

Seventeen children, including one infant, are among the passengers, the carrier said. Seven of the people on board are crew members.

At the airport in Surabaya, loved ones gathered and wept as they waited for any word on the passengers.

Some took cell phone pictures of a flight manifest posted on a wall. The black-and-white papers showed every passenger's name and seat number, but not their fate.

Others simply sat and dabbed tears from their eyes.

"Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. We must stay strong," AirAsia Chief Executive Tony Fernandes said on Twitter, adding thatthis is his worst nightmare. He traveled to Surabaya, where most of the passengers are from.

As word spread of the missing plane, the airline changed the color of its logo on its website and social media accounts from red to gray.

Pope Francis prayed for the missing, according to Vatican Radio.

Heavy thunderstorms in area

Flight 8501 "was requesting deviation due to en route weather before communication with the aircraft was lost," the airline said.

The flight's captain asked permission to climb to a higher altitude, Murdjatmojo said, according to the national news agency.

According to flight tracking websites, almost the entire flight path of the plane was over the sea.

Bad weather gripped the region at the time, CNN meteorologist Derek Van Dam said.

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  • OK, here's the deal folks:  Mahathir Mohammad established the Maylaysian War Crimes Tribunal in 2007 to investigate crimes in an alternative setting in relation to The Hague (The Netherlands has done nothing to investigate the murders of 300 murders in Flight MH-17) THAT'S WHY they keep on shooting down the planes!)

  • Bullets fired by jet fighters leave such evidence.....Obviously, since the so-called "Russian seperatists" have no airforce, these were made by the Kiev junta airforce, with US approval...








  • Yes indeed, as stated earlier in my ACC blog on this matter, Washington's nazi allies in Kiev shot down civillian airliner, MH17, using a Ukrainian airforce jet....First firing machine guns at the plane and then an R-60 air-to-air missile, to finish them off...



    Here is one of several photos of the machine gun bullet holes on the MH17 wreckage..

    Malaysia Airlines Flight Fuselage Piece With Bullet Holes


  • I think Youtube University should go create its own thread instead of spamming this one.

  • Well, at least this plane was not shot down by the Ukrainian airforce, unlike MH17....

  • that's the official story-might be time to protect commercial flights from hackers same as the military-then your letting top secret tech out

    • There's no way to hack a commercial airliner since it has no remote control capabilities. There's no way for a hacker to interface with it unless he climbs aboard and "hacks" the plane from the luggage-compartment by physically cutting cables and rewiring them, if he can do it before the temperature and oxygen drops below life-supporting levels that is. ;)

      • the onboard radar can be messed with, sabotaged  even, I read somewhere, remotely

        • In what way?

          The only way to kill or disturb a radar is to either blanket the sky with tinfoil pieces of 21cm per piece (see WW2, and what happened to all the tinfoil in the cigarette-packs during that time), OR, to blanket the area of the plane with an equally strong but 180 degree phase-shifted signal that will cancel the signal of the flight radar (basically the same tech that is used for noise-cancellation but adjusted to microwave-frequencies instead of sound-frequencies). That signal however, will have to be placed in a continously moving vehicle or it'd be triangulated in about 90 seconds by all radar towers in the area of susception.

  • The plane has been found, and the only conspiracy that were behind it was God or Nature, as it looks like it went down due to seriously bad weather.

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