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IS Energy Condensed To A Slow Vibration, That We Are All One Consciousness Experiencing Itself Subjectively, There Is No Such Thing As Death, Life Is Only A Dream And We're The Imagination Of Ourselves.

BTW I didn't come up with that myself, it was actually from Bill Hicks during his comedy tour of Europe (Revelations DVD). However I thought it would be appropriate to point how much sense Bill made. Even thought at the time people considered him to be just another comedian with a really strange outlook on life. Not so strange now but it actually makes sense when pull back and look at the bigger universal picture.

You can find the youtube clip here that briefly mentions the above quote


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  • The empirical science of "quantum mechanics" based on faulty models of "particle physics" is not real science at all. Particularly when these models are known to break down as we enter the subatomic structure.

    I still think that we are on the same side, it is unfortunate that you dont.

    I offer you my unique energy in the form of a blessing. If you decide not to take it, thats okay, because we will both meet again else where, with a higher understanding.
  • I would like to first like to express my appreciating for the energy that you have invested. Thank you. Some of it does resonate well with me, and I will hold those as core truths.

    Okay, lets see if I can feel this one out...

    I feel that the 3rd dimension, as held with the energy of the solar system and the solar plexus, becomes the power control and focus for manifestation. It is here that existence arrives at a spatial temporal "mirror" or reflection of what is communicated to be created from cosmic thought, as exemplified by light and love,

    I also feel that it is important that we dont tell each other what we are doing/feeling and do not use pointed language. I for one, am well aware of what I have done and said, though I appreciate your recognition of this. You see me, therefore I am here.

    False beliefs are anything other then the love of infinite creation. Intuitively for me, it it seems that the process of nothing becoming something, is the ultimate act of creation. Infinite creation with no boundaries.

    When we say nothing is the absence of all things, and that we can prove this empirically using mathematics, it is important to understand, that math is restricted to the measurement of the 3rd dimensional electromagnet spectrum. More to the point, it is a reflection of our self, and our consensual reality.

    Its fair to say that geometry is the language of "divine intelligence." But math in the 3rd dimension is always based on time as a liner separated past event that is measured empirically from the point of view of a relative or subjective observer. The past is negative charged space which creates a vortex which sucks consciousness into unconsciousness and the lower vibratory rates of crystallized internalized being.

    The idea of nothing being negatively charged space "per se", is for the purpose of creating "reversal dissonances" and accenting harmonics to facilitate the flow. Vibrational friction, that forces energy into contextual fields of content and becomes emotionally and mentally tangential, where karmatic attributes are applied, and a polarization occurs on the Astral template of our quantum field. As energy is lowered, duality is perceived to spin as quantum particles become recognizable as electrons, protons, neutrons, and the subatomic groupings of all space time particles.

    In the 3rd dimension, the spin of matter locks into tiny space matrices, where events are manifested into spatial realities of individual perception and creation. Consensual reality is the collective agreement of mutual participants in an active field of awareness. The content of each shell that contains a separated peace of cosmic conscious energy, that appears in a spatial temporal location, as a charged material particle, event, past or future experience.

    The glyph "0" does not really represent nothing in mathematics but rather, it acts as a starting point, a convoluted frame of reference. One can then ask "Okay, how cold is it, if its twice as cold as zero degrees? Obviously this question is impossible to answer. But not because 0 is infinitely "null" but because its infinitely all things.

    0 + 0 = 0, but we are forgetting about self reflection from the starting point. It is impossible to conceive otherwise.

    I believe it would look like is this

    Negatively changed space--------Duality and self reflection--------Positively changed space
    (nothing) -10 -9 -8 -7 -6 -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 (-0+0) +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7+8 +9 +10 (creation)

    You are right in the model that you have illustrated to me in regards to electromagnetism "mass times velocity times distance from the orbital center" Anything that vibrates quicker then us, we can not detect with our 5 senses. Anything that vibrates quicker then electromagnetic/radiation, we can not detect with our templates that have been built on a structure of electromagnetism. And, let us not forget about the empirically difficult measurement of ESP.

    What think is missing from your quantum mechanical model, is the "Heisenberg uncertainty principle"

    A subatomic particle cannot be thought of as having precise values in any quantity simultaneously, measured or not. This means that the electrons in an atom can still be thought of as orbiting, the nucleus, but their position is smeared throughout the wide region of the quantum field as the subatomic particles exists in perfect duality, the (-0+0) From our point of view, we have no choice but to give it a positive value for the purpose of manifestation and creation. But we fail to recognise the dualistic nature of our dimension. The ubiquitous duality of all thing. Good bad, love hate, light dark, positive, negative.

