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I was hijacked (psychically-spiritually) about 17 years ago by these beings. It didn't start out with the felines. It started off with Ashtar Command and the GFL, most of who I believe are reptilian. After about five years of opening up my chakras and kundalini, an entity which I thought was a dragon or winged draco took up permanent residence in my body. It would begin to torture me psychically in the most hideous manner. I won't go into it hear, but it was terrible. I later began to suspect that this is a feline being, in addition to the reptilian hive that's linked to my consciousness. I don't believe that there are good ones and bad ones. Like ALL angelic beings, they can change their energy or light levels from light to dark (demonic). So, good or bad depends on what they are attempting to do, and they adjust accordingly. Lately, in the last 4 years or so, they have taken to stealing my blood. It's the hemoglobin that they are harvesting. I'm literally at war with these beings in my own body trying to get them to stop drinking my blood. But they are veracious, just like a feline, and refuse to stop. They stop for a minute, and then come right back and start again. They are also trying to drive me into destitution and poverty by undermining my income. They can manipulate people and transactions as they have demonstrated to me before. They've hijacked all of my email and social media accounts and block all incoming opportunities. They've also transferred me into a different timeline than the one I was in before, allowing them to manipulate me as they please. I believe that they are not only in Mt. Shasta, but I believe they also operate out of Area 51 and Dulce Base. I believe some of the beings involved are Metax, KALASK, Arvantis, Tekkrr, Amira, and Marua of Lyra, Almatok, Arjun and Ishuwa of the Yehyels and Ashtar, Korton, Frogue and Piotra of the Ashtar Command and Devin of Nibiru just to name a few. I also believe the angel Zizaubio of the Pleiades and Yu of Arcturus is involved in this scheme as well (apologies if any of these names are incorrect).

Alien Feline Lyran Nazi Hidden Past

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this sounds a little over the top but I've physically bumped into non human entities and have seen them on several occasions and they are not all benevolent.  I've also been a victim of psychic abuse for decades. They are looking for energy sources and many of them use humans as batteries-and worse.

Rich228 may be going through a long period of abuse as a hard lesson-or maybe he needs to call on Jesus and other Masters/Gods for protection

Calling on Jesus and "the Master" is what trips a lot of people up. Jesus and the masters is none other than these beings!! They alternate behind many names and identities. But ultimately when you call on them, you are calling on SATAN (Ascended Masters/Fallen Angels/Anunnaki/Arcons=Lyran Feline/Reptilian, Zeta-Dracos, Ducaz/Pers-siers).

1 darkstar-how's it going? Have you ever seen my avatar?  It's a pic from the mars rover over ten years ago-Mars Woman!

Pet Rock:  It's going fine.  Yes, I've seen your avatar of the Mars woman (I've seen this picture before).

It all makes sense now.



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