Hey Everyone,
David Garza is my name. Started out healing myself through a series of raw food, nutrition, super foods, cleansing and etc.... I am currently studying Holistic healing with Integrative Nutrition, being healthy isn't just about eating the right food, what I have learn through experience is Health works on all diversities of your being. Relationships, physical, mental, emotional, work, where you use your time and other areas most don't recognize to be an issue. After many incidents and family members of mine passing away, It came to me that I was the only one out of all my family that truly acknowledge the position and dogma that has been placed upon us.
Determined, I kept expanding my awareness though holistic healing, granted I experienced wonderful results, I knew that there must be more to our suffering as a whole than I anticipated. It became completely evident, the key was in the patterns of creation. One thing led to another and I found in my short time but intensive studies, not receding for a moment, I took it upon myself to indulge in quantum physics, holographic universe and fractal field theory. The idea that the human's electric pulse of the heart is quantified through patterns (infinite compression) that span the gap between the symmetries of the micro and macro level throughout the fabrics of nature, universe and multi-dimensions. The genetic code which merge Matter and the Divine. It is literally embedded in our DNA if we choose to operate from a fear based reality or an exploratory consciousness. What does that mean for you? It means that you are able to reclaim your God Hood, Sovereignty, Inner Knowing and your soul's purpose on Earth and the Universe.
That is when I took a leap of faith to engage myself in the vibrational healing and understanding of its purpose. I have been getting DNA Activation from my teacher Steve and now I am fulfilling my souls mission by training to facilitate remote healing. I know what you might be thinking, so many others offer healing and what makes your services different than others. I have been diagnosed with an Indigo Type 1 Template. It is literally in my souls contract to lift and anchor in Higher Frequencies into the planet for the coming Evolutionary Paradigm. My mission is to Restore the Original Divine Blueprint an awaken humanity to there soul purpose, assist indigo's to there mission to be a frequency holder an help anchor in the cosmic energies for all of earth and humanity to step into the new paradigm. We are all healers, it is just dormant and has been for generations if not longer. You are a light being and guardian, the ascended angelic beauty of consciousness fragmented to experience one another in parallel realities. I am that I am. It is a honor to contribute this work for the highest good and intent of humanity.


I offer remote energy healing services such as Auric Clearing, Karma Removal, and Unnatural Seals Removal. 

These healing sessions provide relief from mental, emotional and physical problems, as I clear the source of the problems from the chakras. 

After these sessions, I am able to activate your dormant potential and Kundalini energy. At least 2 DNA Activation sessions are required to start embodying your Higher Self

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  • @Zrokotg

    I've sent you an email now, going into more detail. I hope its clear.


    I couldn't even tell you what it looks like to look out of the third eye. I know what I read about, or hear others say. Some say its like a flash of brilliance, when it opens. That you can see the seat in the seat of the soul. That you can see so many things, but when I shut my eyes, I see inky blackness, and I find myself trying to paint my eyelids with my imagination. They say "when its open, there's no doubt, you know it for sure".

    As I quieted my anxiety over it, I found my mood and clarity improved a lot, and I have also been alkalizing through some of the limited means I've found at my disposal. Maybe I'm supposed to do this without it, but there's just so much emphasis on the importance of the pineal gland... hence the anxiety. I have tried listening to binaural beats and the few times I've actually succeeded in meditation, one particular hour-long booster has been particularly helpful, but I often can't settle down even with it in use.

    At any rate, maybe Zrokotg and I can figure something out, and you've also mentioned some things that sound worth looking into, so I'll be sure to jot them down and do so!
    • Yeah that would be really nice. I hope it works out for you. I never experienced pitch black darkness when I closed my eyes, though I never realized this was something until a couple of months ago. I learned that to open the pineal gland (though as I said, it has probably always been open for me) you find rest in the center of your brain (imagine the center of your brain) and that place just behind your eyes. This gave me a more centralized perspective (before it was all flashes now it's definitely vision). Maybe you will be able to start seeing a touch of white in the darkness or whatever. They say it often begins as if you would see a grain of rice in a pitch black room. And indeed... The emphasis on having to see/do things can be a turn off. I myself have experienced this in other parts of my life such as having a job and doing tests in highschool. In this I finally found something I am actually good at :D Funny thing these differences between people. 

      I would highly recommend the sounds of Tom Kenyon. Check out hir website. It is very informative too. 

      Love Jenn

  • That's good to know, although I was hoping that you might have some feedback in regards to what I shared in my previous post. Hearing what you have to say about these things would go a long way for me where I'm concerned. You might have surmised by now that I'm not prepared to even consider such a venture without feeling out the person who is offering the service beforehand. At this point, for me, I'm more curious about your feedback on what I shared than I am concerned with the price, although the fact that there is a special does make it more affordable... but ultimately, like I said, I can't even seriously consider it without feeling this out first.

    You said to email you with any questions, but if I were to do so, I'd essentially be copying and pasting my last post to you, which is already available here. These are the questions that I have right now for you.

    Unless you are suggesting that if I have questions to ask of you, that they must specifically be asked in private?

    Can you offer feedback on what I shared?
    • Send me an email and write what you said in a cohesive way. 

      Not that it isn't, I have helped countless number of people with health conditions.

      talk to you there


  • If it's about energy transfer, is there another form of energy transfer that would suffice in the case of people who don't have any money? The people who need these blockages cleared, as you say, are certainly among the poorest just as well as they are among those who can afford it financially. Would a poor artist be able to exchange with you a commission of artwork for example? I'm asking out of curiosity, to see in your perspective what you'll have to say to this.

