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This is something truly interesting , just another proof of how the "feds" act as if they are the law.

They no longer work for the law... none of their words to "defend" their actions are relevant , simply by acting this way closing a website without approval of rest of humanity.

Read for yourselves <3

Peace & Love to you all <3

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It totally upset me when they closed Megaupload. I currently live in the Middle East and the only way I can get Western media such as movies and sometimes ebooks is through pirated media sites that use Megaupload. It's like I'm being punished cause the American companies don't know how to expand business, peacefully and it seems only the rich gulf countries deserve to have this media. As someone who has to rely on pirated movies and games, all I can say is thank God for China! Although Hollywood hasn't put out anything worth buying nonetheless worthy of pirating in a long time. I just hope they don't go after Rapidshare next. The US has no right to dictate the Internet, the internet is a global tool, and information should be free for everybody.

AAHahah xD !!!

Touché to you sky dreamer  haha hollywood has not done a good movie in centuries haha xD

chinese movies are better in so many ways, but indeed the closing of megaupload is truly a mistake, if not the goal of these "elites" is to bring their "own people" against them.

far to many are awakened today and we REFUSE  to accept this.

I can barely wait to see the unfolding of this all <3 



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