    Now going back to our number system for a second...

    I will pit (-0+0 against 0) and offer a comparative illustration of the core differences between our respective philosophies and greater “creation paradigms." The sequence can be simply understood in terms of their respective relationships to their creation points.

    The numeric system that many speak of, including that of convoluted scared geometry, like the golden mean–Fibonacci spiral/sequence, start at a decentralized point of expansion, rather than a centralized “center-point” of creation. There is a logical/intuitive implication held within this comparative that begs the question, “Do We Not have a direct, immediate and permanent relationship with OUR own center point of creation?” This is what all New Age philosophies strive to teach us, and yet the logical/intuitive implication held within the “supposedly sacred” Fibonacci spiral promoted by New Age teachings illustrates a contradictory off-center relationship to the core truth. "If at any point as a quantum manifestation We emerge from a “point of adhesion” to a living/breathing form, we will progressively loses contact, as we expand perpetually through consumption and annihilation of the quanta which came before." This is not a growth expansion formula for eternal-life.

    The organic eternal-life sequence has a direct, immediate and permanent relationship with its own center-point of creation.

    Another, more interesting example of contradictory implication is found in the way the “numbers” unfold within the growth-expansion formula.

    The Fibonacci sequence features a sequence of numerical expansion in which the next expansion number to come is reached by adding together or devouring the two numbers that come before it. If we think of each number as a “quantum of energy,” then the two previous numbers are added together and consumed in order to become the next number, leaving nothing in their place. The numbers before become “finite quanta” that must disappear or die in order for the next number to be born. Thus the numbers within the Fibonacci sequence all represent finite energy forms that will be consumed and cease to exist, in order for the next generation to emerge. This is recycling of finite energy to create growth, not growth through self-generated power, and thus the mechanics of the Fibonacci sequence imply that it represents a growth-expansion formula for finite life.

    Other teaching that do not start at this point of adhesion, begin through multiplying the preceding numbers,in specific increments that are based upon the core structures, to create the next expansion, leaving the numbers before intact. In energy quantum terms, the eternal quantum integrity of all previous numbers remains constant, as the quanta of the numbers before are multiplied through self-generated power to create the next unique number. The numbers within this sequence all represent eternal energy forms that will remain to infinity within their own unique individuation, always in relationship to the center-point from which they emerged, and always within the context of what they have grown to become, while the next generation emerges as a unique quantum expansion born of relative multiplication of the quanta before. This is creating new growth through perpetually self-regenerating power, not growth through recycling of finite energy...

    The water boiled example is true, but is an electromagnetic reference, when we are talking "quantum dynamics"

    When I said the "linear kinda way" I think you may have missed the qualifying ques "But even this" That was my assertion to the fact that I recognise the illusion of time and space, not that I was relying on this illusion. There was no need to accuse me of doing something that I am not. Particularly when the context of my subject should have made my relative understanding of time and space, clear.

    Thought and thought wave/formation is energy. Pure uninhibited intelligence that resonates on all dimensional fields. Before the though, there was nothing, after the thought, there was something. Both exist at the same time, and is a reflection of infinite creation.

    When I say "the seed of all that comes into conceptual existence," I do mean by that which is tangible. But not necessarily tangible in our active field of awareness. ESP and spiritual awareness of higher dimensions, is highly tangible for those with the ability to experience it. Yet it is not tangible to others. It does not exist if we do not share the field of awareness. From nothing into something. The act of creation, and not just the recycling of quanta. I create my own reality. My external world mirrors perfectly my inner consciousness at any moment of time.

    I do understand the nature of religion, as it masquerades as science, and am well aware of alternative energy sources.

    Let us not forget, we are all on the same side here.

    I enjoyed your last paragraph, thank you.

    The spin and vibratory frequency of energy rests solely with in the grounded being where the will and the power of eternal potential becomes a pulsation of oneness where duality ceases and the seed of the universe is mirrored by the reflection of light in its contrast to the dark.

    With love...
  • I feel that the notion "we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively" is a very important model. Although I would replace the word "itself" with "Our-self," since the term "it" implies an entity that is apart, when we are talking about an "all-subject" that has no boundary.

    Why would such an "All-Subject" require mini-subjectivities?

    What is The driving force for undivided wholeness? Perhaps we are simply bored and wanted to move. For that there must be a difference, a relation and frame of reference.