    Again, like Jenn, I'm not judging you for charging, but also like Jenn, I realize even a payment plan is beyond the means of many. Some people are in the negative for months, such as me (for example) and I certainly have my own issues to deal with in relevant terms. I took a chakra test some time back, and it essentially confirmed for me what I already knew, that I had trouble in my throat and intuition chakras... particularly it said that my third eye chakra was CLOSED. This was some months ago, and I've come a long way in my growth since, but some of the "blockages" I've been dealing with aren't exactly resolved, even if my anxiety over them has largely been to some extent resolved.

    My pineal gland is also very calcified. I've tried all sorts of things, suppliments like Blue Skate Fish OIl which claim to cleanse the pineal gland, and I've been drinking a gallon of distilled water a day for months now. My biggest snag seems to be that I'm very rarely successful when I try meditation, because of some ADD / restlessness sort of issues. Now more recently, and with some helpful advice, I have actually managed once or twice to successfully meditate... but I still can't do it easily, or when I want. Basically, I try and try, and I think the "practice" is helping me get better, but it's difficult for me.

    Not to spill my problems on you like this, but its an example, and I'm also curious to see what you might say about these things, based on your perspective as someone who can provide what sounds like a potent healing service. How would you go about addressing such things with a method of healing as you describe?

    Some people warn of snake oil healers out to make a buck, and also advise that all the healing that I need is within myself... and there is truth to both hemispheres of this advice, but I don't presume that no one is honest, either, and I do believe in the benefit of the doubt... so I'm asking these questions, if you'll indulge me, because I'm very curious. While I do accept that the healing I need is within, and I even have faith that I will achieve it, if I were to have some assistance that were to truly help me along in my process by addressing my blockages, I can't say I wouldn't want to benefit from it.

    The fact that you offer a payment plan does make it seem more accessible, even to me, though the tower of debt on my shoulders versus just how flexible you are in your payment plans are both relevant factors in just how soon it would even be a viable option.

    I guess initially, I didn't really give it a lot of thought, because I knew there'd be no way I could drop a lump sum of 300 like that. I know I can proceed without help, but it seems at least worth sating my curiosity as to just how much you could help. For that matter, if the 'energy exchange' you speak of extends beyond money, it opens the field up further for me or anyone.
    • Hi Starseed, 

      Everyone is different. For me it was a lot easier since my throat, third eye and crown chakra have been open since I was very young. Neptune is real close to my ascendant and jupiter is on it, so I have always been quite psycic (though I did not conciously know this until recently, I have always worked it in some way)

      However... My first three chakra's have been an issue. Self confidence has been a trouble in my paradise :D

      I hear these are easier to open though. And have been quite succesful in opening them myself. Also my pineal gland (isn't that third eye, my knowledge is still quite scattered) and pituari gland have been quite easy to open up. I use meditation sounds from Tom Kenyon, you can download this for free I believe, though I got them via email from a friend. 

      On youtube you can also find various 'binaural beats' that could help you opening up those chakra's. For me this helped focussing. As I said... Everyone is different and therefore for me it is hard to give advice. 

      Do you know janosh.com? He has a great artform of mandala's that could assist you in opening up your chakra's as well. Very interesting blog too. May be you can look into that. 

      And to Zrokotg, I really do understand your situation. I believe that changes (no matter how small I can already see change) will start adding up soon. And Hopefully this gives you the chance to help out even more. 

      LOVE Jenn

    • Hey dear one,

      Glade you brought that up, actually yes I am open for other things. I will be doing a super dis count through 12/12/12 for 200. 

      I am really going low on a ball here just so others can really get in on this incredible opportunity. 

      I would love to see you on board.

      If you have others questions, fill free to email me @ Quantumshift01@gmail.com


  • @Jenn

    You're right, and I must confess, I was being just a little sarcastic if to make a point. I'm not trying to judge Mr. Garza or anything like that (and for that matter, I do have a wealth of friends I've met along the way who do help to coach me, though this service seems to promise much more than coaching), its just that I can't help but notice that every time someone has the power to directly heal or help others in a fashion such as this, it always costs an arm and a leg... its hard not to wonder if no one would ever be motivated to do this for others... if not for free, then maybe at a rate that poor people can afford? It just seems so ... inaccessible.
    • Yes indeed. May be it is done with the right intention. I hope so. However... It is also doable (from own experience) with some google and youtube skills and some direction through mail or even through a forum such as this. As it is indeed all in ourselves. With just a little direction I can now do stuff I would have never thought possible. And it cost me nothing. Well.. Just my job, house and some friends lol.

      I would never ask money for this stuff. I like to help people, but it is as if asking for money for sex. So personal. So part of yourself you are asking money for.

      Love Jenn

      • Hey jenn and Ikse,


        I respect your opinion. If you send me an email I will be gladely to elaborate more on it.

        Healing is a process and an investment in that process and a willingness to take responsibility for that process.

        I have spent over 10,000 in investment to do the work that I now do. I made sacrifices and decisions to bring in this service for everyone around the world. Imagine me doing this work on 20 people all week and not get compensated. Its like an energy exchange dear one. Nothing personal and if you like, I have payment plans. DNA Activation is very real and cant just be done  via wishful thinking. The General of population need clearings to remove countless blockages and distortions before an actual DNA Activation. Once you get the DNA Activation, your restoring the Divine Blueprint for Health.  Imagine a pipe in your spine and the day your born, that pipe is clogged. Now imagine up till now, the amount of baggage you put on top of what baggage you you already had from past lifes when you incarnated. To awaken your dormant potential, you need light codes and clearings, I didnt make the rules dear one, its just the physics of ascension.


        Peace love and light



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