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Once upon a time I met a Man who loved digging a stinking slurry from around a broken sewer pipe.

How could such a thing be so you exclaim? Indeed the story’s rather sweet. Please allow me to explain.

One day the Man saw his neighbour in a state of distress. His sewer had blocked some days before and there he sat, alone, inactive, exhausted, covered in putrid mud and sweat, staring disconsolately at a scene reminiscent of the Somme in WW1.

He seemed overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task before him. To the Man’s eyes it appeared his neighbour wasn’t getting far having been rendered less effective by the weight of his distress.

Before he knew it the Man had offered to assist. As they worked they chatted about all manner of things, including how to engineer the fix. Time passed quickly and some few hours later the solution was clear.

It wasn’t the actual work the Man enjoyed. Indeed the movement of mud was the least of the pleasure. What he liked was how it felt to stand in solidarity with another human being.

When two minds, two backs and two hearts come together the effect isn’t merely doubled. Rather the result is tenfold larger. It wasn’t just a sewer that they mended.

They also diminished distress. They shared a laugh. They grew in the glow of mutual respect. They felt more proud of themselves and also of each other. Both Men stood taller and were better company to the people they interacted with afterwards.

They’re also more motivated to give of their generous heart so to feel their love in action. It’s likely this’ll similarly inspire other people as waves of positive effect continue to unfold. They might even have inspired you.

If you have a story of kindness you care to share please search for “United Notion’s Peace Makers” on Face Book and post it there.

follow this link to the UN peace makers



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Thank you for sharing this touching story.  People should help one another but often look the other way..It is refreshing to read of people helping one another, especially with such a nasty task.  I am sure they forged a friendship and felt good about what they had accomplished together.  People should help each other more, it is good for the soul.

Thank you for the replies dear souls :)
the UN will change the world....lololololol
because the only united notion that our species has is LOVE
and that is enough to make peace



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