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Hi, I had this amazing dream last night, and I was wondering if anyone could assist in trying to uncover its meaning.Basically I got up very early to have something to eat, and went back to sleep as I often do nowadays. I was consciousness of myself coming out and raising above my body and then suddenly I found myself literally living a life in another body, its hard to explain what I mean but suddenly I was in this body of this different person, although it was still me. The person(this version of me) was alot younger, perhaps around 17 and I was hanging out with my friends in what I think was the local neighbourhood. The details have faded but I remember it feel VERY real, like it was really happening. It could have been a past life, or perhaps even a future one. The other feeling I got from the dream is that I was really popular and everyone seemed to think I was "cool"I felt also I was very settled in this place that I was living and had a really stable family life also. It felt however that it might not have been planet earth, but somewhere else. I also remember later in the dream piloting some kind of aircraft, like a fighter aircraft. In some ways it felt like in this life I waseverything and had everything I had always dreamed of in this life, but had not got.This could be related, but today by coincidence I saw a preview of the new star trek movie where the character(JamesTKirk) was vaguely similar to me in the dream...perhaps it is related somehow?I dont know what to make of it, I dont think it was just something completely random, Im curious to know what it was trying to tell me, if anthing at all.any comments would be much appreciated!Myles

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  • You had an OBE ( out of body Experience ) this is when your body detaches itself from your body and travel anywhere in the universe!!
    I mean the most common OBE'S go to alien spacecraft!!
    Id love to have an OBE, yourr very lucky!
    • Hi chris, thanks for your response, but in what way does this relate to ascention if I may ask?

  • Hello Draco, I'm a self appointed mystical dream interpretor who is feasting on your dream! I've interpreted many others dreams, but keep in mind, we each interpret a dream limited to the interpretors own belief system in place.

    I only do a positive approach. my friends say they like my interpretations. blessings! I myself have entered another's body within DBE (dreaming body experience, formerly OBE) but it was different than your experience, only in that it was done to get a person on the right track, like role playing.

    You were aware of exiting the physical form. All of us have a physical body as well a Dream Body. The dream body is real, it's just that it's made out of a fluid, elemental type of material, invisible to the physical eye. More of us will be aware of this ability in the future, to come and go as we please, as concerning the physical area.

    I heard of one other story like yours, in that the young lady, within obe/dream body, had become aware there was another self of hers, living a life, who looked like her, but had one less child in the family. She would awaken in the morn just as confused as you, that there was two of her. I consider life is holographic and can spin off other selves, being so very creative, we are shown this way, a single body, a single life, though valuable, is not the be all and end all of who and what the human here is. You might consider Seth's teachings, about the group soul theory, which points to ontology concept. According to Seth, we all contain greater and lessor selves within our overall group.

    It could be a future dimensional self. in that case, understand time as not as linear as it looks, but linear time as a prop for now. in other words, everything that will happen, has already happened, and time can be seen as a circle.
    For example, I remember now a dream where I stepped out unto a stage, everybody welcomed my song and tremendous love came back to me. I remember feeling appreciated, because I was just being myself, and myself was communicating I was one with all of them. I had finally accomplished what I came to live this life for. That was about 20 or 30 years ago the dream occurred.
    just now, at age 62, the dream came true! I took all these years to just be myself! lol. These type of dreams mean little to anyone else, but I think it's nonetheless important to share them as you did.
    we learn from each other this way, that we are more than we think we are, more unlimited.

    just a note; I have a belief, in the future we will not drive cars anymore; they will be small flying craft, where you program the address and it just flies there remote control type. could be you saw this. I perceive this as 100 years away.
    Captain Kirk, I love! you may have similar character patterning to him. he seems very adventurous and decisive, curious, a leader type. this may be why you thought about the similarity. I've had this happen too, only it was Robin Williams, for his funloving ways, as well there will be other public people we resonate with intuitively for traits we share. unless the craft you flew, was like a star ship? I'm sure we will have star ships in the future too.

    what this dream seems to imply is you are now in the process of considering the possibilities of what you will become, you are building the life, that you want, that you will step into, but it's on a soul level of planning.
    I am a firm believer life does not just happen to us. We are the creators of our future areas.

