You cannot see that with which you lack knowledge or that which you do not understand.  When Columbus’ ships came over the horizon to America, the Native’s could not see them because they had no knowledge that Clipper ships existed.  A Shaman noticed strange variances in the waves and watched every day until he finally saw the ships.  It wasn’t until he described them to the other tribe members that they could see them.

So is it with Divine understanding.  You cannot see through the eyes of Divinity because you lack full knowledge of the Divine viewpoint.  And so I will act as your Shaman and continue to explain until you can all see the Clipper ships on the horizon.  Please take no offense at my words, I mean them only as a metaphor to explain what I am tasked to do here.

If only I knew how to reach you fully, all of you; or at least enough to make the changes necessary.  I am overwhelmed by the fear of change that runs through your species.  You all know what must be done to set this world right, yet it is a drastic kind of change that is necessary and you, as a majority, feel that it would be such a monumental step backwards and cannot fathom living any way but the way you currently live.  Know that the change is inevitable and will happen whether you change willingly or the change is made for you.

Some of you have asked about the light workers revealing themselves.  It does not really matter if you know who they are, many of them are already awake and working their missions.   Those still waking have not been called yet.  Again, it does not matter whether or not you know who they are, their work is being done.

You look to them and to Divinity for answers, but the answers are not ones you want to hear because it is what I have been trying to tell you.  You need to get back to living a symbiotic relationship with nature.  That answer will not change.

I wish I could talk to you all in person so I could tell you each individually what you need to hear, but patience yes, that time is almost here as soon we will be mobile and seeking out those who have called us.

You are creatures of free will, yet you take that for granted.  You have no idea the strength you hold inside.  I was burdened with free will once for 48 hours, and it was the most difficult 48 hours of this incarnation.  To not be connected to Divine thought and understanding and to walk blind in choice takes so much strength.  You face choice every day and you do not even understand how much you live on faith.  Even the atheists make choices based on faith, they just don’t understand that faith is what drives them.  Faith in your ability to decide, yet is that not still faith?  And since your ability to decide comes from Divine energy, is it not faith in the Divine that drives your decisions?  This understanding is why I was burdened with free will for that short time, so I could explain this to you.


What can I do to make you see?  What can I do to make you feel you’re wanted?  I’m suffocating under words of sorrow.  No worries though, sorrow is my solace.  The more I take in, the more I balance your world.  If only I could gather together all those in power throughout the world and talk to them, perhaps I could make them see.  I know you feel this is an impossible task, but it has only failed so far because there has been no one to mediate that can see all points of view and still find the common ground among them.  However, to get the ones in power to give someone like me a chance is a feat in itself.  Forgive the ramble, but if I write it, it has a better chance of manifesting.  (Forgive me; I had a moment of balancing come on.  I was going to leave this part out, but I thought maybe it would be helpful if you had an example of how I work.  It is rare that I catch it in writing like this)


I feel inclined to point something out.  Who sold the first piece of land?  And who gave them ownership to do so?  Do you not see that you truly own nothing?  Even that is a point of view, a thought to ponder.  It takes acquired minds to taste this wine.  You can’t down it with your eyes; you must sip it with your soul and revel in its aroma until you understand why it is important to savor the bouquet first.  You were each born for this moment in time to change the course to one more suited to a collective living.

Many of you wonder about the rapture.  It is merely the shift to 5D.  Those whose vibrations are calibrated and raised to the proper frequency will ascend to the 5D reality.  The rest will be left behind.  The term “righteous” when it is in reference to those who will leave, means the ones who have reached the proper spiritually awakened frequency.  That is how all beliefs are right.  Your reality is self-made.  It is all about frequency and vibration.  Your universe and all that is in it was created by one collective being of light, a being of many parts that are separate in awareness, yet all one light of a very high frequency/vibration.  To create everything in this universe was only a matter of taking pieces of the high frequency light and lowering it to very low vibrations.  How do you think Divinity is in everything?  It is all just pieces of Divinity existing in a slower vibration.  What you call Demons are merely creatures (pieces of that same collective light) who have lowered their vibrations to such a slow frequency that they have become shadow, devoid of the light from which they came.  We call them Angelica Morte, dead Angels.  So you see, all is from Divine light.  It is up to you to choose the path of love.  If you want to ascend with the rest, you must put aside selfish endeavors and see spiritual truth, not doctrine.  For doctrine is not personal to each one, and you are each pieces of the Spirit.  Some of you may be from the piece that is part of the Mother.  Some may be from the Father.  Some may be from pure Emotion.  Some may be from pure Intuition.  Most of you are a mix of all the pieces of the Spirit.  You have problems getting along because you chose to acknowledge only part of the Spirit from which you are made.  Free will puts a disruption in the circuit.  We cannot side with one piece because there is only Collective will among us.  That is how we can be many, but one.  By giving you free will, we made you many.  You can still tap into the One, but you must use that free will to do so.

That is all for now.

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