An epic meditation


Wednesday 13th this month for the first time i had a 2h long meditation.

When i had focused on my chackras suddenly i could see myself meditating on top of the earth, then i saw my 7 chackras comming out of me, they where glowing red but when i saw them i saw it in hmm how should i say it, it was like sacred geometri. My chackras started spinning and i saw light energy being absorded and me and the earth got completley covered in light.

Now this was a long meditation so i wont write it all down.

While i was in this meditational state i once visualized my light body. When i did this suddenly i was in this colorful space and i dont know how i knew but i knew that i had to create my light body so i started to send it light energy and focusing on creating it. When i did this i saw light was sent from me and by just focusing on it from the toes to the head i created it. when i had created my light body i was looking at it and then i said i want to know of my past, and this wall comes next to it, with alot of boxex that was locked. I visualized golden keys going in to those locks and i opened them all together suddenly light poures out of the boxex into my light body. When this was over i still had my light beam connected to it and i visualized my consciousness going into it. After that i saw my light body open his eys and came to me shaked my hand and said Hi! I'm your light body. after a that i could not see it anymore.

By the way i remember a little bit how my light body looked like. It was human like and had blond hair long hair that almost reached the shoulders. and the skin color was hmm white but some one that have had a sunbathed(took this word from google :P)

Another thing that i saw was a desert, suddenly i think it was 5 glass made pyramids that was spinning harmoniously and at the top it was energy pouring up in the skies. The pyramids landed on the ground after a while and i visualized me getting energy from all of the pyramids, I could say that i felt a boost of energy in my body.

Ohh I remembered that Blossom goodchild once had a channeling and they talked about pillars of light and how you must visualize them comming to you? if i didn't misstaken this have had come up in one of her channelings.

However! another thing that i saw was a huge rectangular shape pillar a red krystal that was shining landing on the ground, i got the thought pillars of light and bom, bang, poof, Pillars of all colors landed on the ground.

Now i decided not to write down all i saw and experienced because i think it would be to mouch reading :) since the day after me and a friend had a meditation and there also i had some fun :)

Feel free to comment and if enough people want to hear more maybe i can write it down.

Light & Love to you all!


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