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great fake unless he can access another dimension-there were people in ancient India, and even not so long ago, that yogis could make food appear from thin air-probably still around;

Start at 3:30 for the amazing magic bread!!!  (people in the restaurant may be actors)

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You said exactly what I had thought of. The experiment ignored that not everyone necesarily emit a field strong enough off their hands. But its not much their fault. People generaly tend to think that you know if it is magic, then everything can happen so they care less to create the right condition for the 'magic'. But I don't tend to think so. It is more reasonable to suppose that 'magic' is science on its own. It must be obeying some yet unknown laws. It is such explanation of how 'chi' might work that should guide a researcher to the right experiment. Such things happen in science. Faraday had to perform 16000 or so experiments to discover electromagnetic induction. One problem is that he was working with a wrong idea as to how a magnet should produce electricity. Thats why it took him 5 years.

Many people have independently arrived at conclusion that hands do carry some 'power'. Christians practice 'laying hands' while praying for the sick. My grandfather, who knew no christianity, never allowed anyone to touch his head.

Roaring,,,Energy work and psychic abilities follow certain rules....this is a science that has been explored deeply in the East and things like tantric meditation, hatha yoga, ayurvedic medicine, tibetan and chinese medicine, chakra work,martial arts, and the many forms of energetic healing all use this science. Working with chi is very easy, you just tell it what you want it to follows thought.  We all work with chi everyday without knowing it, mostly people send themselves fearful ideas,,,far of terrorism, fear of old age, sickness and death, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of others,etc.  The labels we use for ourselves and others and limiting belief systems of lack and struggle are all part of the way we program ourselves and our energy.  When we take conscious control of our lives and thinking we can change these old programs to health, abundance, freedom with no limitations. Moving forward with conscious evolution..  You can do the math on this...all words and thoughts have a frequency, we are simply choosing the higher one.

I've seen this guy before. He's a skilled illusionist, but that's all he is.

Wings, good explanation.:) if chi etc could not obey some laws, our world could easily end in a bang. Physicists understand very well the teleology like aspect of our conservative laws. In an hypothetical world where energy could just come from thin air, they never leaved to discover the laws. It is a sort of 'cosmic natural selection'.

It doesn´t need to come from anywhere for chi is the basic energy that makes up the is everything and nothing.  So far as I can tell it is the ether of the space and pervades and creates the universe.  It is like the clay that all the different pottery is made from.  The chi becomes denser and creates air, fire, water and earth...then all other things come out from the combination of these elements. There are dense and subtle forms of each element...for example fire is both intelligence and sight.  Ether is a bit firey, too for it is electric.  We can work with anything  using this kind of energy work....the cosmic energies, the energies of the earth and of the body...upgrade our food, plants..pretty much anything.  In the body it is important the way this energy flows...i it gets blocked, polluted or out of balance, then we get sick.  How it flows also affects our thinking, and conversely our thinking affects the flow.  I do believe that planets and stars and universe can be created with or the higher less dense realms.  We are stuck here on this dense plane till we learn not to be so negative....imagine how it would be if all our thoughts came true..    When the basic rule of energy work is that ´´energy follows thought´´there really are no limitations.   Now it is up to you to do the math and figure out the details of how this mysterious and amazing universe works..

I would call Illusionists artists instead of scientists....



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