so, i've watched a number of Colliers original interviews, and although he seems a bit strange? frightened? nervous? i don't know~ weird? i think his contactee information is fascinating and actually has been consistant throughout all of his interviews. i'm only posting one here (part 3), but try to youtube his original (9 part, i think) interviews and see them all. he has so much info. and was not prepped with the questions beforehand. in the totality of his interviews, he touches on time travel/manipulation of the future through past events/ 4D/5D+ existence of various other ET species, the multiple various ET groups living here, their history, intentions & original 'seeding' of our planet, government back-engineered ET technology, and their involvement in human affairs, religions and politics, etc. many people will have/have had issues with this guy because of his demeanour? he's not all touchy-feely? or that some of his divulging about the reptilian/grey races can be a bit dark. lots of people have issue with his information regarding our seeming inability to "help" ourselves/needing "to be saved" by the ET's. but please, if you don't wish to watch the entire video, watch from minute 7:00 on. here he actually says that he was told by his Andromedan Contacts that the human race must "get it together" by july/august of 2001, or "something's going to happen". something we will do to ourselves to spark the next politically justified wave of "holy wars/ jihad" i.e.: WE WILL BEGIN TO ENTER OURSELVES INTO A REAL LIFE BOOK OF REVELATIONS: SEPTEMBER 11, 2001?!? i don't know folks, watch it IF YOU DARE! ;0) tell us what you think? ps. attitudes & views expressed by the interviewee do not necessarily reflect those shared by me. (there i said it!) ~hugs!~

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  • Greetings every -One,

    Please read what Matthew says recently about 9/11... and about the true story of Haïti and others stories which take place around us.
    • No Bush Fan here Kahlila, as far as I was concerned he was not legally voted in office. :)

      Jacques, be interesting to see what Alex has said, where do you get his latest thoughts.
  • Discernment it needs to bear with your spirit :)
    • thanks again all, for your persepctives! :0) another interesting book that investigates far back into the Bush Family's "doing's" and manipulations of politics and social direction (i.e. illuminati/masonry construct) is "Family of Secrets" ~ goes way, way back~ generations of liars, fulfilling their own bloodlines destiny. (no offense if you're a Bush fan, by the way..) ;0)
  • Thanks for posting this. I know Alex is not everyone's cup of tea, but I find him very credible. I have watched everyting I can lay my hands on of his interviews, etc. I believe especially everything he has said about the grays, because I have had some very nasty lifealtering and painful dealings with them, and I know everything that Alex has said about them rings true with me. It is interesting indeed what he said about 2001, so predictive of just what happened. He indeed smelled the future in the wind and knew it was not pretty. And it is my belief that we had better smarten up and fix ourselves and that any intervetion from aliens would detract from our "freedoms" but still I don't think we can change everything ourselves without some beneficial help, but I could be wrong. I know from my own perspective, I am very leary about any kind of "alien" intervention because I am afraid that we could be fooled and mislead very easily. We as a species are "not the brightest bulb in the chandelier" if you know what I mean. I mean humans still think that violent wars can accomplish peace, hellllllooooo, does that seem like we are all that bright, lol???? So we could be easily duped.....Grays already have duped the government, so could happen again. So I am always going to be very wary about interventions....Even if Alex is a complete fraud, I dare say that he offers many insights and truths anyway.
    • thanks for your feedback Marique. i agree with your points entirely! whether Alex just "had/has visions" or whether he was an actual "contactee", i don't really know~ & it's not my place to judge that~ but something about his messages just seems uncanny & believable to me personally. i also get both a foreboding & inspiring message from his messages.. hmm.. who knows? i'm just a collector of information anyhoo, i think there's something to be offered from eveyone (well, almost everyone! lol!) ~cheers~
      • Thank you for posting this! I have not heard yet of Alex Collier but what he says here resonates with me and is largely and in essence what I believe. I agree with you Marique, I am not convinced we would be able to tell who's who in the alien world, we easily could be taken for a ride.....
        I agree that if we have to ask for help and give our power away, then we will get it...and their rule of law...over us. I can see this happening today ...we as humanity are in danger of handing over our free will because we are afraid and loosing our freedom because we want security and fear change and death and we don't seem to be able to accept that we are divine and powerful creators who create.....the children of Divine Creator. Maybe we are afraid to discover our greatness?? I think it is high time we did!
        • ....there are some interesting posts on YouTube I have been looking at re 9/11. One was about examining the given story re the Pentagon and the other in 12 parts 'The Missing link-the definitive truth about 9/11' This last one was an eye opener and scary...Sorry I am too stupid it seems to post these links here..:) day I will understand how to do it...:)..
          • LOL! you are anything but stupid Marion. thanks for your feedback. :0) Contactee stories/testominies are always fascinating to me! ya know the moment i heard on the news about the whole 9/11 incident, my first thought was "wow, they they let george and his boys do it!" i just had a gut feeling it was an "inside job". i dunno, call me paranoid... definitely worth investigating. i wish more people would question what they are fed. the truth shall be revealed!
            • I agree there Kahlila, it was an inside job. Something did not feel right that whole day, about what we were being told and the real truth. I've listened to Alex Collier he seems creditable, or convinced about what he's experienced.
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