    Its is strange how often we bite the hand that feeds us, and the real difference between subjective and objective only dawns on us after we have gnawed off our fingers. Its just a good thing that subjective fingers grow back if we so desire them too.
    • "You don't see ducks lining up to an catch elevator to fly south, they fly from the ground"

      See I used to be into George Carlin but he was old school and rather negative at times. Bill Hicks on the other hand takes a more positive approach to life, which can be funny and enlightening all at the same time.

      Daniel: I don't do ATS anymore, it's a disinfo forum with tight free speech conditions etc.
      • Silent Observer, you were one of the refreshing few that I found on ATS in y brief period. It is nice to see that which is familiar in a world that is so alien. Thank you.
        I like what was said on George Carlin, in that it was very hard to pull positivity out of his connotations

        Meg, I digress.. Ego got a hold of me. We have both "subjectively" supported our opinions with anecdotes. The important past is that we are both here and on the same side.
    • Or were all vibrating at different levels which I would put into the "itself" category, but at the same time I more inclined to believe that we share information and ideas on a Our-self level. Kind of like the 100th monkey syndrome were one individual starts doing something or starts thinking differently then just moves on to another and another and another. Which creates a huge shift in the individual/collective consciousness overtime and that shift I'm starting to see as the days progress forward.
      • Good point. But is "all" really the absence of nothing outside of semantics? I mean we can take the number 0, which really isnt a number at all, but rather is a symbol meaning null or nothing, we can take 0 and also apply it as an infinity symbol. For the sake of clarity though we are not allowed to do both at once.

        Everything is born of nothing. Take the omni-centric root chakra. It is considered to be the base of the seed of all that comes into conceptual existence through the void and the oneness of all that is. There is no frame of reference for nothing, because as soon as we recognize nothing, it becomes something. But even this is being expressed in a time based linear kinda way. Its fair to assume that if it ever becomes something, that means it has always been something and will always be something which is nothing. Depending on how we look at it. They are one in the same.

        I agree with you in principle. My question was kinda rhetorical i think
      • Different frequencies for sure, but even this is part of some unified field of consciousness. I believe that duality and self separation in "its self", is a refraction rather then accurate reflection of "ourselves" We have a whole that is greater then the sum of its parts, hence the convoluted nature of self identification

        I like what you said on the 100th monkey phenomenon. I wrote what I thought was an interesting piece on that on another forum. I hope no one minds if I spam your thread...
        Your Avatar, do I know you from I am Mojosghost
        "Morphic resonance field"

        The most radical and rational explanation of this phenomenon I know of is the fact that the brain does not hold information and is only a vibrational processor. Like the CPU of a computer "hence the matrix analogies." It is the DNA that is the hard drive. "Morphic resonance" can best explain the interesting 100th monkey phenomena, where as you have (how ever many) monkeys in two isolated control group. If a certain number of monkeys learn a new behavior, many of the monkeys in isolated control group begin to exhibit that same behavior. This is also called the "1,000th rat theory" which is well documented.

        The idea is that DNA’s metallic semiconductor like properties make for a great transmitter of vibrational fields. Unfortunately this theory can seemingly be debunked by the fact that although DNA has been shown to conduct an alternating current, it does not conduct direct currents, and this is exactly what you would expect if water is responsible for the conductivity. Water is a polar molecule, across which electrons can shift to produce an alternating current. But they cannot travel freely from molecule to molecule to produce direct current. The most natural explanation is that the DNA is not conducting at all.

        This is a false assumption based on a empirical understanding. Intelligent conscious awareness is not based entirely on the electromagnetic spectrum. What we see as an electromagnetic reaction of thought wave formation is only a fragment of the interaction thats going on in the quantum field of intelligence.
        Vibrations out side of discernible electromagnetism. This vibrational field can be likened to Prana "vital for life" Chi, or the soul.

        The theory is supported by more then just the 100th monkey phenomenon, but is also supported by the direct affect that thought wave formation/emotion have on water molecules. It also explains why those who are transplant recipients often express how they have memory fragments of the donor, as there brain translates the DNA hard drive information.

        The point is that there is a sort of communication of information always being received and transmitted by the body DNA. This information is not just electromagnetism but comes from all dimensions. From non-polarized timeless universal experience and expression, to physical duality and complete crystallization.

        Unfortunately the claims of DNA conductivity put forward over the past decade have since been retracted due to its inability to transmit DC current.
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