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Today I have joined in Ashtar Command Crew network. I wish to find new news, new friends and feel the ultimate power of LOVE!

Tomorrow I get 2 dance pad's and I like a lot of playing stepmania. It is ment to be played by your feet. It will be fun with my friends.


I have half year left in trade school. I became sick in 1.1.2009 and my diagnosis was schizophrenia. It is hard to recognize people 

who are in same situation like me. I have got new friends and contacts. I have only them and my three friends from trade school. 


Many people was bullying me in middle school and primary school. And I don't have any other friends, many friend contacts has broken. But now I feel to be "sane". And I have Changed what I was in orimary school.

I was cut from many class hour's. And my worst number was 4 (With grade bad 4 - 10 excellent !) But when I growed older and older I. In first year on class seven I was woted into students' union and in class 9 (two years later) I was voted to a students' union chairman. In the same year I was voted to local government officials young representative. I was very happy and I paused cutting. 

Year later I went to trade school to learn planning assistant examination.


But now I must say Good Night and blessings for everybody.


-Ine In Finland clock 19:48


PS. I thought that there was own blog, sorry for messing around


PPS. I wan't to write about me every day. is this correct Forum for posting about me something?

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  • Thanks for feedback! :)


    Read more about my life @ http://www.opendiary.com/entryview.asp?authorcode=D871240&entry...

    I try to write every day few words of my life.


    Love for everybody <3


  • Hey Bro...great to meet you..you seem like a very cool guy...sorry u have to deal with schizophrenia...that is difficult...I can relate.....Welcome Friend!!!!
  • Welcome to Ashtar Command!


  • I love you Ine90!  <3  Welcome!!!!  Welcome to the love!  Thank you for your open heart!
  • Nice to meet you :)  Look around the archives there are great conversations there and awesome videos too.  I look forward to hearing your opinions, have a great weekend!
  • Welcome :)

    Hope you will feel the first portion of Love!


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