    blessings! glad to meet another dreamer! hope I said something you can use. laughing rain
    • Hi! thanks for replying my post about the dream! To be honest recently I have not been dreaming that much, I have been begging to my guides to give me some help in my dreams and have been asking them to direct me where to go. Right now I am stuck in this small town in southern France, Ive been unable to find work as I thought I could, so I have to leave. I havent had much answer from them yet though.
      I have an understanding that life is kind of like a hologram, but at the same time it feels so real when you are suffering and there is no way out. Do you mean that there could be other versions of me living at the same time?
      The idea that everything that will ever happen has happened sounds kind of fatalistic, like we cant change anything.
      Thats great that you finally acheived what you wanted to, what was that may I ask? Was it really singing infront other people?
      I agree that we will not need to drive in the future, but I dont know exactly how this will work. Its my understanding that soon we will be in a higher dimention, so Im unclear about how transport will work.
      I dont think we can measure it linear time as in the 5th dimention there will be no time.
      Yes I really like the character traits in captain kirk, even more so now that I have seen the movie!
      The craft I flew was in the atmosphere, like a scout craft, thats all I remember.
      I think that it could be a possible future life, but I am confused because it seems like a 3d world, but soon we will be in the 5th dimention, which is much different.
      • Hi Draco, forgive me if I didn't read all the responses. I might be repeating what another already said.
        In a general sense, now that you clarified you were asking your guides for something, I see this dream as guidance to you. In an inspiration sense, because of the feelings in the dream. now that you told me somewhat about having to move, and find work, I can see you would ask for help of your guides.
        I don't think, in most cases guides will tell you where your place is at, but you could try asking and maybe it will get more clear. so don't give up asking.
        meanwhile what you got was this other dream, where, didn't you feel good about yourself? people thought you were cool? that's a good feeling, and you needed it.
        Perhaps you can use that feel good about self feeling, to assist you as you ponder where is your next move, where you are needed.
        Dreams like this will often take a long time to assimilate and understand, and it's not a dream btw, it's quite more than that, mainly because you mentioned you did ask your guides.

        try not to see yourself as suffering, but being at a high plateau of confusion, before making important decisions. try to get adventurous right now as you are in a vast state of change and might have to take some risks you've never had to before. sorry to sound like your horoscope! haha! We're not in the 5th dimension yet, as I see it, but I've heard more and more folks are getting there one by one, and by 2012, it will be the beginning stages of a new consciousness upon the earth, a new type of man emerges, a majority shift occurs. I see it as a more user friendly world, this 5th dimension shift, but I wouldn't say it would happen exactly on Jan. 1, 2012.
        I'd say we are all focusing our hopes on that something major will happen to make life less of a struggle, but I'd say that state of consciousness happens in each person, internally, not in an external environment objective sense.
        It depends on how often you meditate and work on yourself, for each of us the same how fast things change.
        as I see it your higher self is wanting you to be placed elsewhere then France and that's why you're having a stuck feeling. Some other people may be looking for you, that's your rightful place.

        It's not really fatalistic to see time as nonlinear, because it can also work the opposite way, that you choose to see what you came here to do, you will be successful at doing it and so you may claim this moment the joy of that accomplishment as done, it's like a prayer of faith, it's like saying amen to that.
        Destiny can be changed btw. it's something that can be manipulated quite easily.

        it helps your creative self to allow yourself to go forward in a fearless manner.
        Yes, I've always wanted to sing, but had limited opportunity to do that, what with raising kids and trying to make a buck!
        I don't make money at doing it, but even if you have push a broom Draco, be proud of yourself anyway, it's a job, and never confuse what you do for a living with who you are.

  • I have read many accounts of people reliving the past or foreseeing the future in their dreams. Perhaps because we must let our guard down to relax into sleep unknown abilities and memories, that normally would be suppressed, are able to emerge. While there is always a possibility that we are simply refashioning movie previews into a dream plot, I believe dreams do serve a bigger purpose. They can tell us much about ourselves, revealing hopes and dreams.

    It also seems important to analyze the feelings that intermingle with the visual images. Feelings can tell us much more about a dream than a solitary image. You say that you felt settled in this other life, that you were popular, and had a stable home life. This feeling of balance is important to all of us. Without feeling stable and secure it is difficult to evolve beyond our current state of being, whatever that may be.

    The part you said about coming out of you body and raising above it sounds a lot like astral projection, where people have been able to temporarily leave their bodies. I have only read a little about this myself, but I have experienced the sensation a couple times in my life. It is a unique experience. With practice, I have read about people who could purposefully remove their ethereal body from their physical body and even travel large distances. I have not heard about being about to inhabit a different body; at least, not in non-fiction.

    I hope something I said may help you. I like hearing about dreams and yours was pretty interesting! :)
  • Hi, thanks for the thoughts on my dream. I hope that my consciousness is being raised to a higher level! I
    certainly did feel like a child in that dream, what a great feeling!

  • Hi Draco. Nice dream. Think you are having some progress at your search. I can´t say what the dream could mean, but if you did fell like you having a reak life in other time and space,that must be good, right?
    • Hi, thanks for your response, I dont understand exactly what you are trying to say, I really would like to wake up spiritually but Im not exactly sure of how I can go about this...
    • yes you are absolutely right! Its amazing to think we can almost live an entire other life in our dream times!
      By the way, I will soon be in Portugal, I am looking forward to it!

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