am i really dead?

So i hadthis strange dream last night,and since i dont have anything else to do while im on a buss,i thought of writting about it.i was at a friends house,it was a usual weeken d i met some new people and this one girl told me that she had heared of me before.when i asked where,she said "oh your dead,you wrote a novel when you died".i laughed at her as if it was a joke.she tried to convince me that it was actually real.i started to ask my friends about it and almost every responce was "you dont know?your actually dead."when i asked the girl about the novel,she said i wrote it under the name "lev tolstoi".whats weird about it,is that there was a russian writer with that the party progressed,i picked up a peace of peaper with that name on it and some random scriblings on it.i showed it to that girl,her first responce was "son of a bitch!"i started to freak out,and from that point came total blackout.from that point on i remember only glimpses.i saw my self wielding an ancient wraithblade called the soul originated from a game,google it,u can find an image.the last thing i can remember was when i woke up.i sad to my self,maybe i AM actually dead.i dont know what to make of this,all your ideas in this would greatly help me.

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  • were all bound to, not one moment is the same here.

    recently did a Vipassana Meditation course and its clear that nature is always changing.

    what can awareness do about this one may ask? being present as the infinite now

    open stillness will wash away all the blockages ,be like water whose so persistent to even wear off rock not to mention that momentaril dam.

  • hey homie you might have gotten a spiked drink or food (perhaps acid) its very easy to manipulate the mind into believing,just gotta shove em into a washing machine of conditioning's.

    even so, no atom is ever dead or alive, just shifting from where I see

    Would you set your mind on just running on water and forgetting how to swim in case? 


    By the way Risky Had a dream with a girl flipping out just the same way , dunno the date but anywhere between the 21-31 July, surely bizarre . did you see any ladies who were glowing white?

  • The Reason why i type this,is i've never lingered over a dream like this.Everyone has "That" dream that they think about for hours/days/months, this was mine.of course i've seen some of the weirdest and scarriest dreams there could possibly be,but this left a chilling mark.Im not suprised if i see it again in the coming weeks,after all, all my dreams seem to repeat them selves anyway.

    One more thing i recalled about the dream.The moment when the girl told me i was dead,my vision changed for a few seconds.Everyone around me looked as if they were also dead for years,there were decaying bodies everywhere...
  • Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream.  Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, but...a Dream.

    Reminds me of the old question that seems to have become a cliche - "What if life is just a dream?"  My question is, does it matter?  Does it really make a difference if it was?  With this thought, nothing has changed, everything is still here.  Personally, life just seems to be a big joke being played on us anyway.  Makes life humorous.

    Well...does it make you uncomfortable having this thought?  If it does, try not to dwell on it.  Or, another idea would be to embrace this new thought.  Indulge in it until it doesn't have an effect on you. 

    There is no reason to fear death anyway.  Crowley says that Death is the Crowning Achievement of your Life.  And, it isn't so bad, I've died in many of my dreams/ really is a liberating and ecstatic experience.  It is your ego that is afraid, but once you get past that, things go pretty smoothly. not to Death. what you Will...

    And, one more thing before I am done here.  I shall leave with a quote -

    "And remember, you shall suffer all things and again suffer: until you have sufficient sufferance to accept all things."    

    - Austin Osman Spare

  • You're not really death, else this discussion would not be here, unless you can do things without body where I am not aware of. Maybe you had something to clear up from a past life? This is not really my profession, I'm sure there are people here who can help you further.


    Blessings and much Love,


    • Yeah I'm going to have to second that, not just cause Kel is my friend but she sees what I see in this. We're all "dead", another friend of mine refers to it as the beatlejuice trip. "Am I dead?", is the classic question, but I think a better question is how do you know you are alive. What I am noticing is, if there's an emotional reality, it means you're alive. If there's not, then probably there is some kind of a one waiting to be discovered. Death being the in-between state. More to say but this keyboard is extremely hard to work with today, namaste~
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