An ascension process, I think.

I just wanted to put this out as it is getting interesting lately. If you read my profile you know that about 11 months ago, I was driven to progress on a spiritual level. Truly, I have never been normal, but was able to live with humans for years and in fact became a  favorite teacher for those with a creative and unorthodox mind.

After learning telekinesis, and then getting into meditation, I tried OBE's for mental discipline. Some of the experience was interesting and a repeat of what I experienced years ago, the vibrations and so forth

Now to the interesting part, which I think Kurt mentioned on AU some time ago, but this is odd. Over the last months I slowed down on my progression and then I started to be wakened at night with a sound or some other means. Then immediately, I would have this electrical, vibrational feeling go through my body accompanied with a pulsing in and out of my body. When I tried doing this, I was not often successful. However, I knew this sort of meditation was what I was supposed to do. Then nothing for a while which was like a rest period.

Then lately I had that drive again, get back to work and progress, but do what and to where?

Then I was back to being wakened again at night. At one point I actually heard the high pitch note that brought me out of sleep, one I cannot hear with my ears as I am deaf in that range from the military.
This set off the sensation and it is quite spiritual. A few nights ago, the 5th, I again was brought awake and the sensation started. But this time, it re-started on and off for an hour, even as I went out and watched the stars, and even when I talked to my wife whom thinks I am losing my mind. Just so you know, I have already read where many, many others are also starting to go through this experience including the hearing of a high pitch tone. Some conspiracy guys think it is the government trying to control, but I don't think so, as I feel a liberating of the spirit during the process.

Today was an epiphany. A woman on another site was going through this and  asked what it felt like. So I described the feeling and wham, I went into the vibrations/electrical stimuli. I closed my eyes and reached out with my mind/soul and felt the world around me and got a feed back which I have done before during meditation, but I was sitting this time at the computer, being energized and feeling the world around me and became one with it. I would like to insert here for the young, there are no old people, we are all one, some are old souls and some are yet to experience. Some young in body may be old in spirit with great wisdom, so being old or young in body is not relevant at all.

I have been searching for the next step and I wonder if this may be it? Also I wonder if any of you folks are having similar experiences. Also I have been having prophetic dreams as well as my wife, two of which were shared. The last was of a false flag, a nuclear threat, government putting people on trains to take care of them type of thing. Message here, don't get on trains, run and hide. Or at least this is the case with me and my wife. The other is we were taken by tall humans and shown a world of great beauty in an alternate vibrational level. More on this later if there is any interest.

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  • Kat, Raven. I just read your replies and they were insightful, thanks. Without selecting whom, I liked the connection to nature, insects and the world. Lately, I have just stood among our growing plants and feel awe, and the growth and purity. When the oil spill was happening, I cried as I am close to the birds down there, as I own a home in wetlands near the coast. My heart went out to the animals as much as people and it was a changing for me.

    You mention trains and whether they are a good omen or bad as well as to enter spaceships or not. Raven you are right, we need to make up our own minds. I think we will find the future is like the present, we cannot trust all that seems good, nor can we reject as it may not be good, we must decide. About a year ago, I had a more than a dream of a spacecraft, and I have had a number of them. This one was pulling me up into it while I floated in a beam of light. I felt no fear, just great interest as there was no opening for me as I got closer to it's belly. I noticed and remembered as I got closer, that it was not exactly metal, but a combination of living matter, partly manufactured and a living being. As I entered it, I was absorbed through the skin, which meant I was in an astral body perhaps. Once inside, I was a part of this ship/living thing and my thoughts were all that were needed to pilot it, what a privilege. i was one with the ship, I saw nothing but what was around me, as though there was nothing but space. I feel I was there before and really look forward to going back, like an old friend. This was good.
  • I couldn't have put it better! Neutral tone, neither reassuring or menacing, just strong - also no further info past the name! Yes, it's good to see we're not alone in whatever this is, but I'm very curious. I also experience a lot of surrealism.. I was just sitting in the backyard not doing much, just hearing the neighbour mow the lawn when everything suddenly stops and I can still hear him, its just not 'in my world', its distant. Like i'm wearing ear plugs and the focus turns to the backyard, the grass is greener and the insects suddenly divine creatures..hard to explain. But a pretty nice way to experience the world so I hope for more of that :)
  • I experience nightly that someone is saying my name. I cant figure out if its a 'mean' voice or a safe one, but it's a completely different sound than anything else - its deep, deep in the mind, not like a normal voice. It has the tone of a warning. I've also stopped remembering my dreams, I just fall asleep and wake up and all this feels like a trance. I'm not really alive.
    • Katt, I have wondered about this as well. Also, I wonder if some craft may be ok and others not, there must be positive and negatives out there as here. That associated with our rulers, I suspect are negative and that association must be weighed in a future decision. The first wave of events may come from within if things do happen.
    • ...there are trains...and trains...
      some trains are bound for concentration camps....and some trains are bound ...for Glory!!!
  • I'll bet if we all looked back, we would find inner urgings which saved our lives or helped in some way. I don't believe they are there to make it easier, but to help us finish our journey.
  • I am adding a small footnote, yet what I saw last night was not small, yet is was so real and calm, it need not be shouted, it is us. I calmly woke from a deep sleep and felt energy washing through my body again, all the cells were vibrating. I opened my eyes and somehow saw myself inside this body. I was standing in a form of light, not a globe,but somewhat like a elongated diamond, brightly glowing and was told this was me and it was sacred or close to this. Somehow, I felt myself cleansed and pure. Know I am not a religious person nor do I use cute catch phrases as it only muddies the water. I see us as beings of light and it is somehow not astounding, just is.
    • hi Sailormon... u saw yourself as an elongated diamond???
      ...that means the shape had somewhat angles in it??...or was it round shape...or egg-shaped???
      this form was body-size long??...and as u saw it, u were seeing at the same time your physical body shape???

      thnx for sharing this..nice read...
      • Sorry, I believe I know what you are saying, but I am unfamiliar with merkaba and what that means. As to ascending, I which I knew. Lately I feel I am letting loose of strings and very few things here are in need of finishing, I am done or very close to it. Good feeling to be free, but a difficult journey. Still must contend with a few low people however. LOL
      • Got a smile out of this. The shape was elongated diamond, meaning vaguely human. Imagine a sheet over ones head, arms tipped out at the hips and then tied into the ankles. Not a ghost like kids become, but a floating immensely bright being. The flow of energy would be close to the organic shape of an egg for comparison. I was awake and then, the vision of looking within and then back to sleep with the message remaining. My friends from the other side do talk and I live today due to what they tell me. Last fall, I was about to accelerate across a road with heavy traffic on my motor scooter, when I heard, your motor could stall and you would die. Huh? I hesitated and replied in mind, no, this yamaha never quits, but lost my opportunity. So I moved up a few feet, the engine popped and quit, I would have been run over by about 4-5 cars. I listen to what is said.

        Any particular reason why shape is important?
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