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Sheldan and I have a request.

Please continue to send your loving, healing energies to Sheldan (and me). They are definitely making a difference. I'll be sitting with Sheldan and he will get tears in his eyes and say, "Someone is sending me LOVE. I can feel it." He closed his eyes and told me that he saw hundreds of people sending him healing energies. He was so grateful and humbled. This has happened many times. We are forever grateful.

Sheldan experienced some complications in the hospital which slowed his healing progress. I was beginning to worry. The medical staff told me that all the affects of the drugs were out of his body after 48 hours so his symptoms could not be the narcotics or other drugs. I never believed that and I can see now the drug effects are finally leaving him. Every day this past week he made amazing healing strides. As he says, "I'm on my way back to you, Colleenie! I want to go home." Music to my heart!

Sheldan is still in the hospital. I'm there every day which is why I'm not able to send as many newsletters as usual. Sheldan's birthday is November 11 and we are hoping he goes home on that day. The ultimate birthday gift. We still have a lot of work to do but I'm confident ~~ no, I know he will achieve 100% recovery.

From the fullness of our hearts, Sheldan and I thank you for your love, friendship and support. We count our blessings every day.

Selamat Ja!


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the weakened spinal tissues are best served by a lifestyle change called 'ketosis.' he must cease his sugar consumption, as well as carbohydrates....healing should be drug free and hormonal.....exercise and good nuitrition over drugs is recommended, always

Thanks, Agarther :)

healing for everyone

It is Tuesday ~~

in the past Tuesday meant Galactic Update day! Oh how we miss Sheldan's updates. I hear from so many how Tuesday was the highlight of their week as you read the updates from the Galactic Federation and Ascended Masters it helped you cope with our shared Ascension process.

Today I'll share some of the webinar previews and an excerpt from Your First Contact. Once again, I simply asked Spirit to guide me as I randomly opened Sheldan's book for the excerpt to share.

Sheldan continues to grow stronger and walk a few steps more each day. He had to re-learn how to brush his hair, teeth and get dressed. Yep, after his "drug stupor" he didn't know how to do any of these things. Now he has regained these faculties with ease and grace. I'm so proud of him and his determination to get back home and to his PAO mission. Your continued Love and support is assisting him in ways that I've known are possible but witnessing the miracles and feeling the waves of Love is life altering. From the fullness of our hearts, we thank you.

Keep PAO in your hearts, ZaZuMa!


As many of you have noticed, PAO's website is down.
During a routine maintenance, a technical problem occurred with our hosting service. They inform us that it will take up to 24 hours to fix.
We received many emails with people in a panic that something happened to Sheldan and PAO was closing its doors. NO WAY! We are ready to get back to work.
I'll be posting an update on Sheldan's return home and a mini-update from the Galactic Federation as soon as our website it back up and running. Stay tuned....
I want to take this time to thank all the people who shared their loving sentiments for Sheldan's recovery and birthday wishes. I usually write to everyone a heartfelt thank you but under the circumstances, my time on the computer has been limited. Now that Sheldan is home, I intend to resume my role with Galactic Heart newsletters. Our ascension is moving forward at an increased speed. Hold on to your hats, the fun is about to begin!
Selamat Ja!

the sirians and especially vashtar, seek all to attain enough spiritual connectivity and self confidence, that nobody need cling to shel's coat ;-0

yeah Drekx, but as long as I can't communicate telepathically with them or they contact me personally I have to rely on Sheldans updates ;)

♡♡♡ For Sheldan and Colleen ♡♡♡

SHELDAN IS HOME from the hospital! Yippee!
Sheldan came home on Thursday, November 9. Now that he is home and eating Colleenie's food, he is recuperating and sleeping well (which he did not do at the hospital) at lightening speed. We still have a journey ahead of us and we are learning so much about ourselves, our relationship and our mission.
Last night I asked Shel if the Galactics had a short message for me to post. Instantly he started dictating a mini-update. Whoa, I can't write that fast ~ lol! Next time I will record it. Sheldan is full of so much knowledge, I should start recording him more often for the tidbits of history that I find fascinating. He sure knows how to connect the dots. At this time, we are anticipating Sheldan's weekly updates to resume by Christmas (hopefully sooner). Webinars? We are not sure but we are intending for January. What a great way to start the new year!
In the meantime, we are offering a new WEBINAR BUNDLE. This Bundle includes 3 webinars dedicated to our Ascension ~ especially interesting is "Battling Dimensional Fatigue". Everyday we receive letters from our community asking about the latest ascension symptoms. The ever-increasing energies continue to affect our bodies ~~ physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
By purchasing this bundle, you support PAO during this challenging time. From the fullness of our hearts, we thank you.
Selamat Ja!

sirian food contains essencial amino acids and fats, there is no 'essencial' carbohydrate for health cut out bread, potato, pasta, rice, pancakes, muffins, crackers, biscuits,waffles, refined sugar. much more veg and leafy greens

aim for 4700 mg of electrolyte mineral potassium, each day, from spinach, red chard, kale and avocado....needs your discipline, colleen and sheldan, so please strive harder.



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