Extract from article full link to article below :A word of warning as to the so-called ‘Pre-Nesara funds’ as there is no such thing as an application in advance and certainly not by means of filling in a form which requests you hand over all your personal data. By filling in that form you put yourself in a vulnerable, weak position by putting your cards on the table for the dark ones to see. Such things do not pertain to my NESARA : it is a misleading project! So be extremely cautious! NESARA will come to pass for every individual on the exact same time : there are no favourites and you are not required to introduce yourself. We know all too well who you are in your Presences and everyone will receive their rightful part in all freedom and this will be so for all of you and only through me! I am the supervisor of the NESARA project and I guard it wholeheartedly...full article @http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.be/2013/01/saint-germain-to-me-about-nesara-and.html?m=1

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  • "Visualizing is wholly different than dreaming."

    Yea, dreaming is to visualisation as cave drawings are to blueprints. :)

    Those two different concepts are made in two completely different factories :)


    "Visualisation is made in Japan while Dreaming is made in Korea ;)"

  • Actually I do not understand this fund at all as we should be growing out of money and learning to care and share
    • "Actually I do not understand this fund at all as we should be growing out of money and learning to care and share"

      By keeping all the lightworkers busy, dreaming and gleaming about "coming riches", Illuminaughty can effectively prevents them from evolving into just that.

      St. Germain ain't stupid. None of the illuminaughty-operatives are.

      But since they are required by universal law to identify themselves esoterically, they are also easily spotted.

      St. Germain has his ID on the fricking CHEST for crying out loud... All you need is a little history and research into that part of the world and you'll immediately know that nothing good (for humanitys goals) can ever come out of him :)


      if you follow that guy, you'll never evolve further than what the templar knights did before the church (and the people) got tired of their constant duplicity and killed them all in a continent-wide morning raid.. ;)

    • You cannot crash an economy by taking out the money, that will not work, your idea of a money less state is correct, but impracticle as we progress, The idea of a mony less society is doubtless on the cards, a channeler said to me once, "the galactics say Why be born on a planet that demands you find money to survive, it makes no sense " This is totally correct, So at the moment we are in a monetary society, which thrives on money ( or not as in this case) so if you give all the money ( $5billion ) to evry one on the planet we would all have pleasures and we would all hav good health and survive all kinds of illness, and the Black ops would have no supporter for instance chemtrails and HAARP and changing global weather ,,this would wake us all up ,,that is what is needed ,,I hope this helps Namaste Dave

  • Another source another light:
  • I have updated re-read the finace released on my web site for you to go and re-read for your self, Al ot more than Nesara was told to me :


  • don't forget to submit your banking info

    • Yes and any properties you have and that includes abroad...ha ha ha
  • Krishna, if the dark have been removed from this world, what about the people who torture animals and children?

    • The people who torture animals and children also belong to the dark forces 1darkstar and how about changing your name to 1Lightstar
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