• Lord Salvington .. ffs!

    Are they serious .. SALVINGTON? .. The cleverness of their name-agency is declining rapidly.

    It's like starting a daycare center named Childfugga! ;)

    I'm gonna have to round up the legions and do a clean-sweep of the internet soon because the bad joke of the illuminaughty is starting to affect the quality of the rest of the internet as well now. ;)

  • "THIS PLACE has turned into a fucked up joke.."

    I'm unsure it has ever been anything but.. ;)

  • I think the link has been deleted.

  • I am pretty in tune.  I do believe in the NESARA FUNDS.  My personal opinion :D  The world is collapsing.  This is what is going to save our butts.  NESARA has been implanted for some time.  People have a very hard time focusing on their own evolution when they are struggling to survive.  When NESARA is spread around the globe, the struggling to survive part will dissolve.  When people can survive without struggling they can work on themselves.  NESARA was also why 911 happened.  The second building was for insurance purposes but still....911 was all about NESARA ....That is my personal opinion and many think the same.  I also believe Zorra from Hollow Earth Network.  I have been following Zorra from Hollow Earth for quite some time and I do believe him to be a very reliable source.  He is always chatting about NESARA.  

    • Thank you thank you. This is what I want to hear

  • This is an extreamly dirty trick to play and i hope those responsible burn in hell ..and no one hears their screems or comes to their rescue. All those using the Internet to cheat venerable people are no better then savages
  • I have been laughing at this since the first moment I laid my eyes on their announcements. Can people really be that gullible? 

  • The Nesara fund they stated was for Lightworkers who need help to complete their missions...but where is the money coming from ...maybe they will drop some from spaceships so look up for it...ha ha ha
    • Think about it...if the funds were truly for the Light Workers only, would there be a website for anyone to just apply? Everything about it is a joke. And to think that St. Garmain would have anything do to with money is ridiculous. 

    • hahaha....agreed, too funny....

This reply was deleted.

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