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A Reply from Me to My Brother Ravinder on the "Galactic Federation First Contact "Article".

A "Reply" from Me to My Brother Ravinder on the "Galactic Federation First Contact "Article".

I choosed to share this Answer below, I wrote to Ravinder, because a member called "Paraleyes" thought it would be a good idea, so i did. Thanks to him I posted this. I also want to Thank my Brother Ravinder for asking that question, because then I could clarify my "statements" from my article in more detail. Blessings to you.

Paraleyes Said:
Hi Ben, this reply of yours may not be seen by all your viewers. I found this personally to be one of the most important messages you could share in response to a single question that many are asking, if only even indirectly. I think this would be a great benefit to many if you were share this again in one of your video blogs, even if a brief summation, this is some of the best advice as far as leading by example that I have ever read! Which, in my opinion is our real mission at this point. Rather than telling others what they should do, just do it ourselves and let them see for themselves. much adoration and admiration for you truly being YOU! :)

Ravinder Says:
Plesant to read and i will pass the message ...and you state....."I am a Galactic Federation & Ashtar Command Earth Ambassador-Diplomat representing the Sirian Energies.  I wish you Peace and Joy in this Transformation of Consciousness.  You are not Alone, We are "ALL-ONE".  My "mission" is to be the change here and now, reminding my fellow travellers about who they truly are, by being an example" we know you better you should be getting the Red Carpet Treatment.

Sir Ben as you are the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command Earth Ambassador-Diplomat representing the Sirian Energies your 3rd Eye should be fully active to receive live transmissions from the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command so please post more messages more often so we earthlings get to know what is happening and coming from you we know the messages will be true and accurate.

Ben-Arion Replies:
Thanks for your "Input" Brother Ravinder. I want to clarify some things. Its about the heart. You dont need to have an "Active" 3rd eye as you call it. I was born with this information/energy within every cell of my body. Its nothing that comes from any external source, beamed to me. Its like just being "activated" and I have to share it, because my heart would "explode" out of energy if i didnt do that. Ive always known about this. I am very down to earth and thats part of my mission, i am very grounded. I have to be.

Information isnt beamed to me with the "LATEST" headline news, its more like we have all the information within us, and its being activated when we "Live our lifes in Love".

You also said i should get a "red carpet treatment" in a post above. You should put that red carpet or lets say golden carpet infront of your self instead of me. I am no one special. I am just BEING me to the fullest, the highest vision of myself, anyone can be that. My heart is grateful for all of the LOVE that is being sent to me, but being Treated as someone special with red carpets, is just to much, its like a good joke. Im greatful though for all Loving energies, i can feel them, but we should all Feel as we are walking on Golden carpets of Love. We are all worthy of that.

Being a so called "Ambassador-Diplomat representing the Sirian Energies" is a title, which is not important. its just how it "is". I felt it was a good time to say this openly.

This means I dont drink alcohol, im a vegetarian, i dont use Tobacco. I honor myself from the heart and not the Ego. I know that Every Thought, Action, Emotion etc I put "out" there is my responsibility. We can call it responsibility or "Self-Mastery", but for me its a part of life. We are ALL SPECIAL and we all Play a crucial "role" in this awakening. No one is more important than another, this is illusion.

Yes I choosed to come here and BE an example and prepare for this shift, as many others. My ego does not feel pride, i am always very humble. I was "trained" for this, i dont need external confirmations, because if i did need that I would never discover what Love truly is about. Its about being confident and knowing that what we seek is within our Hearts. I did not come here to "Please" anyone by doing things "the right way". I came here to be authentic. I will step on some peoples Toes, but out of Love.

And someone here, another member, wanted me to tell all about certain "dates". Its not possible, time is in flux. This is not a "waiting game", do we choose to wait or do we choose to BE WHAT WE WANT TO EXPERIENCE, right here and right now. There is nothing to wait for, Were in the midst of it.

"Contact" is not just ONE event, its an "unfolding" sequence. It happens right now. When im writing this. It will step up and be more and more obvious.

In Gratitude and Humbleness <3

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Awesome :).... <3

Wow! Imagine wearing this get-up in hot weather!

Just to clear an important comment Ben:

Our good friend Cmdr Derkx Omega who has posted some brilliant articles with inside information once stated in his post titled The Location of Earth's GFL Bases ... We have about 500 active service GFL Ground Crew around the world, on six continents....Not many and we are recruiting more.

MY REPLY: As you state :We have about 500 active service GFL Ground Crew around the world, on six continents....Not many and we are recruiting more

Question: I would very much like to be an active service GFL Ground Crew member so how do i enrol and will i be able to get as much info as you this would be great.

HIS ANSWER: We are recruiting Ground Crew, but we need trained telepaths, who are able to communicate with our Flight Crew personnel..are you starseed..?? Which star nation...?? Can you receive and transmit telepathic impulses...??


@Ravinder: Thanks for sharing that information with me. There will be alot of people engaging in alot of different projects the coming years. I really "Bless" drekx project. We all have different things to "handle". People will gravitate to their "visions or projects" in synchronicity. Everyone will be "Busy" with something! =)
People will be "activated" and "remember" things when its needed.


Thanks Ben.....!! Yes, everybody has unique talents that are helpful to the Plan...And activations are occurring when they are of maximum benefit...

Ben is correct, Ravinder, I'm not a telepath like Drekx but my gifts lay in other areas... it's unique to the individual, all serve a role in the grand finale.  What you do is serving the federation brilliantly because you share knowledge selflessly and are such a positive force here for enlightenment and sharing :)  You open the doors of consciousness for many people who aren't ready to accept the reality of the GFL and ground crew :) 

My brother Rav have a point hire to make...

Let the man to express free himself..

I think it is still a free democracy do not?

Or i made a mistake and i must be quickly and severe corrected ?

Good... i think i made my point hire..

What it is so abnormal if GFL use telepaths?

It is been done all over...even the US Gov. use them..

So i wander it is something really new hire ?

No it is not...

As many have been said to me..."all things are old"..

gotta love the part where you say " I will step on some peoples Toes, but out of Love " <3

wonderful message Ben-Arion and your humbleness is so refreshing <3

Lots of love to you all <3

@YukiTsubasa: Yes, thats how it can be sometimes. Its good though that Toes are so small and cute, so it will not hurt that much *smile*

Yay! I felt many wanting to hear this response from you when I 1st read it. I'm glad you took the time to post specifically this information! :)

...and now they can! :)

Ben, my Sirian energy hears and understands you. My choice to be sober etc. since before birth, does not elevate me above a drunkard, but it gives me the opportunity to think and feel more clearly, and both my spirit and my ego need that, and my body needs health and strength. I have always known this, but sometimes when I have voiced it, those who drink/smoke/eat meat etc. have taken offense. If there is anything I can do to lessen their taking offense, please tell me. 

Star Flower



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