Damn hard to title this one and I don't post often, I watch.  I also don't join in any belief, here or otherwise, for to do so would be closing a door on my ascension.  However saying that, I hope that a lot of what is said here is the real deal.

I mentioned here or elsewhere that my wife and I are a team, that goes back before our joining, I had this memory of her prior to our union, but that is another story, her coming out of a white room and embracing me many years ago.  I asked aloud that night whom she was and I was told, "she is your girl friend, your wife".  But at that time I was married to another, huh?

Then this last summer, I had two out of body experiences during meditation and great pain and in the one I was told to show another and I too would be free to move higher.  All along, Con has reported events with the others, a trip to another world, the others waiting for her to sleep which disturbed her, as they wanted her alone that night and much more, yet she ignores this whole  subject to the point of being anti ascension, a hard pupil indeed.  She also had personal habits that stood in the way which is common in this world unfortunately.  This is awkward telling this, but my efforts to awaken this woman was tiring and seemed important,  she is valued and needed.  A few years ago in a vivid dream of many going through a portal or gate and others not doing so, I saw my wife whom was almost ready, but needed to stay behind which saddened me greatly.

Then not long after, she had this not a dream in her words, of being with the tall blond ones whom tried and give advice which she admitted she ignored.  In that one, I and they went down to this heavenly world and she was left behind as part of the lesson.  At that time she told me I was one of them.?? Still later, some months later, she woke and told me we were with these two women, strawberry blond types, being giving lessons in a white room.  Actually later we had fun with this one, as there was a cute waitress at shorts brewery that looked like one of these gals.

There was more, but you get the picture, this psychic woman whom could even see some future events stayed secluded.  And now to last week.  At times, either she or I have events at night, some times they seem astral and then we are not sure, but each time, we both know as we are drained and tired, almost like being in a drugged sleep that is difficult to wake from.

I woke that morning with this feeling and knew something had happened during the night but determined not to mention it to Con, keeping it to myself.  But then I heard her say as I was getting coffee ready, that she felt drugged.  When I entered the bedroom, she told me of waking that night with a white golf ball size and looking like a golf ball orb coming out of her forehead, right where the third eye is said to be.  I mentioned that to her, but she had never heard of the third eye.  This orb then hovered in from of her, or above her head and then went over to me and hovered over my head.. At this point after watching it for a few minutes she suddenly lost interest and went out.  I explained what orbs might be as well as showing her a photo and she agreed that is what it looked like.

Now to the amazing part.  Two days later, she announced an ending to some of the things that were holding her back.  A calm, assured mature new person is whom I am with right now.  In her words, this is my doing, meaning hers,  not yours, you stay out of it, I am doing this for myself.  Just wow, a visit by an orb, an encounter we both felt in the morning an an awakening finally, amazing! 

In closing, I have a long line of out of body events, and showings and lesson by some beings as well as an encounter with one that was amazing.  Just last week, I was out and found my self flying again, and for the second time was told not to leave the earth, stay here while out of body.  Which I knew why however.

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  • Yup, she woke for some reason, and then witnessed the orb leaving her head, then watched it for some time.  It is odd, here reaction to all this, calm as hell.  Most people would freak out, she just takes all that happens in stride.

    You mention traveling to the stars. To make a longer story, I had a wild night where I was having a great time out of body and my wife woke me as I was getting wild in my sleep.  I told her I was out of body and not to wake me again.  Then I went back out and ended high above the earth, then decided to go for a star of all things.  I set out at high speed it seemed but shortly ran into a barrier of jello like energy and evenly spaced lights that surrounded this area. At that time my, guide or a familiar voice warned me not to go beyond the barrier about the same time as my wife woke me for the second time against my orders.

    Last week, I went out again and was again high above the earth and this same voice told me it was ok to be there, but not to leave the earth, stay with earth when out.  So you see, we right now seemed to be confined.

    • You are lucky to be able to fly Sailor, man I wish I could fly, that sounds so awesome.

      Have any idea why we are confined at the moment? Is it because we are ascending, maybe?

      They do say we can travel the stars at some point, right?

      I have my vivid dreams but I can't say I have ever flown anywhere.

      I don't understand why others have barely visited your blog. It might have been the way you titled it like you mentioned in the first sentence but who knows. I loved it so their missing out. ;)


      Love and Light

  • That is an awesome experience Brother, and you witnessed her awakening. Did she see the orb, Sailor?

    Your flying as well Brother thats cool. You are a traveler so you will fly off to the stars some day.

    Great story I'm excited for you, thanks for sharing.


    Love and Light

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