"The sooner we're done with sanctions the better..! "

That's the view of the man in charge of Germany's ties with Russia. Gernot Erler, who says that Berlin understands restrictions against Moscow are backfiring. RT is joined by John Laughland, Director of Studies at the Institute of Democracy and Cooperation in Paris.

& nbsp;

The United States and US President Barack Obama personally forced the European Union members to introduce sanctions against Russian over its stance on the Ukrainian crisis, US Vice President Joe Biden announced.

Washington rallied “the world’s most developed countries to impose real cost on Russia” and introduce restrictive measures against Moscow, Biden said at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government on Thursday.



Is anyone divinely dissatisfied by Amerikan elitists with too much power, yet...?? If you're not, maybe you have been conditioned by the propaganda machine they spent a fortune on maintaining, since the end of WW2....



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  • This forum is dated October 2014, and pertains to Amerika, as it was under Obama, the cabal puppet.

    Well likewise, the 2022 Amerika, is not Trump's America, the one we love and trust. The present Amerika is the Biden regime, a fake election-propelled monstrosity....As under Obama, we have an Amerikan foreign policy that always puts Great Britain behind the Irish Republic and European Union...Unlike President Trump, Biden/Pelosi will always try to sabotage Brexit Britain, as we see in the way they fail to be fair with us, over the NI Protocol and Good Friday agreement...

    American patriots should vote for the Trump-led Republicans, in November. We want trade with our dear friends in the USA and that old witch of the west, crazy Nancy, will not be preventing good UK/US relations, long term...
  • Why challenge such a statistic...?? People have died by taser misuse, so why are you defending bullies, Barry...?? You seem to want to come on my discussions to cause fights, by making contributors seem foolish....Obviously when it comes to such matters, 1 darkstar does not rely on beliefs alone, but has done some research....

    Your shallow comprehension of war also reveals your ignorance, as men alone do not win battles, but rather the generals, planners, finance, hardware, logistics and supply...Your ignorance and arrogance is truly breathtaking...You are simply assuming the role of nay sayer, to cause arguements..

  • This is historical fact and easily confirmed, even by the mainstream media...

    And obviously you know little about battles, as it is generally the finance, logistics, supplies and hardware that determines the outcome, not just the men...In this instance, at Waterloo, I'll quote from a trusted source (for you,) the BBC....


    "One job he did for the British Government was to arrange the finance of the Duke of Wellington's army which was in Southern France, advancing against French troops before the Battle of Waterloo.

    Working closely with his four brothers who were living in cities in France and Germany, Rothschild's agents bought up gold and silver,and smuggled them to Wellington's army. His records show that they collected £2 million, at 1815 prices."


  • I believe the last vid I posted, in Indiana, is an example of police brutality, based on extreme racial prejudice and profiling...To stop a driver for not wearing a seatbelt and making such draconian demands upon him and his family, smacks of racial profiling....He was treated as if he were a drugs baron, rather than a family man going to visit a dieing relative in hospital...I suppose that in Amerika, in particular, such volence by the state's representatives is considered "normal..??" It harks back to a scene from the civil rights protests of the 1960s, with insane policemen beating people up in the street, in buses and in cars, simply because of their race...Aweful to behold in the twenty-first century...and I bet that young child who witness this will grow up with psychological problems, in consequence...Shameful police brutes....

    In Amerika, they are militarizing the police, giving them far too many weapons, to keep "order." I suppose that at least they did not shoot him with a .38, but tasers are very painful and cruel and should not be used on someone who fails to give ID and open a car door or window....

    • Drekx:  And I believe 500 people or so have died from tasers.  I do not think that most cops are like this, but SOME of them are!

      • Yes, good points and in general, cops do not behave in this way, but the problem stems from the bad cops receiving peer support and institutional backing for what they do, leading to them being let off, if it ever comes to trial...which in all probability, it won't...This creates much anger among the victims of these types of events....How can the US establishment run a society like this and expect cohesion...?? Truly a society ripe for change...and an establishment, rotten to the core...The rotten apples in the barrel, increasing in numbers...

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Justin 22:  Yes, they KNOW they're GOING DOWN and they WILL NOT WIN!

    • They tried to attack China with this pathogen and failed, so now they attack Africa and eveywhere else...

  • Drekx: go ask the Rothschild banking system and Israel about why the Amerikan government does what it does, since whenever these two entities are present,  the U.S. government always drops its pant and bends over (and hands a jar of K-Y Jelly Vaseline to the Rothschild bankers and to Israel).

    My proposal for the new Amerika flag.  Because our government does offend people a lot with their presence, along with Israel and the Rothschild central banking system:

    Skunk Flag, FUNSKUN1218

    • Yes, the Rothschilds will use any empire, or bully, to promote their insane values....It was they that financed (with gold)  Britain's victory over Napoleon at Waterloo and the current world is just as badly managed by them...

This reply was deleted.

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